Privateinsta: How to Make Your Instagram Profile Private


So you’ve been posting on Instagram for a while now and have built up a decent following. But maybe things have gotten a bit out of hand. Your profile has become more public than you’d like. Every like, comment, and follow now feels like it’s being scrutinized. Your perfectly curated posts have turned into a source of anxiety.

It’s time to make your Instagram profile private. Going private on Instagram allows you to approve who sees your posts and profile. You get to handpick your audience and keep certain people out of the loop. Your posts and stories become visible only to those followers you accept. No more worrying about that acquaintance from 10 years ago judging your brunch pics or your boss discovering your secret passion for cat memes.

Making your Instagram profile private is actually quite simple. In just a few taps you can gain more control over your social media presence and find your happy place on the platform again. Here’s how to make your Instagram profile private in a few easy steps.

What Is Privateinsta?

Privateinsta is a feature on Instagram that allows users to set their profile as private. When your Instagram account is set to private, only people you approve can see and engage with your photos and videos.

By enabling Privateinsta, you’re choosing to share your Instagram content only with an audience you select. Your photos, videos, likes, and comments will be visible only to your followers, and people will have to send you a follow request before they can see your profile or posts.

Using Privateinsta provides you more control over your Instagram experience and who can view your posts. It’s great for those who want to share more personal moments with close friends and family, or for public figures looking to connect with only their dedicated followers.

To make your Instagram profile private, open the Instagram app and go to your profile. Tap the menu (three dots) in the top right, then tap “Private Account.” Flip the switch next to “Private Account” to turn it on. Anyone who wants to follow you will have to send you a follow request, which you can approve or ignore.

Once your account is set to private, your profile photo, bio, posts, followers, and following lists will only be visible to your approved followers. Your past public posts will also become private. If at any time you want to make your profile public again, just go to your profile settings and turn off “Private Account.”

Using Privateinsta is a personal choice that depends on how open you want to be on Instagram and who you want to share with. For many, keeping an account private results in a more positive experience on the platform. Why not give it a try?

How to Make Your Instagram Profile Private Using Privateinsta

To make your Instagram profile private using Privateinsta, just follow these simple steps:

Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.

Tap at the top next to Edit Profile.

Tap Who can see your content under Account Privacy.

Select Private Account to make your profile private.

Now, only your approved followers will be able to see your photos and videos. Any new followers will have to send you a follow request, which you can approve or deny.

Making your Instagram account private is a great way to gain more control over who interacts with your posts and profile. It allows you to be selective about who follows you and sees what you share.

Why Go Private?

There are a few good reasons why making your Instagram private is a smart move:

  • Privacy and security. You can avoid unwanted attention and limit who views personal details or photos.
  • Reduce spam. Going private can cut down on spam comments, likes, and follows from bots and inauthentic accounts.
  • Avoid FOMO. A private profile prevents people from seeing what they’re missing out on and comparing themselves to the curated snapshots of your life.
  • Control your audience. You can be selective about who follows you and sees your content. Only approve follow requests from people you know and trust.
  • Peace of mind. A private Instagram simply gives you more control and confidence in sharing what you want on your own terms.

Making your Instagram private is really about taking control of your account and having the freedom to share what you want with who you want. Give it a try – your followers will understand and it may well be worth it for the added privacy and security.

Benefits of Making Your Instagram Private

Making your Instagram account private has several benefits. Here are a few of the main advantages:

Enhanced Safety and Security

With a private Instagram profile, you control who sees your posts and personal information. Only approved followers can view your photos, comments, likes, and location tags. This limits the risk of harassment, stalking, and identity theft. Private accounts also prevent companies from gathering your data to target ads.

Curated Followers

A private profile allows you to approve each new follower request individually. You can deny requests from people you don’t know or trust and block accounts that harass or spam you. Carefully curating your follower list helps ensure that only people you want to connect with can see your posts. Over time, this can lead to higher engagement and more meaningful interactions with your true supporters.

Increased Curiosity

Human nature makes us interested in things that seem exclusive or hard to access. A private Instagram profile taps into this tendency by creating a sense of mystery about your account that intrigues new potential followers. When people have to request to follow you, it makes gaining access feel more valuable and exclusive. This initial curiosity can drive more follow requests, increasing your overall reach and influence.

Stronger Relationships

Followers who make it past your approval process tend to be genuinely interested in your content and life. Giving select people an “inside look” at your private account helps to strengthen your connection with them. They feel privileged to be one of the few who get to see what you share. In turn, their likes, comments, and messages will likely be more personal and meaningful.

Over time, a private Instagram profile can lead to an engaged community of followers who feel invested in your journey. While public accounts have their place, a private profile offers benefits that for many users make it worth the extra effort to set up and maintain.

