Who Is Paige Bueckers Boyfriend? The Mystery Man in Her Life


Ever wondered who college basketball sensation Paige Bueckers is dating? As the star player for the UConn Huskies who led her team to a national championship as a freshman, Bueckers understandably values her privacy. But her fans are understandably curious about her personal life off the court. While Bueckers keeps the details of her dating life mostly under wraps, some rumors about her current relationship status have surfaced. If you’ve been following Bueckers’ journey to stardom and want to know if there’s a special someone cheering her on from the sidelines, here’s what we know so far about who Paige Bueckers’ boyfriend might be.

Who Is UConn Basketball Superstar Paige Bueckers?

Paige Bueckers is a college basketball superstar for the UConn Huskies, one of the top women’s basketball programs. Bueckers led UConn to the 2022 NCAA Final Four in her freshman season, earning All-Tournament team honors. With her confidence, charisma and clutch play, Bueckers has become a fan favorite. However, one question remains — who is Paige Bueckers’ boyfriend?

The 20-year-old phenom tends to keep her personal life private. She hasn’t confirmed being in a relationship, instead focusing on her blossoming basketball career and studies as a UConn freshman. Some fans speculate she may be dating a fellow student-athlete, but no relationship has been made public. For now, it seems Bueckers’ true love remains the game of basketball.

Her Path to UConn

Bueckers was a high school basketball prodigy in Minnesota, earning national player of the year honors in 2020. She chose UConn over offers from major programs like Notre Dame, South Carolina and Oregon. Under legendary coach Geno Auriemma, UConn has won 11 national titles and produced WNBA stars like Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird and Breanna Stewart.

Bueckers hopes to follow in their footsteps, leading UConn to championships and eventually pursuing a pro career. For the 2021 season, she averaged 20 points, 5.8 assists and 2.3 steals per game, living up to her star billing. With Bueckers leading the way, the future remains bright for the Huskies.

While her love life may remain a mystery, Paige Bueckers’ devotion to the game of basketball and drive to win are crystal clear. UConn fans will be delighted if she stays single-mindedly focused on bringing more titles to Storrs. For now, the only romance seems to be between Bueckers and the roar of the crowd.

Paige Bueckers’ Dating Life and Relationship Status

Paige Bueckers, the star UConn guard, is not one to share details about her personal life, especially her dating life, on social media. While her talent and skills on the court have gained her over 800,000 Instagram followers, little is known about who she may be dating. ### The Mystery Man

Rumors have swirled for over a year now that Paige Bueckers is in a relationship with fellow UConn student and basketball player, Matt Freeman. The two have been spotted together at UConn games, and some social media sleuths noticed they have liked and commented on each other’s Instagram posts. However, neither Paige nor Matt have confirmed they are dating or introduced the other as their significant other or partner.

Paige seems focused on her college basketball career and achieving her dreams of playing in the WNBA. At just 19 years old, she likely wants to avoid the drama and distraction that often comes with public relationships when you’re in the spotlight. Fans continue to speculate about her relationship status and who she may be dating, but Paige has not addressed any of these rumors directly.

While Paige’s talent, skills and future as a professional basketball player are frequently discussed, her private life remains just that – private. She appears content keeping her dating life out of the public eye for now and focusing on her education and sport. Unless or until she decides to share news of a relationship herself, the mystery man in Paige Bueckers’ life will remain unknown. For her nearly one million fans and followers, they’ll just have to continue enjoying watching her amazing talent on the court.

The Photos Fueling Speculation About Paige’s Mystery Man

Paige Bueckers is notoriously private about her personal life, leaving many of her fans wondering — does the UConn superstar have a boyfriend? Judging by her Instagram photos, there just might be a special someone in the picture.

The Mystery Man Makes an Appearance

In May 2021, Paige posted a photo of herself out to dinner for her 20th birthday. Sitting across from her at the table was an unidentified young man, his face obscured. The caption read, “Great food, great company.” Her followers immediately began speculating in the comments about the identity of her dinner companion.

  • Was this her boyfriend finally making an appearance on her social media?
  • A new romantic interest she wanted to keep private?
  • Or just a friend she was intentionally being coy about?

Whatever the case, this was the first indication that Paige may have a boyfriend. Prior to this, her Instagram had been strictly basketball-focused.

