Everything You Need to Know About Manga Doujindesu


So you’re interested in manga doujindesu, huh? You’ve come to the right place. Doujindesu are self-published works, often featuring characters and stories from popular manga, anime, video games, and more. Created by amateur artists and writers, doujindesu allow fans to explore new sides of favorite characters and universes. Whether you’re a long-time otaku or just discovering this creative fandom, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, you’ll learn all about the doujindesu scene – from the popular circles that craft amazing doujindesu, to the events where you can buy doujindesu in person. You’ll get tips for finding doujindesu that match your interests, and even how to make your own. The doujindesu world is filled with passion, talent, and some truly weird and wonderful creations. Fasten your seatbelt – you’re about to take a deep dive into one of the most fascinating parts of Japanese pop culture. This is everything you need to know about manga doujindesu.

What Are Manga Doujindesu?

What Are Manga Doujindesu?

Doujindesu is a Japanese website and app dedicated to doujinshi, which are self-published comic books created by fans. On Doujindesu, manga fans can share their fan-made creations related to popular manga, anime, and video game series.

Doujindesu is part of an underground community focused on doujinshi. While mainstream manga is often serialized in magazines and periodicals, doujinshi provides a platform for fans to self-publish their own comic books based on established series. Creators make their own storylines, art, and characters inspired by their favorite manga, anime or video games.

The word “doujin” itself means a group of people with the same interests or hobbies. Doujindesu brings these like-minded fans together to share their passion for a series through creating and publishing their own doujinshi. As doujinshi are self-published, the creators have full creative control over their work. They can explore romantic relationships between characters, create alternate storylines, or develop background stories for minor characters.

Doujinshi range from short comic strips to full-length books. Some are even serialized by their creators into multi-chapter stories. While doujinshi are not officially licensed or approved by the original creators, producing and sharing them is typically tolerated and seen as a form of fan appreciation and homage.

If you’re a manga, anime or gaming fan looking to connect with a creative community and try your hand at crafting your own stories and art, Doujindesu provides an outlet for you to publish your doujinshi creations. So why not give it a shot and share your fandom with like-minded fans?

History and Origins of Doujin Manga

Doujinshi has been around in Japan for well over a century. The origins of doujinshi can be traced back to the early days of manga, when fans created their own versions of popular manga and anime stories. In fact, the first Japanese doujinshi, “Waga Rakuta Bunko,” was published in 1885 during the Meiji era.

Since then, doujinshi has exploded into a huge industry and become deeply ingrained in Japanese otaku culture. Today, doujinshi refers to self-published works, usually created by amateurs, that are based on popular manga, anime, video game, and novel characters and universes.

The Evolution of Doujinshi

In the early days, doujinshi were mostly parody mashups of characters from different series. But over time, genres diversified to include romance, comedy, horror, and more. The 1960s saw the rise of “Comiket,” short for Comic Market, which became the largest fan-run anime convention in the world dedicated to buying and selling doujinshi.

With the spread of the internet, online publishing platforms have made creating and distributing doujinshi even easier. While some argue this new accessibility has led to a decline in quality, others celebrate how it’s democratized the medium and given more creators a chance to participate in the time-honored tradition of doujinshi.

Whether you see doujinshi as derivative or a vibrant new art form, its influence on manga and anime fandom is undeniable. For over a century, doujinshi has allowed fans across Japan to put their own creative spin on the characters and stories they love.

Popular Genres and Themes in Doujinshi

Doujinshi explore many popular genres and themes that extend beyond the source material. Here are some of the most common:


Slice-of-life doujinshi depict characters in everyday, mundane settings and situations. They show what life might be like for characters when they’re not on an adventure or fighting villains. Popular slice-of-life themes include characters cooking together, going to school, hanging out with friends, or just relaxing at home. These doujinshi allow fans to see a more casual side of their favorite characters.

Romance and Shipping

Romantic doujinshi, known as “ship doujinshi,” pair together characters in a romantic relationship, whether it’s canonical or not. They allow fans to explore “what if” scenarios for their preferred couples. Popular non-canonical ships include pairings like Bakugou x Uraraka from My Hero Academia or Levi x Eren from Attack on Titan. For canonical ships, doujinshi may show extra fluffy or steamy scenes that aren’t in the source material.


