What the Heckin Dog: How One Pup Became Famous


Ever wonder how some dogs become internet famous? You’ve probably seen the photos – a smiling pup with silly captions that make you chuckle. Meet What The Heckin Dog, the canine comedian who rose to stardom with his hilarious expressions and antics. His owners didn’t set out to make him an Instagram celebrity, it just happened. Like any proud pet parents, they started sharing photos of their goofy Golden Retriever named Oakley just to make friends and family smile. But soon, everyone wanted in on the fun.

Oakley’s photos spread like wildfire and his fan base grew into the millions. His owners were stunned at first but then realized they had a chance to spread some extra joy and laughter. They started an Instagram account, @whattheheckindog, and began sharing more glimpses into Oakley’s charmed life of sticks, swimming and belly rubs. Each new photo elicits a fresh round of “heckin” comments from people declaring their love for this curly-haired cutup.

This fun-loving furball stumbled into online fame simply by being his adorable self. And that’s the story of how one charming pup became the internet’s favorite heckin dog. His tale proves that sometimes, the best things in life – like a good belly laugh – come straight from the heart. Or in this case, from a dog named Oakley.

Who Is What the Heckin Dog?

Who Is What the Heckin Dog?

What the heckin dog, more formally known as Duggee, is an internet-famous pupper who rose to stardom in 2017. His owner, a 20-something guy named Jordan, started posting short clips of Duggee’s amusing antics and expressive reactions on social media. Quickly, Duggee became a viral sensation and now has over 2 million followers across platforms.

Duggee’s claim to fame are his silly mannerisms and extremely emotive eyebrows. When Jordan asks him a question, gives a command, or Duggee spots something interesting, his eyebrows shoot up, furrow, or wiggle in the most exaggerated and comical ways. This unique quirk, combined with Duggee’s zest for life and general goofiness, earned him the nickname “what the heckin dog” as people tried to find words to describe his amusing and sometimes bewildering behavior.

While Duggee started as an internet oddity, his popularity has endured because he brings people joy. His antics elicit laughter and brighten the day of his many fans. Duggee also acts as an ambassador for rescue dogs. Jordan adopted Duggee from an animal shelter, and together they’ve raised funds and awareness for animal welfare organizations.

Duggee’s rise to fame proves that with a little bit of silliness and a whole lot of heart, one dog really can change the world for the better. His story gives hope that any pet, no matter their age, appearance or background, can make a difference and bring happiness to those around them. What the heckin dog, indeed!

The Origin Story: How Noodle Became a Viral Sensation

Noodle the pug became an internet sensation overnight thanks to his hilarious “no bones” flops. His owner, Jonathan Graziano, started posting short videos on TikTok of Noodle dramatically collapsing to the floor, with the caption “no bones” to indicate the dog had momentarily lost the ability to stand. These clips quickly went viral, gaining millions of views and launching Noodle into stardom.

Graziano adopted Noodle as a puppy from a shelter in Los Angeles. He soon discovered Noodle’s penchant for theatrical flops and thought his exaggerated “ragdoll” collapses might entertain others. Graziano began filming Noodle’s flops and posting the short clips to TikTok, not expecting much reaction. But Noodle’s comedic timing and expressive face made viewers chuckle. His “no bones” acts, where he suddenly goes limp and sprawls out as if his bones had vanished, resonated most with fans.

After gaining nearly 7 million followers, Noodle landed on the TODAY show where Graziano explained Noodle’s flops were all in good fun and not a cause for concern. Noodle’s popularity has led to merchandise, sponsorship deals, and a children’s book deal for the pooch. While Noodle can’t read or count his newfound riches, he seems perfectly content entertaining his adoring fans one flop at a time.

Noodle’s story shows how quickly viral internet fame can strike. With some luck and an adorable pug, an ordinary person like Graziano found himself managing a canine sensation. And Noodle, a formerly abandoned pup, secured his forever home and a life of leisure thanks to a few silly “no bones” flops that brightened people’s days during a difficult time.

