Tanzohub: A New Way to Discover Music


Hey there, music lover! Have you ever wished there was an easy way to discover talented new artists and amazing songs? Your wish has just come true. Tanzohub is a new music streaming service focused solely on up-and-coming independent artists. No more sifting through the same old songs on the mainstream platforms. Tanzohub makes it simple to find fresh new tunes from undiscovered musicians around the world.

With Tanzohub, you can browse by location to find talented artists in your city or country. You can also browse by genre to find the next big name in hip hop, EDM, indie rock or whatever music moves you. Tanzohub’s curated playlists feature the hottest new sounds so you can stay on the cutting edge of music discovery. The best part is Tanzohub gives 85% of the streaming revenue directly to the artists so you can support independent musicians by simply listening to the music you love. Music discovery redefined – that’s the power of Tanzohub. Ready to find your new favorite artist? Sign up for Tanzohub today. The musical journey of a lifetime awaits!

What Is Tanzohub?

What Is Tanzohub?

Tanzohub is an innovative digital platform that connects content creators, brands, and audiences through live and on-demand music experiences. It provides an immersive way for users to discover and interact with new music online.

On Tanzohub, you can tune into live DJ sets, watch exclusive music videos, livestream concerts and music festivals from around the world, and listen to thousands of curated playlists. It’s like having a music streaming service, social network, and virtual concert venue all in one place.

Tanzohub maintains a massive catalog of songs, albums, artists, genres, and instruments. The platform uses this data to recommend new music and events tailored to your tastes. It also allows brands and music creators to reach highly targeted audiences.

For artists and producers, Tanzohub offers a way to build a fanbase, collaborate with other musicians, and get paid for their work. They can livestream performances, release exclusive content, build profiles, and connect directly with listeners.

Whether you’re an aspiring musician, devoted audiophile, or casual music fan, Tanzohub has something for you. Join the community and discover a whole new world of music. Let your ears be your guide.

How Tanzohub Works to Connect You With New Music

Tanzohub is designed to connect you with new music in an innovative way. How? Through their live event streaming platform. ### The Tanzohub App

Download the Tanzohub app to access their catalog of livestreamed music events. You can watch full sets from your favorite artists, discover up-and-coming acts, and even view livestream-exclusive performances.

The app has a built-in recommendation engine that suggests livestreams based on the music and artists you already love. You’ll get alerts when your top artists go live and have the chance to interact with them in real time during the stream. Comment, ask questions, and show your support with virtual gifts.

  • See behind-the-scenes footage and interviews
  • Gain access to unreleased songs and remixes
  • Connect with like-minded fans around the world

Elevating the Fan Experience

Forget watching a static video after the fact. With Tanzohub, you can influence the show while it’s happening. Send in song requests, ask the artist questions, and rally other viewers to build the energy. Top fans may even get a live shoutout!

Artists and promoters are using Tanzohub to create more immersive digital experiences for audiences. Livestreaming exclusive sets, Q&As and interviews, and even VR and AR enhanced shows. The future of live music is here, and Tanzohub is paving the way.

Discover your new favorite artist tonight. Open the Tanzohub app and start streaming to connect with music in a whole new way.

Key Features of the Tanzohub Platform

Tanzohub comes packed with features designed to enhance your music discovery and listening experience.

Integrated Social Networking

The integrated social networking features of Tanzohub allow you to follow other users, see their playlists and activity, comment on songs, and like and repost music you enjoy. You can even follow your favorite artists and see what they’re listening to. This encourages collaboration and community building among users with similar musical tastes and interests.

E-Commerce Capabilities

If you hear a song you love, you can easily purchase it through Tanzohub to add to your personal library. Tanzohub partners with music distributors to offer songs and albums for sale or rent at competitive prices. Purchased music is yours to keep and enjoy even after your Tanzohub subscription ends.

Team Collaboration Features

For team or group use, Tanzohub offers key features for collaboration including project management, file sharing, team chat, video conferencing, and integrations with other productivity tools. Create shared playlists, calendars, and tasks lists with your team. Hold virtual meetings and jam sessions right within the app. These features make Tanzohub great for record labels, music producers, bands, and other music professionals.

With an elegant interface, personalized recommendations based on your tastes, and powerful features for social networking, e-commerce, and team collaboration, Tanzohub provides an all-in-one solution for discovering, sharing, and creating music. Give the free trial a spin to experience Tanzohub for yourself!

The Music Genres Available on Tanzohub

Tanzohub offers an incredible range of music genres to suit any mood or occasion. Whether you’re in the mood for classical, electronic, hip hop or world music, Tanzohub has you covered.


From Bach to Beethoven to modern composers, Tanzohub’s classical music catalog spans over 1,000 years. You’ll find symphonies, concertos, operas, and choral works from all the greats. Transport yourself to Vienna or immerse yourself in the dramatic flair of the Romantic era. Classical music is perfect for focusing, relaxing or just setting an elegant ambiance.


If you’re looking to energize your workout or liven up a party, check out Tanzohub’s electronic music. From house music and techno to dubstep and trance, pulse-pounding beats and synth-heavy sounds abound. Artists like Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Swedish House Mafia and Avicii are all available to stream or download.

###Hip Hop

Representing music from the 1970s through today, Tanzohub has the hottest hip hop tracks and biggest names in the game. Jam out to artists like Jay-Z, Eminem, Cardi B, Post Malone, Megan Thee Stallion and Lil Nas X. From old school beats to contemporary trap music, hip hop reigns supreme.

World Music

Take a musical journey around the globe without leaving home. Tanzohub offers a huge catalog of world music, including reggae from Jamaica, salsa from Cuba, samba from Brazil, bhangra from India, and K-pop from South Korea. Immerse yourself in the rhythms and sounds of different cultures. World music is perfect for an exotic escape or adding an international flair to any gathering.

Whatever your music mood, Tanzohub has the perfect genre and artist for you. A single platform with all the world’s music at your fingertips—what could be better? Start exploring the musical universe today.

Why Every Music Lover Needs to Try Tanzohub

Tanzohub is redefining how music lovers discover and experience new artists. This innovative platform is designed to elevate your online music experience in ways you never imagined possible.

Discover New Favorites

Tanzohub’s algorithms are powered by AI that learns your tastes and curates a personalized feed of new music tailored just for you. As you listen, like, and share, the AI gets smarter and finds even more songs you’re sure to love. You’ll be exposed to up and coming artists before anyone else.

Be Part of the Experience

Tanzohub allows you to do more than just listen—you can fully immerse yourself in live events and performances. Watch virtual livestreams, live chats with artists, and behind-the-scenes footage. Get to know new artists on a personal level and be right there with them as their careers take off.

Join a Thriving Community

On Tanzohub, you’re part of a community of music fans who share your passion. Follow other users, join group discussions about your favorite genres or artists, and get recommendations from people with similar tastes. Starting conversations is easy on Tanzohub’s user-friendly platform.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re a music lover looking for an innovative way to find and experience new music, Tanzohub is for you. With personalized discovery powered by AI, immersive live experiences, and a community eager to share recommendations, Tanzohub will transform how you connect with up and coming artists. Join today—your new favorite song is waiting for you.


So there you have it, a new music discovery platform built for streaming, sharing, and connecting over songs and artists you love. Tanzohub makes it easy to find hidden gems, rediscover old favorites, and bond over music with friends or strangers. Give it a spin – you’ve got nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time. And who knows, you might just stumble upon your next musical obsession or meet a new friend with similar tastes. Music brings people together, and Tanzohub is here to facilitate more of those serendipitous musical connections. The next song that changes your life could be just a click away. What are you waiting for? Start discovering now.

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