More Clues Emerge

A few months later in July, Paige posted another photo with the same mystery man. This time showing just their intertwined hands against the backdrop of a beach sunset. The caption was equally cryptic, reading simply, “7.4.21.” Her fans went wild in the comments once again trying to deduce the identity of the hand-holder and the significance of the date.

  • Was 7.4.21 their anniversary or the day they officially became a couple?
  • His bare hand suggested this was someone close enough to her to be casually holding hands watching the sunset.
  • The plot continued to thicken about Paige’s mysterious boyfriend!

While Paige continues to keep the details of her personal life private, these photos seem to indicate there just may be someone special by her side through it all. Her fans continue to speculate about when and if she’ll finally make things social media official and reveal the identity of her mystery man. For now, his identity remains as elusive as the captions on her Instagram posts!

What Paige Has Said About Having a Boyfriend

Paige Bueckers is intensely private about her personal life, especially when it comes to dating. She has remained tight-lipped on whether she currently has a boyfriend. Based on what she has said so far, here’s what we know:

No Confirmation of a Relationship

In interviews, Paige has not confirmed if she is dating anyone or mentioned having a boyfriend. When asked directly about her relationship status, she has deflected the questions or given vague answers. For example, in a 2020 interview she said “I don’t have a boyfriend right now. I’m really focused on basketball.” The emphasis on “right now” leaves things open-ended.

Focus is on Basketball

Paige has frequently said her main focus is on her basketball career and training. She has suggested that dating could be a distraction, at least for the time being. In a 2021 interview, Paige said: “I’m not really looking for a relationship. I’m looking to win national championships and be the best basketball player I can be.” While she may date casually, a serious boyfriend does not seem to be a priority.

Private Person by Nature

By all accounts, Paige is a private individual who values her personal life and boundaries. She shares select parts of her life on social media but keeps many details private. Her friends and family describe her as grounded and mature for her age. If Paige did have a boyfriend, she would likely keep that information close to the vest, at least initially. She does not seem the type to flaunt a new relationship or share overly personal information with the public and media.

Unless and until Paige decides to share more details about her dating life, the identity of her boyfriend (if she even has one) remains a mystery. For now, her heart seems to belong to basketball and her team. Her fans continue to wish her the very best in her relationships and in her promising career ahead.

Paige’s Tight Bond With Teammate Azzi Fudd

Paige Bueckers and Azzi Fudd have a special connection that extends far beyond the basketball court. As longtime friends and now college teammates at UConn, their bond is rock solid.

During their first season playing together for the Huskies, Paige and Azzi have become even closer. “Paige is like my big sister,” Azzi says. “She’s taken me under her wing and really helped me adjust to college life.” The two hang out together constantly, from grabbing meals and coffee on campus to just chilling in each other’s dorm rooms.

On the court, their chemistry is undeniable. Paige will often look to pass to Azzi, trusting that her teammate and friend will knock down big shots. And Azzi has Paige’s back on defense, helping double-team opposing players to get the ball out of their hands. “We just have this unspoken connection,” Paige says. “I always know where Azzi’s going to be, and she knows where I want the ball.”

The Huskies are hoping for a long, healthy season together so Paige and Azzi can lead the team on a championship run. While wins and losses come and go, the friendship these two young stars have built will last long after their playing days are done. Paige and Azzi push each other to be better players and better people. It’s a bond that will shape them for years to come.

“Azzi’s my best friend,” Paige says with a smile. “I can’t imagine my life without her.” The feeling is clearly mutual. With Paige by her side, Azzi knows this is going to be an unforgettable season at UConn. And the start of a lifelong friendship.


So there you have it, while Paige Bueckers is quickly becoming a star on the court, her personal life remains shrouded in mystery. For now, at least. As her fame and following continue to skyrocket, the questions about who she may be dating are bound to intensify. But as private as Bueckers appears to be, she also seems fiercely independent and focused on her game. At just 19 years old, she has her whole life and career ahead of her. If and when she does start seriously dating, here’s hoping that the guy by her side appreciates how special she is. After all, a star like Paige Bueckers doesn’t come around every day. For now, though, her heart belongs to basketball. And that’s just how she likes it.

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