Noodle’s Rise to Fame on Social Media

Noodle first hopped into the spotlight in early 2021 when his owner, Jonathan Graziano, posted a video of their morning routine on TikTok. The short clip showed Jonathan asking Noodle if he wanted to go outside, to which Noodle enthusiastically barked in response. Jonathan then opened the door and Noodle strutted out, pausing briefly to bark once more at the top of the stairs.

The video immediately went viral, gaining over 6 million views and nearly 2 million likes within the first couple of weeks. People were enchanted by Noodle’s personality and his daily “heckin” ritual. Jonathan started posting more videos of Noodle on TikTok and Instagram, showing his amusing antics and quirky behaviors. Followers began looking forward to their daily dose of “Noodle content”.

  • On TikTok alone, Noodle has amassed over 194,000 followers and received nearly 26 million likes on his short clips.
  • His Instagram account, @jongraz, has become a hub for all things Noodle, with over 197,000 followers eagerly awaiting new photos and stories.
  • Jonathan also launched a YouTube channel called “What the Heckin Dog” which now has over 6,000 subscribers tuning in to watch longer videos and compilations of Noodle’s adventures.

Noodle’s charming and comedic personality, combined with his owner’s dedication to sharing their joyful moments together, led to his meteoric rise on social media. While Noodle lives a simple life, his ability to make people smile and brighten their day has brought him widespread fame and popularity online. His heartwarming story proves that sometimes the little things in life – like a quirky daily routine with your dog – can have the biggest impact. Noodle’s viral fame stands as a testament to the power of spreading positivity and lighthearted fun.

What Makes Noodle So Dang Lovable

What makes Noodle so lovable? Quite a few things, actually. Here are some of the qualities that have captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.


Noodle dogs inherit the friendly nature of their Poodle and Newfoundland parents, making them affectionate and playful companions. They tend to love being around people and bond very closely with their families. Noodles are gentle, patient and loving towards children and other pets. Their sweet temperament and kind spirit are hard not to adore.


Doodles are smart cookies. They pick up on training and commands easily thanks to their intelligent and eager-to-please nature. Noodles can learn a variety of tricks and skills when positively reinforced with treats, play and praise. They tend to be very responsive to consistent, reward-based training. Noodle’s cleverness and ability to understand what their owners want make them highly trainable.


Although playful, Noodles are generally easygoing and mellow dogs. They don’t require intense amounts of exercise and are usually content to relax at home. Noodles tend to be gentle and patient rather than overly energetic or rambunctious. Their laid-back demeanor makes them suitable for apartment living or homes without a yard. Noodle’s calm and gentle spirit endears them to many owners.


Let’s face it, Noodles just look adorable. Their fluffy, hypoallergenic coat, floppy ears and sweet expression are irresistibly cute. Noodles come in a variety of colors including apricot, cream, brown, and black. Their teddy bear-like appearance and soft, cuddly fur adds to their charm. One look at a Noodle and you’ll immediately want to scoop them up for hugs and belly rubs.

With so many lovable qualities, it’s easy to see why Noodle dogs have become such a popular breed and captured the hearts of millions. Their friendly, intelligent and gentle spirit make them the perfect companion. One wag of their fluffy tail is all it takes to win you over.

Noodle’s Impact: Spreading Joy and Laughter

Noodle the Dachshund, otherwise known as “Noodle Dog,” has brought joy and laughter to people around the world. His silly antics and fun-loving personality have inspired many to spread more laughter and positivity.

Spreading Joy on Social Media

When Mr. Noodle’s owner started sharing videos of his hilarious and heartwarming escapades on social media, his playfulness and zest for life captivated viewers. Before long, Noodle’s fanbase grew exponentially as more and more people tuned in to get their daily dose of joy from the laughter-inducing canine. His owner has said that Noodle’s ability to make others chuckle and chortle was his special gift.

