What Is Kemonoparty? The New Japanese Beauty Trend Taking Over


Have you heard about the latest beauty trend making waves in Japan? It’s called kemonoparty, and it’s taking the Japanese beauty world by storm. Kemonoparty, which translates to “beast party” in English, is all about embracing your inner animal with dramatic eye makeup, nail art, and hair pieces inspired by creatures in nature. If you’re looking for a fun new way to express yourself and your wild side, kemonoparty may be for you. The bold makeup looks and whimsical accessories are a great way to unleash your creativity and turn heads. So grab your liquid eyeliner, false lashes, and animal print everything – it’s time to get your beast mode on! This hot new trend from Japan is one you’ll definitely want to try.

What Is Kemonoparty?

What exactly is Kemonoparty? It’s a popular subculture in Japan that focuses on anthropomorphic animal characters – meaning animals with human traits – in anime, manga, and video games.

The term “kemono” itself means “beast” or “animal” in Japanese. Kemonoparty enthusiasts are fascinated by the cute and cuddly animal characters often featured in these media. Fans create and share fanart, fanfiction, videos, music, and more centered around their favorite kemono characters.

Some of the most popular kemono characters come from franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, Zootopia, and Aggretsuko. Kemonoparty fans are also drawn to original characters created within the subculture. These OCs, as they’re called, frequently appear in kemono-themed manga, comics, and visual novels.

Kemonoparty started emerging in the early 2000s. Today, you can find kemono events, online communities, and creators all over the world. Many kemono artists and cosplayers have gained huge followings for their work. The subculture celebrates acceptance, creativity, and – of course – cuteness!

If this all sounds adorable and fun, you might just be a kemonoparty fan at heart! The subculture is all about embracing the things you love, so don’t be afraid to start sharing your own kemono fan creations. Just be sure to spread positivity and kindness along the way.

The Origins of Kemonoparty in Japanese Subculture

Kemono culture has been influencing Japanese pop culture for decades. The word “kemono” itself comes from Japanese folklore and means “beast.” Kemono characters are anthropomorphic animals – they walk, talk, and act like humans.

The Rise of Kemono Manga and Anime

In the 1970s, kemono manga like “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” gained popularity and featured cute animal characters. In the 1990s, anime series like “Digimon Adventure” and “Pokémon” introduced kemono creatures to mainstream audiences.

These shows featured teams of children befriending and battling with strange creatures. They sparked a lifelong love of kemono in millions of fans.

Kemono Conventions and Costumes

Kemono conventions, or “kemocons,” started popping up in the 2000s. Fans would dress up as their favorite kemono characters, called “cosplaying.” Cosplayers create elaborate fursuits and spend hours perfecting their kemono makeup and costumes.

Kemocons are a chance for kemono fans to celebrate their fandom, buy kemono merchandise from independent artists, and meet like-minded friends. The largest kemocon, “Kemo Collosseum,” draws over 10,000 cosplayers and fans each year.

The Kemono Friends Phenomenon

In 2017, the mobile game “Kemono Friends” became a massive hit in Japan. Players collect and befriend different kemono creatures like serval cats, silver foxes, and shoebills. The cute and colorful art style appeals to all ages.

The Kemono Friends empire now includes manga, anime, video games, music, and collaborations with zoos across Japan. Kemono culture has evolved from niche to mainstream, bringing millions of new fans into the fold. The future looks bright for this beastly subculture.

Kemonoparty Fashion and Makeup Trends

Kemonoparty fashion and makeup trends are all about expressing your fun and creative side. If you’re looking to shake up your style, kemonoparty may be just what you need.

Avant-Garde Makeup

Kemonoparty makeup is bold and daring. One popular trend is “cloud makeup,” where fluffy white clouds are painted around the eyes. For a spooky look, consider black lipstick or neon eye shadows in colors like bright blue or purple. Eyeliner shapes get creative too, with double wings, curved lines, and geometric shapes. The possibilities are endless!

Kimono and Lolita Fashion

The kemonoparty fashion scene is filled with Japanese-inspired clothing like colorful kimonos, yukatas, and Lolita dresses. A kimono is a traditional Japanese robe with long sleeves and an obi belt. Yukatas are casual summer kimonos made of light cotton. Lolita fashion features poofy knee-length skirts, ruffles, bows, and lace. These dreamy, dolly-like outfits are popular for putting together an iconic kemonoparty look.

