Unlocking the Mysteries of Snapchat Planets

Snapchat Planets

You’ve probably seen those little cartoon faces pop up on Snapchat — the sun with sunglasses, the moon with a sleepy expression. But have you ever wondered what those planets actually mean? There’s a whole solar system of Snapchat planets that provide extra context for your snaps. Once you understand the secret language of Snapchat planets, a whole new world of creative expression opens up. The sun isn’t just a sunny day, it’s feeling bright and cheerful. The moon isn’t just nighttime, it’s feeling dreamy or wistful. And all those stars, galaxies and comets? They represent a range of emotions from excited to awestruck to bursting with energy. Next time you send a snap, tap through the options and see how the planets can level up your snap game. The mysteries of the Snapchat universe are ready to be unlocked.

What Are Snapchat Planets?

Have you ever wondered what those little planets next to your friends’ names on Snapchat mean? They’re called Snapchat Planets, and they represent your level of friendship with someone on the app.

What Do the Planets Mean?

The planets on Snapchat represent a friend’s position in your own little social solar system. The first planet on the list is Mercury, which represents your best friend on Snapchat – your closest pal, BFF, partner in crime. Venus is for a close friend, someone you Snap with regularly. Earth is for a casual friend or acquaintance. Mars represents someone you just started Snapping with. Jupiter is for a friend you Snap once in a blue moon. And Saturn is for someone you rarely Snap with anymore.

The more you Snap with someone, the closer their planet moves to Mercury. The less you interact, the farther away their planet drifts. Snapchat Planets make it easy to see who you’re closest with at a glance.

How Do Planets Change?

Your Snapchat Planets are constantly evolving based on your messaging activity. If you and a friend have been Snapping a ton recently, their planet will move closer to Mercury to represent your strengthening bond. On the other hand, if you haven’t messaged someone in a while, you’ll notice their planet slowly start to drift farther away as your friendship becomes more distant.

Snapchat Planets are a fun, visual way to see all your friendships in one place. Next time you’re sending a Snap, take a second to check out your planets – you might be surprised how much closer some friends have gotten! With regular chatting and bonding over shared moments, before you know it, a new BFF could emerge from a tiny dot on the edge of the solar system.

How to Unlock Planets on Snapchat

To unlock the mysteries of the planets on Snapchat, you’ll need to subscribe to Snapchat+. Once you have the subscription, you’ll gain access to the Snapchat Solar System – a feature that assigns planets to your top friends based on your closeness.

The planets in your Solar System represent how strong your connection is to your friends.Your best friend will be the sun, followed by Mercury (your second closest friend), Venus, and so on through the planets of our solar system. The further out the planet, the more distant that friend relationship is.

To see which planet you are in a friend’s Solar System, simply tap on their Snapchat username or bitmoji. Their Solar System will pop up, with your name and avatar on the planet they have assigned to you. The planet a friend assigns to you depends on how often you chat and interact with each other on Snapchat. So make sure to keep snapping your close friends if you want to be their sun or Mercury!

Unlocking planets on Snapchat is all about using the app to connect with your friends. The more you chat, watch each other’s stories, react and respond to snaps, the closer your planet will move towards the sun in their Solar System. If a friendship starts to fade, your planet may move further out or even drop off their Solar System altogether.

The Snapchat planets feature is a fun, visual representation of the connections in your social circles and a motivation to strengthen your friendships, one snap at a time. So get out there and start unlocking the mysteries of the Snapchat planets!

The Meaning Behind Each Planet on Snapchat

Snapchat assigns planets to your friends based on how often you interact with them. The planets represent the solar system, with your closest friends as the innermost planets.

Mercury – Your Best Friend

Mercury represents your #1 best friend on Snapchat, the person you snap and chat with the most. This friend is usually someone you know really well in real life too. Having a friend marked as Mercury shows you value them greatly.

Venus and Mars – Close Friends

Venus and Mars signify friends you frequently snap and talk to. They are good friends you have known for a while. Venus tends to be a bit closer than Mars. These inner planet friends are people you consider to be in your main friend group.

Earth and Jupiter – Regular Friends

Friends marked as Earth and Jupiter are people you casually snap and occasionally chat with. You likely know them from school, work or shared interests. While you enjoy snapping them, you may not hang out as often in person. They are more outer circle friends.