An Unofficial Mascot for Acceptance

Noodle Dog has become an unofficial mascot for the message of love and acceptance. His videos showing unconditional affection for people from all walks of life have resonated with many. Noodle sees people for who they are – fellow laughter lovers and playmates. His joy and enthusiasm in interacting with people of all abilities and circumstances have spread the important message that everyone deserves companionship, delight and friendship.

Spreading Cheer in Schools

Educators have even used Noodle’s videos to spread merriment in classrooms. Exposure to humor and laughter has been shown to decrease stress, increase creativity, and boost retention and focus. Mr. Noodle’s clips are the perfect way to lighten the mood, bring people together, and set a positive tone for learning. Students of all ages have enjoyed watching Noodle’s comedic antics and seeing his ability to make others laugh.

Through social media and in schools, Noodle Dog has had an incredible impact by spreading laughter, joy and delight. His fun-loving spirit and ability to make light of life have brought positivity and connection to people around the globe. Noodle teaches us that by making others chuckle and chortle, we can create community and enhance well-being. By following his example, we too can spread good cheer and make the world a little brighter.

Life as a Canine Celebrity: Noodle’s Typical Day

As an internet celebri-pug, Noodle lives a life most dogs only dream of. His typical day involves lots of playtime, belly rubs, and of course, creating content for his adoring fans.

When Noodle first wakes up, Jonathan takes him out for his morning walk and potty break. After a nutritious breakfast of kibble and leftovers, the real fun begins. Playtime usually involves rounds of tug-of-war with his favorite rope toy, chasing balls, and destroying plush squeaky toys. As a reward for being such a good boy, Noodle gets showered with belly rubs and ear scratches.

In the afternoon, it’s time for Noodle’s “job”—filming videos and photos for his social media. Jonathan will set up some of Noodle’s favorite props and treats to capture his natural, silly expressions and reactions. They do multiple takes to get the perfect shot. While some might see it as work, for Noodle it’s all play. He gets showered with affection and treats the whole time.

Evening brings more play, another walk, and dinner. As a final treat before bed, Noodle often gets a “puppacino”—a special pug-friendly cup of whipped cream. After a long day of playing and working, Noodle is ready to curl up in his cozy bed for some well-deserved rest. The life of an influencer isn’t easy, but Noodle was born for the spotlight. His playful and mischievous personality, combined with his uncanny ability to brighten people’s days, made him destined for internet fame. For Noodle, every day is an adventure and a chance to make new friends. This celebri-pug sure has it ruff!

Noodle’s Human Companions Behind the Scenes

Noodle’s human companions, Jonathan Graziano and his wife, have been instrumental in Noodle’s rise to Instagram fame. While Noodle’s hilarious and adorable antics are what attract followers, Jon and his wife work hard behind the scenes to capture and share those moments.

Jon adopted Noodle as a puppy in 2012 and quickly realized he had a special talent for making people smile. Noodle had a habit of doing hilarious things completely unprompted, so Jon started recording and sharing these moments on Vine and Instagram. When Vine shut down, Jon focused his efforts on Instagram and Noodle’s follower count skyrocketed.

  • Jon and his wife handle all of Noodle’s social media accounts, posting several times a week to keep followers engaged.
  • They capture photos and short videos of Noodle being his silly self around their home, then creatively caption and hashtag the posts to spread the joy.
  • Managing a pet influencer account is practically a full-time job requiring significant time, dedication and a whole lot of belly rubs and treats for the star.
  • Jon and his wife have turned down several sponsorship and merchandising deals to maintain Noodle’s authenticity. Their goal is to spread positivity, not make money.

While Noodle brings the cute, his humans bring the creativity and community engagement behind his meteoric rise to pet influencer fame. Their devotion to sharing Noodle’s contagious joy and using his platform to make a positive impact is truly inspiring.

  • They frequently repost photos of followers’ pets and promote animal shelters and rescues.
  • A portion of proceeds from Noodle’s 2018 children’s book, “What The Heckin’ Dog,” were donated to the ASPCA.
  • Jon and his wife show that with hard work, passion, and purpose, one joyful pup can make a meaningful difference in the world. Noodle’s nearly 1 million followers would surely agree.

