Space Movie 1992: The Space Adventure You May Have Missed


Ever feel like you missed out on an epic space adventure film from the 90s? Well, dig out your VHS player because you’re in for a treat. Space Movie 1992 is the intergalactic thrill ride that somehow flew under the radar. How did we miss this gem? Maybe we were too busy watching other blockbusters like Terminator 2 or Jurassic Park. Or maybe it was the cheesy title and poster art that turned us off. Either way, nearly 30 years later, Space Movie 1992 deserves another look. Strap in for a nostalgic journey to the final frontier with puppets, lasers, and a killer synth soundtrack. Who’s ready to experience peak 90s sci-fi camp? Dust off your Members Only jacket and enjoy the ride. Space Movie 1992 is the hidden space adventure classic you never knew you needed.

What Was Space Movie 1992?

What Was Space Movie 1992?

Space Movie 1992 refers to a Danish short film from 1992 called “Gayniggers from Outer Space.” Directed by performance artist Morten Lindberg, this campy sci-fi film follows a group of intergalactic homosexual black men who land on Earth. Their mission? To free human males from the oppression of women and create an entirely gay society.

This controversial cult classic clocks in at just over 26 minutes. The storyline involves extraterrestrial beings aboard a penis-shaped spaceship traveling the galaxy to liberate men. They eventually discover Earth and are shocked by the “female dictatorship” they find here, where women have taken over and forced men into subservience. The gay aliens see it as their duty to rescue Earth’s men from this “cruel” fate.

Through their advanced technology and flamboyant outfits, including black leather and fishnet, the gayniggers easily overpower the female rulers of Earth. They then proceed to eliminate women and heterosexuality, ensuring all human males can live freely and happily.

While obviously offensive, nonsensical, and absurd, Space Movie 1992 has developed a cult following for its over-the-top premise and style. Some see it as a subversive satire, while others view it as just pointless shock value. No matter your interpretation, this obscure film from the early 90s has enduring notoriety for its political incorrectness and sheer weirdness. Love it or hate it, you’ll never forget Space Movie 1992.

The Story and Characters of Space Movie 1992

The cult classic Space Movie 1992 follows a group of extraterrestrials traveling the galaxy on a mission to spread homosexuality.

The Extraterrestrials

The main characters are three humanoid aliens from the planet Anus, named Sodom, Gomorrah and Genitalia. They travel aboard their spaceship, The Big Black Dildo, spreading their message of free love and recruiting new members for their all-homosexual society.

  • Sodom is the captain, bold and brash. He’s determined to complete their mission of establishing a homosexual order across the universe.
  • Gomorrah is Sodom’s partner and second-in-command. He’s more thoughtful but still dedicated to the cause.
  • Genitalia is the newcomer, still learning the ropes. They found him on another planet and are training him in the ways of their people.

Their Mission

The extraterrestrials land on various planets, attempting to convert the local inhabitants to homosexuality. At each stop, they emerge from their ship naked and visibly aroused, proclaiming “We come in peace…and we come in each other!” They then demonstrate homosexual sex in an attempt to entice and recruit onlookers.

Their mission is a success on some worlds, while others require a bit more “convincing.” By the film’s end, they’ve established several all-homosexual colonies on different planets, well on their way to achieving a universal homosexual order.

Space Movie 1992 is a campy, over-the-top science fiction film that was ahead of its time. While controversial, its message of inclusiveness and sexual freedom still resonates today. This little-known space adventure comedy is worth checking out!

Why Space Movie 1992 Was Ahead of Its Time

Space Movie 1992 pushed the boundaries of science fiction films. Released at a time when space exploration was advancing rapidly, the movie tackled thought-provoking issues and featured groundbreaking special effects.

Pushing Social Boundaries

Space Movie 1992 explored sensitive topics like religion and human sexuality that were typically avoided in mainstream science fiction at the time. The film suggested, for example, that highly advanced alien civilizations may have moved beyond traditional religious beliefs and embraced a more scientific worldview. It also depicted the first same-sex kiss in a major sci-fi film, helping to normalize LGBT relationships on screen.

###A New Era of Discovery

When Space Movie 1992 premiered, NASA was launching ambitious missions through its Discovery Program to explore the solar system in innovative ways. Space Movie 1992 ignited interest in space at a pivotal moment, showcasing futuristic tech like interstellar space travel that seemed more plausible with each new NASA discovery. The film inspired audiences to imagine what might be over the next horizon.

