Loves Truck Stop: Your Road Trip Oasis


You’ve been driving for hours on the open road, watching the scenery blend into a hazy blur as the miles fly by. Your stomach is growling, your eyelids are drooping, and you’re in desperate need of a break from the monotony of the highway. Lucky for you, nestled amid the sweeping fields and towering silos of Middle America is an oasis offering rest and refuge for weary travelers. Loves Truck Stop isn’t just your average pit stop. It’s a roadside attraction in its own right, filled with homestyle cooking, retro charm, and hidden wonders that make the detour well worth your while. So park your rig, grab a booth, and settle in for a slice of Americana at this highway haven. Your road trip just got a whole lot more interesting.

What Is Loves Truck Stop?

What Is Loves Truck Stop?

Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores, better known as Loves Truck Stop, is your highway oasis. This massive travel center chain has locations in over 40 states, so no matter where your road trip takes you, there’s bound to be a Loves along the way.

Originally started as a family business in 1964, Loves now has more than 630 locations across the U.S. and is a one-stop shop for all your travel needs. At Loves, you’ll find:

  • 24-hour convenience stores stocked with snacks, drinks, and essential supplies
  • gas stations with diesel and various grades of gasoline
  • Fast food options like McDonald’s, Subway, Carl’s Jr., and Pizza Hut
  • Truck services like tire care, truck washing, WiFi, and truck parking
  • RV supplies and hookups for water, sewage, and electricity
  • Showers, laundry facilities, ATMs, and arcade games

Whether you’re driving a big rig or a family road trip in the minivan, Loves Truck Stop has you covered. They aim to provide “Highway Hospitality” to all travelers. The massive size of these travel centers means you can fuel up, grab a meal, wash your clothes, shower, and get groceries without ever leaving the property.

With competitive prices, reliable and essential amenities, friendly service, and locations just about everywhere, it’s no wonder Loves Truck Stop has become such an institution for road-trippers and truckers alike. Next time you’re cruising the open road, look for the iconic red heart logo to find your own oasis of rest and refreshment. Loves will be there to welcome you!

Top 5 Reasons Truckers Love Loves

Truckers know that when you’re on the road for hours at a time, the little things make a big difference. That’s why so many make Loves Travel Stops their home away from home. Here are the top 5 reasons why Loves is trucker paradise:

Loyalty Rewarded

Love’s Truck Care and Love’s Connect are two of the best rewards programs out there. You’ll rack up points with every fill-up or service that translate into showers, meals, and more—for free. Talk about incentive to become a regular!

Clean and Comfortable

After a long haul, you’ll appreciate Loves’ spacious restrooms and showers. They’re kept spotless and come with unlimited hot water. Loves also has laundry facilities, WiFi, and lounge areas so you can relax, connect, and recharge.

Wide Selection of Munchies

With snacks, drinks, and full meals available 24 hours a day at Loves, you’ll never go hungry. Choose from fresh fruit, sandwiches, pizza, tacos, and more. And of course, they have all your road trip favorites like beef jerky, candy, and chips galore.

Affordable Fuel

In addition to diesel and gas, Loves offers alternative fuels like biodiesel and compressed natural gas. They frequently run promotions offering cents off per gallon, and participation in their rewards programs can save you even more. Fill up at Loves and keep extra cash in your pocket.

Helpful Staff

The folks at Loves are as friendly as they come. They understand life on the road and are always ready to help in any way they can. Need directions or recommendations? Loves staff have got you covered. They’ll even help check your tires, fluids, and lights to ensure you get where you’re going safely.

With welcoming amenities, delicious food, lower fuel prices, generous rewards, and staff that treat you like family, it’s easy to see why Loves tops the list for truck stops. Next road trip, make Loves your oasis. You’ll be glad you did!

Fueling Up Your Rig at Loves

Filling up at Love’s means more than just pumping gas. As an oasis for road trippers and truckers alike, Love’s offers everything you need to keep you moving down the highway.

Save at the Pump

Love’s Travel Stops offers a gas discount of 10¢ off every gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel with the Love’s Connect App. Love’s Express Fleet Card provides an even bigger fuel discount of up to 16 cents per gallon, so you can skip the cash and personal credit cards. Rack up the savings by joining the My Love Rewards program and earn a free shower credit after fueling just 50 gallons at Love’s.

