What Is Gimkit and How It Transforms Learning


Ever felt like your students just aren’t engaged during lessons? As an educator, you pour your heart and soul into creating meaningful learning experiences, but sometimes kids just seem bored or distracted. Don’t despair – there’s an easy solution. Gimkit is a game-based learning platform that will transform how your students interact with new material.

You’ve probably heard of Kahoot and Quizlet, but Gimkit takes engagement to the next level. With interactive games, leaderboards, powerups, and an in-game economy, your students will be begging to review content. Best of all, Gimkit is free to use and works on any device.

In just a few clicks, you can create fun review games or flashcards for any topic. Your students earn virtual currency for correct answers, then use it to buy powerups that boost their score or sabotage opponents. Before you know it, your whole class will be cheering each other on and strategizing how to win.

Sound too good to be true? Give Gimkit a try – you’ve got nothing to lose and student engagement to gain. Transform your lessons today!

What Is Gimkit?

Gimkit is an interactive game platform that transforms learning in the classroom. ### What Is Gimkit?

Gimkit is a web-based game show for students that requires knowledge, teamwork, and strategy to win. It’s a digital quiz game where questions and answers help students learn course materials in an engaging way.

The basics: Students join a Gimkit game with a code provided by their teacher. They work together in teams or as individuals to answer multiple-choice questions. Correct answers earn points that can be used to buy power-ups and upgrades to help their team. The goal is to be the first team or player to reach the point target.

Gimkit covers various school subjects like science, math, history, and English. Teachers can create their own quizzes or choose from thousands of pre-made games shared by other educators. Questions get progressively more difficult as students demonstrate mastery.

Some of the benefits of Gimkit include:

  • Active engagement. The game format motivates students to participate and stay on task.
  • Differentiated learning. Questions are tailored to student abilities, so learners of all levels can improve at their own pace.
  • Formative assessment. Teachers get real-time data on student performance to guide instruction.
  • Collaboration. When played in teams, Gimkit builds communication and teamwork skills. Students work together towards a shared goal.
  • Learning retention. The interactive, repetitive nature of Gimkit helps cement knowledge and skills in students’ memory.

Gimkit brings learning to life. This digital game environment creates an exciting, stimulating way for students to build understanding and mastery. Classrooms come alive, and learners are motivated to improve and achieve. Education transformed, indeed!

The Origins of Gimkit

If you’ve used Gimkit in your classroom, you know how engaging it can make learning. But do you know the origins of this popular game-based learning platform?

Gimkit was founded in 2017 by former high school students Anthropic, PBC to transform the way students learn and teachers teach. They wanted to bring the power of game mechanics and competition to the classroom to motivate students in a fun, interactive way.

The Creation of Gimkit

Anthropic, PBC built Gimkit from the ground up to incorporate effective learning techniques like active recall, spaced repetition, and instant feedback. The goal was to make studying feel more like a game and less like a chore.

They started with the basics – questions, timers, and points – but over time added more advanced features like Powerups, Tournaments, Avatars, and Leaderboards. With continuous updates, Gimkit has evolved into a robust game-based learning system used by over 10 million students worldwide.

How Gimkit Works

The magic of Gimkit lies in its simplicity. Teachers can quickly create interactive lessons, review games, and assessments using their own content. Students then compete to answer questions correctly and quickly to earn points and rank on Leaderboards.

Some of the most popular Gimkit game modes include:

  • Quiz: A timed quiz where students race to answer questions. First to finish with the most points wins!
  • Team: Students work together in teams to get the highest score. Collaboration is key.
  • Survival: A battle royale where the player with the lowest score is eliminated each round. Last player standing wins!

With engaging modes like these, it’s no wonder why Gimkit has become a classroom favorite. Learning really can be fun and games.

How Gimkit Makes Learning Fun

Gimkit makes learning fun by turning lessons into an exciting game show. Instead of just memorizing facts, students get to compete and collaborate to win.

It’s Fast-Paced and Engaging

Rather than sitting through a boring lecture, Gimkit turns your classroom into a thrilling game show. Students compete in rounds lasting just a few minutes, racing against the clock to answer questions correctly. The pace keeps everyone on their toes and engaged. Winners get rewards that help their team in future rounds. This stimulating format is perfect for learners with short attention spans and motivates students to actively participate.

It’s Personalized

Gimkit uses advanced algorithms to tailor questions to each student’s needs and current understanding. As students play, Gimkit tracks their responses and performance to determine which topics or skills they’ve mastered and which they still need to improve. The questions students receive will adapt to focus on areas that challenge them and help them grow. This targeted practice ensures students are reviewing the concepts and material they need most.