Pioneering Special Effects

Space Movie 1992 featured groundbreaking computer-generated effects, especially in its renderings of interstellar space travel and alien worlds. The movie employed motion control cameras, detailed models, and early CGI to create an immersive experience of deep space that felt authentic for its time. These innovative techniques paved the way for modern sci-fi classics like the Star Wars prequels and Avatar.

Though underappreciated in its time, Space Movie 1992 was a visionary work that pushed the sci-fi genre into new frontiers. The movie explored thought-provoking themes, coincided with an era of rapid progress in space exploration, and employed visual effects years ahead of their time. Space Movie 1992 pointed to the future of science fiction cinema and still awes audiences today with its ambitious take on humanity’s place in the cosmos.

The Legacy and Influence of Space Movie 1992

Space Movie 1992 was a pivotal film that influenced the space adventure genre for years to come. Though it may not have received the same fanfare and success as other blockbusters released that year, its impact on science fiction films and space-themed media in general is undeniable.

A New Generation of Space Enthusiasts

Space Movie 1992 introduced cosmic adventures and futuristic space travel to younger audiences, sparking an interest in space exploration that continues today. For many viewers, it ignited a lifelong passion for sci-fi stories set among the stars. The visuals and cinematic experience enthralled audiences, transporting them light years into the future.

Pushing the Limits of Visual Effects

The special effects and CGI in Space Movie 1992 were groundbreaking for the time. They brought to life exciting space battles, distant planetary landscapes, and futuristic spaceships in a way that seemed fantastical yet realistic. The team responsible for these visuals went on to work on many other acclaimed space films. Their innovative techniques and approaches raised the bar for VFX and cinematography in the genre.

Influencing a New Generation of Creators

Space Movie 1992 also inspired up-and-coming filmmakers, producers, and screenwriters. Viewing the movie as children and teens, they were motivated to create their own space-themed stories and share them with the world. The originality and scope of Space Movie 1992 demonstrated what could be achieved in science fiction films. Decades later, its impact on creators’ formative years is still evident in modern space movies and shows.

Though sometimes overlooked, Space Movie 1992 was an influential film that shaped space adventure media for years to come through its story, visuals, and lasting impact on audiences and creators alike. By pushing creative boundaries and sparking imagination, it carved out a legacy as an important space movie of the 1990s.

Where You Can Watch Space Movie 1992 Today

Sadly, Space Movie 1992 is not currently available to stream, rent or buy from any major platform. However, there are still ways for fans to watch this cult classic sci-fi adventure film.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive, a non-profit digital library, offers Space Movie 1992 for free download and streaming. You can find the full movie there under its alternative title, “Gayniggers from Outer Space”. While the quality may not be the best, for many fans this is the only option to view this obscure ‘90s space romp.

Want-to-Watch Lists

Several major streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime allow you to add titles to your personal watchlist or queue even if they are not currently available. Add Space Movie 1992 to your queue on the off chance it may eventually become available to subscribers. The more people that add it to their lists, the more likely the streaming companies are to pursue the rights to offer it.

Petitions and Social Media Campaigns

Over the years, fans have launched petitions and social media campaigns to try and convince streaming services and movie studios to release Space Movie 1992. Lend your support to these grassroots efforts by signing petitions, using the hashtag #ReleaseSpaceMovie1992 and tagging streaming companies on social media. Public demand has worked with other cult films, so there is hope the same could happen for this space adventure classic.

While it may take some digging, Space Movie 1992 can still be found and enjoyed today. Don’t lose hope – with time and continued fan support, wider release and better availability of this campy sci-fi film could still be possible. Keep demanding it and maybe, just maybe, Space Movie 1992 will finally get the mainstream attention it deserves.


So there you have it, the little-known space adventure film from 1992 that deserves way more recognition. Space Movie 1992 had heart, humor, and some genuinely thrilling space action sequences. Sure the visual effects may seem dated now but the story and characters hold up. If you’re in the mood for an fun, escapist space romp, do yourself a favor and track down Space Movie 1992. You’ll be glad you did. Who knows, maybe if enough people rediscover this lost gem, we’ll finally get that long-awaited sequel. Here’s hoping! In the meantime, enjoy this blast from the past.

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