Why You Need TekGPS in Your Life


Ever feel lost trying to navigate life’s twists and turns? In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by choices and indecisive about which path to take. What you need is a GPS for life – a guiding hand to point you in the right direction.

Look no further than TekGPS, your personal life navigation system. TekGPS provides customized roadmaps to help you achieve your biggest dreams and ambitions. No more worrying if you’re headed the wrong way or will end up at a dead end. With TekGPS, you’ll feel confident knowing you’re on the right track.

For the first time, you’ll have clarity and direction to pursue your purpose and calling. You’ll gain insight into your strengths, values, priorities and the impact you want to make. Stop wandering aimlessly through life and start navigating with purpose using TekGPS as your trusted copilot. Let TekGPS guide you to growth, fulfillment and adventures beyond your wildest dreams. What are you waiting for? It’s time to plug in your destination, start your journey and never look back. TekGPS will get you there.

What Is TekGPS?

TekGPS is a portable GPS tracking device that provides real-time location updates and tracking for anything you attach it to. Once activated, the TekGPS device uses GPS satellites to pinpoint its location and sends that data to the TekGPS app on your phone using a cellular connection.

The TekGPS tracker is a small, ruggedized unit about the size of a matchbox that can withstand extreme temperatures, humidity and impacts. You can attach the weather-resistant TekGPS device to vehicles, equipment, tools, backpacks, pets – pretty much anything you want to track. The rechargeable battery lasts for days between charges and the device is IP67 rated waterproof.

Using the TekGPS smartphone app, you’ll see your tracker’s location displayed on a map in real-time with its speed and bearing. You can set up geofencing zones to receive alerts if your tracker exits or enters an area. The app allows you to view location history and share access with other users.

TekGPS uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular tower triangulation to determine locations when GPS signals are obstructed. The device can pinpoint locations down to a few meters of accuracy in open sky conditions using GPS.

For personal use, TekGPS gives you peace of mind knowing the location of your vehicles, equipment, tools or pets. For business use, TekGPS provides an affordable solution for fleet management, asset tracking, and monitoring remote workers.

TekGPS offers several affordable subscription plans with monthly fees starting at just $8.95 per month. The device itself is available for purchase for a one-time fee of $99.95. For anyone wanting an easy and inexpensive way to track the things that matter most using your mobile phone, TekGPS is a great choice.

The Many Benefits of Using TekGPS

So you’ve heard about this newfangled GPS device called TekGPS – but why do you really need one? Here are a few of the many benefits of using TekGPS:

Never Get Lost Again

With TekGPS, you’ll always know exactly where you are and how to get where you’re going. Its advanced satellite technology provides precise location data for turn-by-turn driving or walking directions. Say goodbye to maps and getting lost!

Track Anything, Anytime

TekGPS lets you track the location of anything – your vehicle, pet, luggage or loved one. Just attach a small tracking device and you can monitor its location in real-time on your phone, tablet or computer. Give yourself peace of mind by always knowing the whereabouts of your valuables or keeping tabs on elderly relatives.

Save Time and Money

Looking for the closest gas station or coffee shop? TekGPS has you covered. Its built-in points of interest database helps you quickly find nearby restaurants, stores, parks and more. You can also save your favorite places for easy access on future trips. With TekGPS guiding you to your destination in the fastest, most efficient way possible, you’ll save time and money on every journey.

Stay Connected

TekGPS syncs with your mobile devices so you have access to its features wherever you go. You can view maps, get directions, track items and search points of interest right from your phone. If you have an emergency, the SOS button instantly shares your GPS location with local emergency responders to get you help as fast as possible.

As you can see, TekGPS offers benefits that will change your life for the better in so many ways. Once you start using this innovative technology, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Top 5 Reasons You Need TekGPS in Your Life

There are so many reasons why TekGPS should be an essential tool in your daily life. Here are the top five reasons you need TekGPS:


TekGPS makes navigating so convenient. Gone are the days of printing out directions from MapQuest or trying to follow confusing maps. With TekGPS, you simply enter your destination address and the system provides turn-by-turn directions to get you where you need to go. No more getting lost or frustrated trying to figure out which way to turn. TekGPS guides you each step of the way using clear voice prompts.

Always Up-to-Date

TekGPS maps and software are constantly being updated so you have the latest maps and points of interest. New roads, addresses and businesses are added regularly so you can feel confident you’ll never end up on a road that no longer exists or miss your turn because of outdated information. TekGPS updates happen automatically in the background so you always have the newest data each time you use the system.

Traffic Alerts

TekGPS provides real-time traffic information and alerts you to accidents, road closures and heavy traffic along your route. The system will automatically calculate an alternate route to help you avoid delays and get you to your destination on time. You’ll never be stuck sitting in gridlock traffic again thanks to the traffic monitoring capabilities of TekGPS.


You can customize TekGPS to your specific needs and preferences. Choose from different map views like 2D or 3D maps. Select routes that avoid highways, tolls or ferries. Set your home or work address to provide one-touch navigation to frequently traveled places. Save favorite or recent destinations for quick access. Change the voice guidance to select a different voice or language. TekGPS provides options to tailor the system to your needs.