Harajuku Street Style

For the ultimate kemonoparty ensemble, take inspiration from the Harajuku district of Tokyo, the mecca of over-the-top street fashion. Mix and match pieces like a fluffy tutu skirt, platform boots, a cropped jacket with exaggerated shoulders, bucket hat, and oversized jewelry. Add in colorful tights, socks, gloves, and other accessories to complete the look. Channel your inner anime character and don’t be afraid to go bold with lots of colors, textures, and layers.

Kemonoparty fashion is all about pushing creative boundaries and expressing your unique style. Whether you start with an avant-garde makeup look, a kimono, or loud Harajuku-inspired ensemble, kemonoparty can help you unleash your inner artist. Grab your friends and make a night of it by hosting your own kemonoparty!

Criticism and Controversy Surrounding Kemonoparty

Kemonoparty has received its fair share of criticism since launching. As with any online community, there are concerns about potentially inappropriate content and behavior. Some critics argue Kemonoparty promotes harmful or socially inappropriate interests.

Objectionable Content

Some believe certain interests commonly featured on Kemonoparty like roleplaying or fan fiction focused on anthropomorphized characters can be seen as strange or peculiar to outside observers. While Kemonoparty aims to be an inclusive space for people to express themselves freely, the site does have policies against posting any illegal or extremely objectionable content.

Privacy and Anonymity Concerns

The anonymity afforded by Kemonoparty has also been a source of criticism. Some argue the ability to post anonymously or under an alias could enable harassment or other toxic behavior. However, Kemonoparty defends anonymity as important for allowing users to feel comfortable exploring and sharing interests they may not feel able to elsewhere. The site does monitor for harassment and takes reports of abuse seriously.

Commercialization of Fandom

Another criticism is that Kemonoparty could be seen as an attempt to profit from fan communities and interests. While the site is free to use and run by furries, the company that owns Kemonoparty is a traditional tech startup. Some furries argue this commercializes and exploits the fandom. Kemonoparty claims they aim to provide a useful service for the community, but as with any business, financial sustainability is a consideration.

Overall, Kemonoparty aims to promote an inclusive space for creative expression while responsibly managing risks around objectionable content, privacy, harassment and commercialization. Balancing the needs of the community and responsible platform management is an ongoing process. But for many furries, Kemonoparty provides a space to connect, share and celebrate their interests that didn’t previously exist.

The Rising Popularity of Kemonoparty Worldwide

Kemono.party has become a global phenomenon, especially popular among younger generations. Originally launched in Japan, the website has seen its popularity skyrocket worldwide.

A Male-Dominated Platform

Kemono.party has a large male audience, with 83.75% of its visitors being male. The content and discussions on the platform primarily center around topics that tend to interest younger males, like gaming, anime, and internet culture.

Popular Among Youth

The website is most popular among 18-24 year olds, making up the largest age group of visitors. Kemono.party’s wide appeal with this key demographic has been instrumental to its success and rapid growth. The topics and themes of the website resonate strongly with the interests and values of this age group.

Rising Popularity and Rankings

Kemono.party is ranked #220,196 in the world and #5,331 in Japan, indicating its popularity, especially in Japan where it originated. The website’s traffic and search rankings have been increasing steadily over the past couple of years as more people have discovered the platform.

With its popularity surging globally, especially in Western countries, Kemono.party has become a cultural phenomenon. The website has spread beyond the digital world and now has a presence at anime conventions, meetups, and other events. Branded merchandise featuring the platform’s mascot characters has also become popular.

Kemono.party’s rising fame internationally demonstrates the power of internet culture to bring people together across the world. Although initially targeted at a niche Japanese audience, the website has resonated globally and become a shared experience for its diverse, multinational fanbase. The spread of Kemono.party worldwide is a testament to the shared interests and values of youth culture in the digital age.


So there you have it, the 411 on kemonoparty and why this fun new Japanese beauty trend should be on your radar. With cute animal ears, tails, and makeup that embraces your inner beast, kemonoparty allows you to unleash your wild side and not take yourself too seriously. Whether you’re looking for an creative new Halloween costume idea or just want to do something out of the ordinary with friends, give kemonoparty a try. You might just find your inner fox, bunny or bear coming out to play. And if trying something “weird” isn’t your thing, just appreciate kemonoparty from afar for bringing more joy and whimsy into the world. However you choose to experience it, kemonoparty proves there’s beauty in embracing your animal instincts. Meow!

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