Comedy doujinshi place characters in humorous situations or exaggerate their personalities and quirks for comedic effect. They parody or make light of characters and events from the source material. Popular comedic themes include characters acting out of character, breaking the fourth wall, or finding themselves in ridiculous circumstances. Comedy doujinshi provide laughs for fans looking to see their favorite characters in a more silly and absurd light.

Doujinshi truly span a wide range of genres to suit any fan’s tastes or interests. Whether you prefer slice-of-life sweetness, romantic pairings, comedy, or something more risque, there’s sure to be a doujinshi out there for you. The diversity of genres and themes is what makes doujinshi such an interesting creative outlet for fans.

Where to Find and Purchase Doujinshi

Once you’ve developed a taste for manga doujinshi, you’ll want to start building your own collection. The good news is there are many options for finding and purchasing doujinshi, both in person and online.

In Person: Japan’s Doujinshi Hubs

If you happen to visit Japan, the meccas for doujinshi are the neighborhoods of Akihabara, Ikebukuro (also known as “Otome Road”), and Nakano Broadway in Tokyo. These areas are filled with stores devoted entirely to doujinshi, where you can browse thousands of titles and speak with shop staff about their recommendations. Some of the most well-known stores are Toranoana, Melonbooks, and Suruga-ya.

Online Stores

For those not traveling to Japan, many Japanese doujinshi stores have online storefronts with worldwide shipping. Popular sites include:

  • CQ-Web
  • Toranoana
  • Melonbooks
  • Suruga-ya
  • Fromagee
  • Animate
  • Otaku Republic

These stores offer a huge selection of doujinshi in nearly every genre and fandom. However, their websites are mostly in Japanese, so you may need to use a translation tool to navigate them.

Proxy Shipping Services

Proxy shipping services, like ZenMarket, provide a middleman to help you purchase from Japanese websites that don’t ship internationally. You place your order on the website, provide the proxy shipper with the order details, and they purchase the items on your behalf and ship them to you. ZenMarket in particular works with Melonbooks and other doujinshi retailers. Using a proxy shipper does add to the overall cost, but it opens up many more doujinshi options.

With so many avenues for finding and buying doujinshi, from traveling to Japan yourself to using online stores and proxy shippers, any manga fan can build an amazing doujinshi collection. The doujinshi world is at your fingertips!

Legal Considerations Around Doujinshi

Doujinshi, or self-published works, occupy a legal gray area in Japan. While doujinshi are generally tolerated, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Copyright Law

Doujinshi are legal in Japan because most publishers do not explicitly prohibit them. However, this does not mean doujinshi are protected under copyright law. Publishers can still take legal action against doujinshi they deem objectionable or feel violate their copyright. As long as your doujinshi is not sold for profit, publishers will usually look the other way. But if you plan to sell your doujinshi, even on a small scale, proceed with caution.


Sharing or scanning your doujinshi online is illegal according to both Japanese and U.S. copyright law. Uploading full scans or distributing PDFs of commercial works constitutes copyright infringement. While many fans still share doujinshi online, doing so puts you at legal risk. If caught, you could face financial penalties or even criminal charges for large-scale sharing.

Profiting from Fan-works

Creating doujinshi merchandise based on characters and universes you do not own is illegal. This includes selling items like doujinshi-themed stationery, clothing, figurines or other goods for profit. Some publishers may turn a blind eye to small-scale Doujinshi events where creators sell handmade items. However, mass producing and selling doujinshi merchandise for commercial gain is considered copyright infringement.

Keeping It Respectful

Even if you follow all legal considerations, some publishers may still object to overly explicit or offensive content using their characters and universes. While parody and transformative works are accepted parts of doujinshi culture, keep your fan-works respectful. Avoid creating anything that promotes hate, racism, sexism or intolerence. Publishers are within their rights to take action against doujinshi they deem inappropriate or damaging to their brand image.

In summary, doujinshi occupy a legal gray area, but following some common sense guidelines can help keep you out of trouble. As long as your works are non-commercial, respectful of the source material, and not distributed at a large scale, doujinshi can be a fun fan activity. But when in doubt, err on the side of caution.


So there you have it, everything you need to know about the wonderful world of manga doujindesu. Whether you’re looking to dive deep into this creative fandom or just dip your toe in, there are endless options to explore. You can find hidden gems from up-and-coming artists, support the work of your favorite creators, or even craft your own doujinshi to share with fellow fans. The passion and talent on display in this community is truly inspiring. Now get out there and unleash your inner otaku – you never know what new obsession might be waiting for you in the pages of a doujinshi!

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