Potential Drawbacks of a Private Profile

Having a private Instagram profile definitely has some potential downsides to be aware of.

Lost Followers

When you switch to a private profile, you may lose some followers. People who don’t know you personally or aren’t really engaged with your content may not request to follow a private profile. While your real friends and dedicated followers will likely send a request right away, your follower count could drop initially. Don’t worry though, you can build it back up over time through friend requests, shoutouts, and sharing your profile link.

Decreased Visibility

With a private profile, your content and activity won’t show up on the Explore page or in hashtags, stories, or the feed of people who don’t follow you. While this protects your privacy, it also limits the visibility and potential growth of your account. Your content won’t be discovered by new people as easily. If gaining new followers and expanding your reach is a priority, a public profile may be better.

Extra Steps for Followers

Requiring people to send a follow request and for you to approve it adds an extra step for new followers. Some people may not bother to go through the process, especially if they’re just casually interested in your content. It can be annoying for followers too if they have to wait for you to accept their request before they can see your latest posts. Be diligent about checking and approving follow requests promptly to provide the best experience for your followers.

•Direct messages will still come through from anyone, not just approved followers. You’ll have to adjust your privacy settings to limit DMs to followers only.

•You can still view public profiles and like/comment on public posts. Your activity on other public accounts will not be restricted.

While a private Instagram profile has some significant benefits, it’s important to weigh the potential drawbacks. The right choice for you depends on your priorities, how actively you use Instagram, and what level of privacy and control you need. If gaining new followers and expanding your reach matter most, a public profile is probably your best option. But for many, the benefits of a private profile make the extra effort worthwhile.

Tips for Transitioning to a Private Account

Making the switch to a private Instagram account is easy, but there are a few tips to keep in mind for a smooth transition.

Remove Hashtags from Old Posts

If your Instagram account is set to private and you add a hashtag to your post, the post won’t appear on the corresponding hashtag page. Go back and remove any hashtags from posts you want to keep private. This ensures those posts will only be seen by your approved followers.

Add Related Followers

Your new private profile may look a bit empty at first, especially if you have an established business account. Comb through your followers and add personal friends or like-minded people with similar interests. Ask close friends and family to follow your new account. Their engagement with your posts will make your profile look more active and help you gain momentum.

Post Regularly

Continue posting photos and short videos at about the same frequency as your public account. Staying active and posting high-quality content will give people a reason to follow your private account. Engage with your followers by liking and commenting on their posts as well.

You Can Switch Back

If you decide to make your account public again in the future, you can easily switch it back. Instagram allows you to toggle between private and business profiles as needed. All of your posts and followers will remain intact.

Consider a Finsta

For some, a “finsta” – or fake Instagram account – is a good compromise. Create a separate private profile to share more personal posts with close friends and family. You can keep your primary profile public and used for business or social purposes. A finsta allows you to be more selective in who sees certain types of content.

Making your Instagram private takes just a few clicks but following these tips will help ensure a smooth transition for you and your followers. Stay engaged, post authentic content, and your private profile will thrive.

What Your Followers Will See When You Go Private

When you make your Instagram profile private, your followers will still be able to see most of your posts and activity, but with some changes.

Your followers can see your posts

Your followers will still see all the posts you share to your private Instagram profile on their feed. Making your account private just means only approved followers can view your posts, stories, and other content.

  • Your followers will no longer see your tagged photos or videos. If someone tags you in a photo or video on Instagram but they aren’t one of your approved followers, that content won’t appear on your profile. Your followers won’t receive a notification about it or be able to view it.
  • Your followers can’t see comments from people who aren’t approved to follow you. If someone comments on one of your posts but isn’t one of your followers, that comment will be hidden. Only you and that user will be able to see it.
  • Your followers won’t get notifications when you like or follow new people. Once your account is private, your followers won’t receive notifications when you follow new people or like their posts. Your new follows and likes will be kept private.
  • Your followers can still comment, like and save your posts as usual. Making your profile private won’t change how your followers interact with your posts. They can still comment, like, save and share your posts to their stories just like before.

Going private on Instagram gives you more control over who can see what you share without disrupting your followers’ experience too much. Your followers will still be able to connect with you and enjoy your posts, they just won’t have access to as many details about your Instagram activity and interactions. If you want to keep some parts of your Instagram life more private while still sharing with your dedicated followers, making your profile private is a great option.

Will Making Your Profile Private Affect Your Growth?