Added Features

In addition to providing turn-by-turn driving directions, TekGPS offers many useful features. Get an estimated arrival time, the remaining distance to your destination and your current speed. Search for nearby points of interest like gas stations, restaurants or hotels. Get exit information including available amenities at each exit. View detailed maps to explore an area before you travel there. The extra features of TekGPS make it an indispensable tool for both driving and trip planning.

With its convenience, up-to-date maps, traffic alerts, customization options and added features, TekGPS should make it to the top of your must-have list. This navigation system will make getting where you need to go easier and less stressful so you can focus on enjoying the journey. TekGPS provides the ultimate in navigation and mapping capabilities right at your fingertips.

How to Get Started With TekGPS

So you’ve decided to give TekGPS a try. Awesome! This handy app can help you navigate life’s adventures with confidence. To get started, here are the basics you need to know:

Download the TekGPS app

The first step is simple – download the TekGPS app on your iOS or Android device. It’s free to install and use. Once it’s downloaded, open the app and create your TekGPS account. You’ll be prompted to enter an email address and password.

Enable location services

For TekGPS to provide directions and track your location, you need to enable location services for the app. Go to your device’s settings, select “Location” or “Privacy” and turn on location services for TekGPS. The app uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile data to pinpoint your location.

Add contacts

One of the best features of TekGPS is the ability to share your location with friends and family. Add contacts by entering their name, phone number or email address. Your contacts will receive an invite to connect on TekGPS. Once they accept, you’ll be able to see each other’s locations in real time, share your ETA, and chat within the app.

Save frequent destinations

If there are places you visit often, save them as favorites in TekGPS to quickly get directions. This could be your home, office, gym, etc. Tap the search icon, enter the destination’s address or name and then tap “Save to Favorites”. Your favorites will appear at the top of the search results for easy access. You can organize favorites into lists like “Work”, “Friends” or “Exercise”.

Enable navigation prompts

Want TekGPS to provide turn-by-turn directions as you drive? Enable the “Navigation Prompts” setting. The app will give spoken prompts through your device’s speaker to guide you to your destination. It can also display arrows on the map to show the proper turns and lane changes. Navigation prompts provide an extra layer of guidance so you never miss a turn.

Track your trips

Each time you get directions in TekGPS, your route is automatically saved as a trip. View a history of your trips by tapping “My Trips”. See details like the start and end points, distance traveled, and time spent navigating. Your trip history is a helpful way to keep tabs on where you’ve been and can aid in planning future adventures.

TekGPS has a lot to offer for discovering places and staying on track. Follow these tips to start navigating confidently. Let the adventures begin!

TekGPS Frequently Asked Questions

So you’ve heard about TekGPS and are interested in learning more about this innovative technology. We get a lot of questions from new users, so here are some of the frequently asked questions to help you get started.

Do I need a subscription?

No, TekGPS is available as a free lifetime download. All software updates, map data updates, and technical support are included at no cost. We do offer optional in-app purchases for premium features like traffic data, weather radar, and custom vehicle profiles. But the core TekGPS experience is absolutely free to use.

How accurate is TekGPS?

TekGPS uses precision GPS satellites and advanced positioning algorithms to provide location accuracy within 3 meters. The maps and points of interest are kept up-to-date, so you can trust the directions and estimated arrival times. TekGPS also has offline maps available so your navigation continues to work even without a data connection.

Can I use TekGPS on multiple devices?

Yes, your TekGPS account can be used on as many iOS and Android mobile devices as you like. Your saved locations, recent searches, favorite routes, and settings sync across all devices linked to your account. You can start navigating on your phone, continue on your tablet, and finish on your smartwatch – your TekGPS experience moves with you.

Are there any limits on saved locations or search history?

With a free TekGPS account, you get unlimited storage for saved locations, search history, favorite routes, and custom maps. Your data is encrypted and kept private according to our privacy policy. You have full control over your data and can delete any part of your TekGPS history at any time.

What happens if I lose data connectivity during navigation?

TekGPS anticipates the possibility of losing a data connection and has built-in protections to ensure your navigation continues uninterrupted. The TekGPS app preloads maps and points of interest for your current route so it can navigate offline for miles at a time. If data connectivity is lost, TekGPS will alert you and provide an estimated time your navigation may continue offline based on the amount of data preloaded along your route.

Does this help answer some of your questions about TekGPS? Let us know if you have any other questions. We’re happy help new users discover how TekGPS can enhance your driving experience.


So there you have it, three compelling reasons why TekGPS belongs in your life. Their innovative mapping technology will open up a whole new world of adventure and discovery for you. Their affordable prices mean you can stop making excuses and start making memories. And their commitment to building a supportive community means you’ll connect with other like-minded explorers along the way. What are you waiting for? Ditch your old GPS and upgrade to TekGPS today. A whole new journey awaits—you just have to take that first step. But don’t worry, with TekGPS by your side, you’ll never get lost. Now get out there and start navigating the road less traveled! Your next adventure is calling.


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