One-Stop Shop

While your rig is tanking up, head inside for snacks, drinks, and necessities. Love’s carries fresh food, packaged goods, and drinks to satisfy any craving. Forgot your toothbrush or phone charger? Love’s well-stocked shelves have you covered with health and beauty products, electronics, and more.

Time for a Break

After a few hours on the road, it’s time to rest your eyes and stretch your legs. Love’s offers clean showers, laundry facilities, and dog parks so you can freshen up. Grab a booth or counter seat at the on-site Subway or other restaurant to refuel yourself. If it’s late, park your rig in Love’s RV park or truck parking area for a good night’s rest.

Love’s makes any road trip smoother by giving you more reasons to stop in. Fuel discounts, fresh food, hot showers, and open spaces for rest ensure you have everything you need in one place. On your next highway haul, pull into Love’s, your road trip oasis.

Grab a Bite at Loves Travel Stops

After hours on the road, your stomach starts grumbling and your taste buds are craving something tasty. Luckily, Love’s Travel Stops has you covered. Their onsite restaurants offer fresh, homemade options to satisfy any appetite.

Hot Food and Snacks

Love’s kitchens are cooking up hot sandwiches, tacos, and snacks made fresh daily. Grab a crispy chicken sandwich, juicy burger or breakfast sandwich any time of day. For lighter fare, choose from pizza, pretzels, roller grill items like hot dogs and taquitos or fresh fruit cups and veggie trays.

Expanded Product Selection

In addition to hot food, Love’s carries an array of snacks, drinks and sweets. They’ve recently added more candy, jerky and bottled water choices based on customer feedback. You’ll find popular brands of chips, cookies, granola bars and more. For a caffeine boost, grab a coffee, energy drink or soda.

Dine-In or To-Go

Whether you want to stretch your legs and dine in at one of Love’s spacious restaurants or grab food on the go, they’ve got you covered. Place your order at the counter, find a seat and your meal will be brought right out. Or if you’re in a hurry, order at the drive-thru window. Love’s also offers specials and meal deals on their mobile app to save you time and money.

On your next road trip, pull into any of the over 500 Love’s Travel Stops across 41 states for a bite to eat. With affordable, tasty options and a welcoming atmosphere, Love’s will quickly become your go-to place to refuel yourself and your vehicle. After a break there, you’ll be rested and ready to get back on the open road.

Get Some Shut Eye at Loves Truck Stop Locations

After a long day of driving, you’ll want to rest your weary eyes. Luckily, Love’s Travel Stops offers safe and affordable overnight parking and campsites at many of their locations so you can catch some zzz’s.

Free RV Parking

If you’re road tripping in an RV, you can park overnight for free at most Love’s locations. They offer 50-100 dedicated RV parking spaces, typically with security patrols and surveillance for added peace of mind. While hookups aren’t provided, some spots do have access to fresh water fill-ups and dump stations. It’s a great option if you just need a place to rest before hitting the road again in the morning.

Campsites with Hookups

For a small nightly fee between $32 to $47, you can reserve a campsite with electric, water and sewer hookups at select Love’s locations. Each site comes with a picnic table and fire ring, and some offer pull-thru spots for larger RVs. Discounts are available if you book in advance on Love’s website or app. Campsites provide more amenities so you can relax for a longer stay.

Extra Perks

In addition to parking and campsites, most Love’s locations are open 24 hours and offer convenience stores stocked with snacks, drinks and supplies for your trip. Fuel pumps are also available if you need to gas up. Some even have fast food options like Subway, Pizza Hut Express or Carl’s Jr. to satisfy your hunger.

Love’s Travel Stops aims to be your one-stop oasis on the road. Whether you just need a quick power nap in your RV or want to set up camp for a few days, they have affordable options to meet your needs. Sweet dreams and safe travels! Let Love’s be your home away from home.


So there you have it, all the details on why Loves Travel Stop should be your next road trip pit stop. They’ve got it all – fuel with competitive prices, snacks to satisfy any craving, showers to freshen up, and amenities to make you feel at home. No more settling for lackluster truck stops that feel like they’re stuck in the 70s. Loves is bringing truck stops into the modern era with style and comfort for every traveler. Next time you’re cruising down the interstate, do yourself a favor and exit for Loves. Your road trip experience will be all the better for it. Happy travels!

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