Making your Instagram profile private can be a double-edged sword when it comes to growing your account. On the one hand, private accounts tend to have some advantages for gaining new followers. On the other hand, going private may limit your discoverability and brand reach. Here are some things to consider:

Pros of a Private Profile

  • Private accounts typically have lower unfollow rates. Since followers have to request to follow you, they are usually more engaged and interested in your content. This can lead to higher retention and less churn.
  • Private profiles often gain followers at a faster rate. The request to follow process makes people more committed to your account from the start. They went through the effort of sending you a request, so they are invested in your content.
  • You have more control over who sees your posts. If you want to be selective about your audience, a private profile lets you approve followers one-by-one. You can block anyone at any time as well.

Cons of a Private Profile

  • Your account may be harder to find. Unless people are searching for your specific username, a private profile won’t show up in hashtag searches or the Explore page. This limits how many new people discover your account.
  • Brands and influencers may struggle. If you are trying to build an audience for business purposes, a private account can hamper growth and visibility. It is harder to build authority and gain exposure.
  • Managing follow requests takes time. Having to approve each new follower individually can become tedious and time-consuming, especially as your account grows larger. This manual process may not scale well.

The Verdict

For most personal accounts, a private profile is a good option if you want more control over your followers and posts. However, if you are trying to build an influencer brand or business presence on Instagram, a public profile is typically better for discovery and growth. The ideal approach may be starting private to build an engaged base, then going public once you have momentum. But evaluate what is right for your specific goals and needs.

Privateinsta vs Other Methods for Going Private

Privateinsta allows you to make your Instagram profile private, restricting access to only approved followers. This can be an easy way to gain more control over who sees your posts and stories. However, there are a few other methods you can use to privatize your Instagram account.

Privateinsta App

The Privateinsta app is a third-party service that lets you instantly make your Instagram profile private. Once you connect your account, Privateinsta will automatically set your profile to private, meaning only followers you approve will be able to see your content. The app is free to use but does require you to give it access to your Instagram account.

Instagram’s Built-In Private Account Setting

You can also make your Instagram profile private directly within the Instagram app. Go to your profile settings and tap “Private Account.” This will instantly make your account private, and only followers you approve will be able to see your posts. The downside is that making your profile private through Instagram means you won’t have access to some of Privateinsta’s additional features like an incognito mode or follower stats.

Using a Fake Instagram Account

Some people create an entirely new fake Instagram account in order to view private profiles without following them. However, this method goes against Instagram’s terms of service and community guidelines. Instagram regularly cracks down on fake accounts, so there’s a good chance your fake profile would get deleted, and you could face other penalties. It’s not worth the risk just to view a few private profiles.

In the end, the safest and most ethical options are using Privateinsta or Instagram’s built-in private account setting. Both allow you to make your profile private so you can feel more in control of who interacts with your content, without breaking any rules or taking unnecessary risks. Keeping your account private is a great way to make Instagram work the way you want it to and share with only your closest followers.

FAQs About Privateinsta and Private Profiles

Once you make your Instagram profile private, only your approved followers will be able to see your posts and stories. This means random people won’t be able to access your content or send you messages. Going private on Instagram has some advantages, but it also comes with a few downsides to be aware of.

How do I make my Instagram private?

Making your Instagram account private is easy. Just go to your profile settings and toggle the “Private Account” option to “On”. Your profile will now only be visible to approved followers.

Can people still find my profile?

Yes, people can still find your Instagram handle or profile in search results and click to request to follow you. But they won’t be able to see any of your posts or stories until you approve their follow request. You’ll get a notification when someone requests to follow your private profile, and you can choose to approve or ignore their request.

Will my existing followers still see my posts?

Yes, all of your existing followers will still be able to see your posts and stories as normal. Going private only affects new people who haven’t followed you yet. Your current followers won’t be affected.

Can I still use hashtags and locations?

You can still add hashtags and locations to your posts, but only your followers will be able to see them. Your posts won’t appear in the public feeds for hashtags or locations that random users follow. The hashtags and locations are really only useful for your existing followers when your account is private.

Will my likes and comments decrease?

Possibly. Since fewer people will have access to your posts, you may get fewer likes and comments over time. Some of your followers may also unfollow you if they prefer public accounts. However, your most engaged followers will likely stick around, and going private can help you build a higher-quality, more targeted following.

In summary, a private Instagram account offers more privacy and control but less exposure and engagement. For many users, the benefits of a private profile outweigh the potential downsides. But you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons for your own needs and goals on Instagram.


So there you have it, everything you need to know to make your Instagram profile private. Keep your photos and stories away from prying eyes and only share them with your closest friends and family. No more worrying about random strangers commenting on your posts or sending you creepy DMs. By toggling on the privacy settings, you’re taking back control of your Instagram experience and making it your own. Give it a try – you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Your Instagram, your rules. Stay safe out there and happy posting!

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