Fun Facts About Everyone’s Favorite Heckin Good Boy

Everyone knows and loves What The Heckin Dog, the internet’s favorite “good boi”. This pupper has brought joy to millions with his hilarious and heartwarming antics. Here are some fun facts about this very good doggo.

What The Heckin Dog’s real name is actually Max. His owner started posting photos of Max on social media a few years ago and his expressive face and funny poses quickly gained him a large following. His owner then created the @WhatTheHeckinDog Instagram account which now has over 3 million followers.

Max loves to do typical doggo activities like chewing on bones, going for walks, and chasing squirrels. But he really enjoys posing for the camera and hamming it up for his adoring fans. Some of his most popular photos show him with his signature head tilt, tongue hanging out the side of his mouth, looking utterly confused about what’s going on. His charming and comedic personality shines through in every picture.

Max lives with two other doggos, a golden retriever named Bentley and a German Shepherd named Luna. While Bentley and Luna occasionally make cameo appearances on the @WhatTheHeckinDog account, Max is definitely the star of the show. His owner has said that Max knows he’s famous and loves all the extra attention and treats he gets when the camera comes out.

The viral popularity of What The Heckin Dog has led to merch like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases and more featuring his likeness and classic facial expressions. A portion of the proceeds from the merch goes to animal shelters and rescue organizations.

Max brings joy and laughter to so many people around the world with his hilarious antics and photos. He is truly a very good boy and everyone’s favorite heckin doggo. We hope this good boi continues to make the internet smile for years to come!

What the Heckin Dog FAQs: Get to Know Noodle!

Noodle is a pint-sized pup with a huge social media following. This little doggo has captured the hearts of millions with her silly antics and precious personality. Want to get to know Noodle better? We’ve got the FAQs to give you the scoop on this viral sensation.

Where did Noodle come from?

Noodle was adopted in 2020 from a rescue in California called Wagmor Pets. She is a female apricot toy maltipoo, which means she’s a mix of Maltese, poodle and possibly cocker spaniel. Noodle weighs about 8 pounds full grown and lives with her dads in Los Angeles.

How did Noodle get famous?

During quarantine in 2020, Noodle’s dads started posting short videos of her on TikTok to cheer people up. Her silly expressions, funny noises and adorable appearance quickly gained her lots of views and likes. Using DoggoLingo, which verbalizes a dog’s thoughts in a cutesy, exaggerated way, her dads gave Noodle a voice and personality that resonated with fans.

What is Noodle’s personality?

Noodle is a spunky and sassy ball of fluff. She loves giving her dads sass when she doesn’t get her way. But she also has a sweet, cuddly side and enjoys burrowing under blankets. Noodle is very expressive and communicates how she’s feeling through her eyes, ears, and the noises she makes. She loves giving her fans different looks, from side eye to puppy dog eyes.

What does Noodle like to do?

Noodle enjoys going for walks, playing with her favorite toys (especially plushies she can shake and squeak), learning new tricks and, of course, posing for the camera. She also loves snuggling with her dads, getting belly rubs and chasing her tail when she gets excited. Most of all, Noodle loves bringing smiles and joy to her fans through her videos. This little doggo just wants to spread happiness wherever she goes!


So there you have it, the story of how one little Shiba Inu became a social media sensation and brought smiles to millions. What started as a few silly photos shared between friends on Instagram quickly snowballed into an internet phenomenon. All because her owner had a knack for capturing Chomky’s amusing expressions and posting them at just the right time to catch the wave of popularity. Though her rise to fame was unintentional, Chomky brought a little more joy and laughter into the world at a time when we really needed it. Her goofy grin and side eye looks were a welcome distraction from everything going on. Just goes to show you never know where inspiration might come from. Keep your eyes open and your camera ready – your Chomky might be out there waiting too!

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