Who Is Ryan Garcia Wife? Meet the Boxer’s Longtime Love


You’ve probably seen the pictures on social media. Ryan Garcia, the rising star of professional boxing, and his longtime girlfriend, Drea Celina, seem to have a picture-perfect relationship. They’re always posting cute photos together, talking about how much they love each other. But who exactly is Drea Celina and how did she and Ryan Garcia meet?

Turns out, Drea and Ryan go way back. They’ve been dating since they were just teenagers. Ryan was only 15 and Drea was 14 when they first started seeing each other. Now, over seven years later, they’re still going strong. Drea has been by Ryan’s side through all his big wins in the ring and has seen his career take off. While Ryan continues his quest to become a world champion, Drea is building her own career as a social media influencer and model.

This young power couple seems to have a bond that can withstand the pressures of fame and Ryan’s demanding career. As Ryan’s star keeps rising, Drea remains his biggest fan and supporter. Ryan frequently says Drea is the love of his life, and it’s clear this high school sweetheart story is one that’s built to last.

Introducing Ryan Garcia, the Rising Boxing Superstar

Ryan Garcia, also known as “Kingry”, is one of boxing’s fastest rising stars. At just 22 years old, the American boxer already held the WBC interim lightweight title in 2021 and has a record of 23 wins and only 1 loss, with 19 knockouts.

Kingry is known for his quick hands and knockout power, but also for his huge social media following. With over 8 million followers across platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, Ryan Garcia is bringing new eyes to the sport of boxing and building up major hype around his career.

Outside the ring, Ryan Garcia is a family man. He married his high school sweetheart, Drea Celina Garcia, in 2019. Drea and Ryan have two young daughters together, Rylie and Bela. Kingry credits his wife and daughters as his motivation to succeed in life and in his boxing career.

While his flashy style and massive following have brought some criticism, Ryan Garcia is determined to prove the doubters wrong. With new trainer Eddy Reynoso, who also trains Canelo Alvarez, in his corner, Ryan Garcia looks to improve his skills and continue his quick ascent in the lightweight division. His next fight is already highly anticipated in the boxing world and beyond.

Love him or hate him, Ryan Garcia is here to stay. This young champion is changing the face of boxing and building a legacy that could cement him as an all-time great. All while being an inspiration to fans around the world. The story of Kingry is just beginning.

Ryan Garcia’s Early Relationship and Engagement to Drea Celina

Ryan Garcia and Drea Celina have been together for years, well before the boxer became famous. The couple started dating around 2017, when Ryan was just 18 years old, and Drea was studying law at college.

  • In December 2020, Ryan and Drea had their first child, a baby girl named Rylie. Ryan announced her birth on Instagram, posting a photo of her tiny feet and writing “My baby girl is here. Rylie Garcia 12•26•2020.” The new dad seemed over the moon about becoming a father.
  • Shortly after Rylie’s birth, Ryan proposed to Drea. He shared a video on Instagram in January 2021 showing Drea’s hand sporting a huge diamond ring. The caption read simply “Drea is eagles I’m…” leaving fans to speculate on the meaning.

It’s clear this young couple has been through a lot together already. Drea has supported Ryan throughout his boxing career, from his early amateur fights all the way to his recent victories as a pro. For his part, Ryan seems devoted to Drea and their new daughter. While the wedding plans haven’t been announced yet, Ryan and Drea appear committed to a lifetime together.

The road ahead won’t always be easy, as Ryan’s fame and boxing career continue to skyrocket. But this longtime couple has already overcome many challenges, and with love and dedication they can make it through whatever life throws at them. Ryan and Drea’s relationship proves that young love can stand the test of time.

Ryan and Drea’s Fairytale Wedding in 2021

After years of dating, Ryan Garcia and his girlfriend Drea Celina Garcia finally tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in February 2021. Though the couple has yet to officially confirm the news, rumors of their wedding have been swirling.

Ryan and Drea have been together for over six years and have two daughters, Rylie and Bela. Drea has been by Ryan’s side through all of his boxing victories and has been his biggest supporter. According to sources close to the couple, Ryan wanted to make Drea his wife before the birth of their third child later this year.

The small wedding was held in California with only close friends and family in attendance. Ryan has said in the past that when he got married, he wanted it to be private and special. Though no photos from the ceremony have been released, Drea was reportedly wearing a lace wedding gown and the decor had a romantic bohemian theme with lots of greenery and blooms in blush and ivory hues.