Saturn, Uranus and Neptune – Occasional Friends

The outermost planets like Saturn, Uranus and Neptune represent more distant friends and acquaintances. These are people you only send snaps to every now and then or mostly just view their story updates. You may not chat or engage with them as much as your inner planet friends. They are more casual connections.

The Snapchat planets are a fun way to see where you stand with your friends and who you interact with the most. Paying attention to the planet assignments can help make sure you are putting enough effort into your closest friendships. And of course, the planets are always changing based on your recent interactions, so stay active with your friends to keep Mercury within reach!

Tips for Using Planets Creatively

Snapchat Planets give you lots of creative ways to connect with your friends. Once you understand the meaning behind each planet, you’ll be navigating the Snapchat Universe in no time. Here are some tips to get the most out of your planets:

Choose a Theme

Select a color scheme or style to make your planet unique. You can change the color of the planet itself as well as the asteroids and rings surrounding it. match your favorite sports team or hobby. Get inspiration from movies, TV shows or video games you enjoy. The options are endless!

Add Stickers and Effects

Snapchat offers tons of stickers, lenses and effects to enhance your planet. Add emoji, bitmoji or geofilters. Use the rainbow lens or glitter lens to make your planet pop. Drop stickers of your favorite celebrities, cartoon characters or animals onto the planet surface. Get weird with it!

Name Your Planet

The name of your planet appears when friends view it, so choose something clever or inside joke. References to pop culture, your school or hometown are always fun. Punny or rhyming names add a bit of whimsy. If you’re stuck, just name it after your favorite place or activity.

Rotate Regularly

Keep your planet fresh by changing its look every week or so. Rotate between different themes, effects and stickers to give friends something new to discover when they visit your planet. Stay on the cutting edge of the latest Snapchat features by incorporating new lenses, filters and stickers as they are released.

Visit Friends

One of the best parts of planets is adventuring to all the creative worlds your friends have built. Make a habit of checking out what’s new on their planets. Like and comment on updates to show you appreciate their masterpieces. Take inspiration from their designs to incorporate into your own planet. Most importantly, have fun exploring the Snapchat Universe together!

The Future of Planets on Snapchat

Snapchat Planets are in their infancy, but the future looks bright for this innovative new feature. As augmented reality and social media continue to merge, Snapchat Planets will likely evolve in exciting ways.

More Planets and New Details

Snapchat currently features 8 planets based on our solar system, but in the coming years we’ll probably see many more planets added, possibly even entire galaxies. The details on each planet will likely become even more intricate and realistic. Users may be able to spot famous landmarks, natural wonders or even mythical creatures on different worlds.

Interactive Explorations

Snapchat Planets will likely become more interactive, allowing users to not just observe planets but actually explore them. You may be able to “walk” or “fly” across planet surfaces, enter buildings or caves, discover hidden items or Easter eggs and complete challenges. Multiplayer options could allow friends to explore planets together in real time.

Customized Experiences###

In the future, Snapchat may allow users to customize their own planets. You might pick a planet type, size, surface terrain and landmarks. Users could potentially build structures, develop civilizations or even design creatures on their planets. Friends could then explore each other’s customized worlds. This would make Snapchat Planets an even more social, collaborative experience.

The Final Frontier?###

While still speculative, some experts think Snapchat Planets could eventually simulate space travel between worlds or even allow users to explore the depths of space itself. Over time, Snapchat Planets may transport users light years away to the most distant, unexplored corners of the universe. This could turn Snapchat into the ultimate virtual reality experience, though we’ll have to wait to see if this becomes a reality.

The future of Snapchat Planets is unwritten but shows huge promise. This innovative feature is poised to become an even more social, interactive and customized experience that brings the wonders of space to users everywhere. The possibilities seem as endless as the universe itself.


So there you have it, everything you need to know to start traveling between Snapchat planets. While the galaxy of options may seem endless, the basics are actually pretty straightforward. Just tap to transport to a new dimension, swipe to navigate the 360-degree scenes, and have fun exploring. You’ll get the hang of it in no time. Who knows, you might even discover some secret Snapchat planets that no one has unlocked yet. So charge up your phone, open the Snapchat app, and start your intergalactic adventure. The universe of augmented reality is at your fingertips. Bon voyage!


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