It Fosters Collaboration

While Gimkit is a competition, it also builds collaboration skills. Students can work in teams to win rewards and gain advantages for their group. They need to communicate and strategize together to succeed. Stronger students can take on more leadership and help guide their teammates. This teamwork aspect makes Gimkit engaging for students of all abilities.

It Provides Instant Feedback

One of the best features of Gimkit is the instant feedback it provides. Students know right away if they answered a question correctly or incorrectly. They get an explanation for why the right choice is right. This immediate feedback reinforces learning and helps cement new knowledge in students’ minds. It also gives students the chance to ask any follow up questions they may have.

With its fun, fast-paced game show format, adaptive learning technology, focus on collaboration, and instant feedback, Gimkit transforms learning and makes remembering facts into an exciting challenge. Students will be so engaged, they won’t even realize how much they’re learning!

The Different Game Modes in Gimkit

Gimkit has four unique game modes to choose from, each designed to engage your students in different ways. Once you’ve created your kit, select a game mode and start playing!

Gimkit Classic

The original game mode, similar to Kahoot! but in a game show style. Students answer questions to earn money and compete to become the richest player. This competitive mode works great as a review game or to introduce new topics.


In teams, students have snowball fights by answering questions correctly to earn and throw snowballs at the other team. The team with the most points at the end wins! This collaborative mode promotes teamwork and bonding between students.

Snowy Survival

Students work together in teams to answer questions and collect resources like wood, food, and tools to survive in a snowy environment. Teams have to strategize and share limited resources to endure the longest. This mode teaches cooperation, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

The Floor is Lava

Students race against the clock to answer questions and hop across platforms over a pool of lava. In this fast-paced mode, students have to think on their feet to make it across before the time runs out. The Floor is Lava reinforces speed, accuracy, and the ability to perform under pressure.

With fun and engaging game modes like these, Gimkit transforms learning into an enjoyable game show experience for students. Educators can utilize the different modes to target specific skills and bring more interactivity into their lessons. Select a mode, start playing, and watch as your students get immersed in learning!

Creating Your Own Gimkits

Creating your own Gimkits is simple and allows you to customize content for your students. To get started, log in to your teacher account and click the “New Kit” button.

Choosing Kit Details

First, give your kit a name, select the subject, and choose a language. For subject, options include math, science, English, history, and more. Pick the level and topic that matches what you want to cover.

Adding Questions

Once you’ve named your kit, it’s time to add questions. You can enter your questions manually or upload a CSV file with your questions and answers. Questions can include text, images, and math formulas.

For each question, be sure to provide the correct answer and 3-4 incorrect options to choose from. You can also mark questions as extra credit or give them different point values. Mix up the difficulty and mix in some easier questions as well to keep students engaged.

Game Settings

Under the “Game” section, choose how you want students to interact with the kit. Options include:

  • Practice – Students go through questions at their own pace. No time limit.
  • Time Challenge – Questions are timed, creating a sense of urgency. You set the time limit.
  • Multiplayer – Students compete live against each other to answer questions correctly and earn points.

-Flashcards – New! Create digital flashcards for students to study and practice.

You can also determine if students lose points for incorrect answers, how questions are ordered, and more. Tweak the settings to optimize the experience for your needs.

Preview and Launch

Once your kit is set up, preview it to ensure everything looks right. Make any final changes needed, then launch the kit to assign it to your students. They can access the kit through your class code and start practicing!

Gimkit makes it simple to create fun learning games for your students. With some time and creativity, you’ll be building custom kits for every topic in no time!

Using Gimkit for Remote Learning

Gimkit is a game-based learning platform that engages students and amplifies learning. It’s perfect for remote learning because students can join live games or play independently anytime and anywhere.

Live Class Games

Teachers can host live games during video calls to keep students engaged while learning from home. Start a game, share the join code with students, and they can play along on their own devices as you teach the lesson. This helps combat Zoom fatigue and keeps kids focused. Questions and leaderboards provide instant feedback so you know if students are understanding the concepts.

Independent Practice

Teachers can also assign games for students to play on their own time as independent practice or homework. Create a game around the topics you’re covering in class, share the join code, and students will be motivated to reinforce their learning through gameplay. The games track how each student does so you have an easy way to monitor their progress from a distance.

Engaging and Effective

While gimkit makes learning fun, it’s also proven to be effective. Research studies found that when students used gimkit, they scored up to 38% higher on quizzes compared to traditional study methods. The platform uses techniques like timed challenges, leaderboards, streaks, and badges to motivate students in an engaging way. Kids can also customize their avatars and work to level them up, giving them an added incentive to play.

Gimkit is designed to support distance learning and enhance student engagement and performance. Whether used for live lessons, independent practice, or homework, gimkit transforms learning into an enjoyable game that kids will want to play again and again. Educators have access to real-time data and insights to improve instruction and better support students in our new remote world.