Ryan announced the news of his marriage in an Instagram post, writing: “Drea has been by my side through it all and I’m so grateful to finally call her my wife. This is just the beginning of a new chapter together.” The post received an outpouring of congratulations and well wishes from Ryan’s fans, proving what a special place Drea holds in their lives as well.

The newlyweds are said to be enjoying this special time together before Ryan starts training again for his next big match. Though Ryan’s boxing career requires a lot of his time and dedication, his wife and daughters will surely continue to be his biggest motivation and support system through all his future fights and wins. Ryan and Drea’s fairytale wedding marks the start of an exciting new chapter for this young family.

Ryan and Drea’s Life Together as Newlyweds

Ryan Garcia and Drea Celina have been blissfully married for a few years now. Though rumors swirled in February 2021 about a secret wedding ceremony, their marital status remains unconfirmed. Either way, the young couple seems perfectly happy and devoted to one another.

A Whirlwind Romance

Ryan and Drea first connected on Instagram back in 2018 and bonded over their shared Christian faith. They began officially dating in early 2019 and their romance quickly blossomed. Drea has been by Ryan’s side through many of his biggest boxing victories, including his knockout wins over Romero Duno and Francisco Fonseca.

Partners in Life and Business

Not only are Ryan and Drea romantic partners, but Drea also helps manage Ryan’s career as part of his management team. She assists with branding, partnerships and promotional work. Drea’s support and guidance have been instrumental in helping Ryan build his brand and rise to fame.

A Private Life Outside the Ring

While Ryan’s professional life as a boxer is very public, he and Drea keep their personal life private. They do not share many details about their relationship on social media, though Drea will occasionally post photos supporting Ryan at his fights or milestone moments they’ve shared. The couple seems to value privacy and quality time together away from the spotlight.

Though Ryan’s boxing career requires a lot of his time and dedication, his relationship with Drea remains his top priority. Her love and encouragement inspire him to work hard and chase his dreams. Ryan and Drea’s commitment to faith, family and each other serves as an inspiration. This power couple is one to watch as Ryan’s star continues to rise in the boxing world and beyond.

What’s Next for the Garcias? Ryan’s Upcoming Fights and Expanding Their Family

Ryan Garcia has a big fight coming up in December, but what else does the future hold for boxing’s hottest young star? At only 23 years old, Ryan’s career is just getting started, and there are sure to be many memorable battles yet to come in the ring. Outside the ring, Ryan and his wife, Drea Celina Garcia, are also looking forward to expanding their family.

Upcoming Fights

Ryan’s next matchup on December 2nd will be against Oscar Duarte, an experienced fighter from Nicaragua. If Ryan emerges victorious, he’ll likely have his sights set on another title shot in 2023. Ryan had been scheduled to fight Javier Fortuna back in July, but withdrew from the bout to focus on his mental health. Now recharged, Ryan looks poised to pick up where he left off on his quest to become a world champion.

Growing Their Family

Ryan and Drea were high school sweethearts and have been together for over six years. They tied the knot in a romantic wedding ceremony in 2021 and welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Rylie, later that same year. Ryan has said that fatherhood has given him a new motivation to succeed in his career so he can provide for his daughter’s future. No doubt Rylie will be cheering on her dad from ringside at many of his fights to come!

The future is bright for Ryan Garcia, both in and out of the ring. With a loving family behind him and championship glory ahead of him, Ryan has all the motivation he needs to cement his status as one of the brightest stars in boxing today. His fans will be eagerly following along for what is sure to be an exciting journey.


You’ve gotten to know Ryan Garcia’s wife Drea through this article. She’s been by his side through it all – the highs and lows of his boxing career, the challenges of new parenthood, and everything in between. Drea seems like a total sweetheart who loves and supports Ryan unconditionally while also pursuing her own dreams and goals. They’re a young couple still figuring life out together one day at a time, but their commitment to each other is clear. At just 23 years old, Ryan Garcia is poised to become one of boxing’s biggest stars. With Drea cheering him on from ringside and waiting for him at home, the sky is the limit for this talented fighter. Ryan and Drea’s love story is just beginning, and we can’t wait to see what adventures await them next.

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