Gimkit’s Benefits for Students

Gimkit offers several benefits for students that make learning fun and effective.


Gimkit’s game-like interface engages students in a way that traditional methods can’t. Earning points and competing against classmates motivates students to actively participate and pay attention. The ability to choose avatars and team names gives students more control and connection to the learning process.


In Gimkit, students can answer questions multiple times, ensuring they have fully grasped concepts before moving on. This mastery-based approach is more impactful than the single-attempt model of other quiz tools. Students feel less pressure to get the right answer on the first try and gain confidence through repetition.


Gimkit provides students significantly more agency than comparable learning platforms. Students can create their own quizzes, choose time limits, enable power-ups, and customize many other options. This sense of control and flexibility leads to an optimal learning experience for each student. Educators benefit from giving students more autonomy and opportunities for peer collaboration.


Gimkit’s intuitive interface allows students and teachers to create quizzes quickly and easily. The simple design and gameplay make it accessible for students of all abilities. Teachers don’t need any technical expertise to set up a game, and students can join a game with just a game code. This simplicity and ease of access means less time troubleshooting and more time learning.

Gimkit transforms learning through an engaging game-based platform that provides mastery, agency, and accessibility. By leveraging these benefits, students can have fun while gaining a true understanding of topics, and teachers gain a powerful new tool to actively involve students in the learning process.

Gimkit’s Benefits for Teachers

As an educator, Gimkit provides so many benefits for enhancing your teaching and student learning.

Engaging Learning

Gimkit transforms boring rote memorization into an engaging game. Students have fun while reinforcing their knowledge, and they’re motivated to get better and progress to higher levels. The competitive elements like leaderboards and player levels tap into students’ desires to achieve and win, even if it’s just a game.

Formative Assessments

Teachers gain useful data and insights into how well students grasp concepts and where they may be struggling. You can see which questions students frequently miss, how long it takes them to answer questions, and more. This information helps guide your instruction and determines what needs reteaching or revisiting.


With Gimkit, you can differentiate for students at all levels. Assign different kits for remediation, on-level work, or acceleration based on individual needs. Struggling students can play lower-level kits to strengthen foundations before moving on, while advanced students are challenged with more complex kits.

Time Efficiency

Gimkit saves teachers time in several ways. You can easily import your existing Quizlet sets and Gimkit will automatically generate a game from the terms and definitions. This means no re-entering questions and answers. Teachers also save time grading and scoring assessments. Gimkit instantly scores students and provides data to view student progress and mastery.

Engaged Homework

Not all students will play Gimkit during class time, but they can continue playing the kits you assign for homework. This helps make homework more engaging and impactful. Students are practicing the skills and content, and teachers gain more assessment data from their time playing outside of class.

With benefits for students and teachers alike, Gimkit is a win-win for transforming learning in any classroom. Engaging gamification, formative assessments, differentiation, time efficiency, and engaged homework—Gimkit has it all.

The Future of Gimkit: What’s Next for the Platform

Gimkit is an educational platform that makes learning fun through gamification. Recently, Gimkit announced plans to release new game modes that will transform the way students learn and compete.

2D Game Modes Coming Soon

Gimkit hinted at new 2D game modes through updated animations on their platform. The release date for these new modes has not yet been specified, but students and teachers should expect an announcement with details on the game modes within the coming months. These new 2D components will likely provide an even more engaging experience for learners.

  • The 2D game modes may include options like:
  • Obstacle courses where students have to answer questions correctly to advance and avoid pitfalls.
  • Mazes and puzzles that can only be solved by answering questions.
  • Boss battles where students work together to defeat a final challenge.

The additional game modes will give students more variety and motivation to keep playing and learning. Teachers will likely have more options to choose from to best suit their lessons and students’ needs.

  • The new 2D game modes may feature:
  • Avatars that represent students as they navigate the games.
  • Power-ups and boosts that can be earned by getting questions right.
  • Leaderboards to increase competition and drive students to improve.

Gimkit’s goal is to make learning enjoyable through gaming and competition. The new 2D game modes are sure to take Gimkit to the next level and provide even more possibilities for transforming education. Students and teachers should stay tuned for the official announcement revealing details on these new game options coming soon to the platform.


So that’s the lowdown on Gimkit and why it’s become such a popular learning tool for students and teachers. You’ve seen how it makes learning fun through games and competition, all while reinforcing the material in an engaging way. The next time you’re feeling unmotivated to study or are struggling to grasp a new concept, give Gimkit a try. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you pick up the material and may even find yourself wanting to play another round. Learning doesn’t have to be boring – with tools like Gimkit, you can turn any study session into an exciting game. So rally your friends, start up a game, and get to learning! The points and prizes await.

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