Linuxia: A Look at the Little-Known Linux Distro


Have you heard of Linuxia? If not, don’t worryyou’re not alone. This little-known Linux distribution has been flying under the radar for years but deserves more attention. Linuxia combines the best parts of popular distros like Ubuntu and Arch Linux into a lightweight, customizable OS perfect for developers, sysadmins, and Linux enthusiasts.

You’re probably comfortable with the usual suspects in the Linux world, but Linuxia offers a refreshing alternative. Their minimal installation gives you a blank slate to build the system you want. An easy-to-use package manager grants you access to over 50,000 apps to install with a single click. Under the hood, Linuxia uses a lightweight desktop environment and the latest Linux kernel for speedy performance.

If you’re looking to dip your toes into an unfamiliar Linux distro, give Linuxia a shot. Within a few minutes of booting into their live environment, you’ll discover a simple but highly capable operating system that makes you wonder why more people aren’t talking about it. Linuxia deserves a spot on your hard drive and in the Linux hall of fame.

What Is Linuxia? An Overview of This Niche Linux Distribution

What Is Linuxia? An Overview of This Niche Linux Distribution

Linuxia is a free, open-source Linux distribution aimed at stable and lightweight operations. Based on the Linux kernel, Linuxia provides an alternative to more well-known distros like Ubuntu or Fedora.

Linuxia is geared toward older PCs and laptops, or those with limited system resources. It uses a minimal desktop environment and lightweight software to keep things running smoothly. The distribution focuses on productivity, web browsing, and basic tasks rather than intensive graphics or gaming.

Linuxia is a community-developed project, though the exact origins are a bit mysterious. The distribution seems to have sprung up in the mid-2010s, but development was slow until recent years. The latest version, Linuxia 9.04, was released in April 2020.

For those seeking an undemanding, open-source OS, Linuxia can be a great fit. The interface has a classic feel, with simple menus and toolbars. Software like the Audacity audio editor, LibreOffice suite, and Firefox browser offer useful functionality without hogging system resources.

Of course, Linuxia may feel too basic for some. It lacks the sleekness of modern interfaces and the breadth of software found in larger distros. However, for reviving older PCs or easing into Linux, this niche distribution deserves a look. Linuxia proves that open-source operating systems come in all shapes and sizes.

Linuxia’s Unique Desktop Environments and Interfaces

Linuxia offers a unique desktop environment that you won’t find in other popular Linux distros. Linuxia’s desktop environment is not listed among the top desktop environments for Linux in popular rankings, but it provides an innovative user interface that sets it apart.

Linuxia’s Unique Desktop: The Oasis Desktop Environment

The Oasis desktop environment gives Linuxia a distinctive look and feel. With Oasis, you get an uncluttered desktop with oversized icons, a dock for launching apps, and a full-screen app launcher. The minimal UI and large text make Oasis ideal for touchscreens.

Oasis is designed to keep you focused. App windows are full screen by default, and a three-finger swipe switches between them. Notifications are subtle, showing up briefly at the bottom of the screen. The app dock hides when not in use, giving you an unobstructed view of your wallpaper.

While Oasis has a learning curve for longtime desktop users, its innovative interface is a refreshing change. The full-screen apps, oversized controls, and uncluttered feel make Oasis a compelling choice if you’re looking for an alternative desktop experience on Linux.

The Oasis desktop environment provides an innovative user interface for Linuxia that offers a minimal and uncluttered desktop experience focused on full-screen applications, oversized controls and a subtle notification system. The unique desktop environment provides a distinctive look and feel not found in other popular Linux distributions. For those seeking an alternative desktop experience on Linux, the Oasis desktop environment is a compelling choice.

Installing and Configuring Linuxia on Your Computer

Installing Linuxia on your computer is pretty straightforward. First, you’ll need to download the Linuxia ISO file and create a bootable USB drive.

Creating the Linuxia USB Drive

To create your Linuxia USB drive, you’ll need a USB stick that’s at least 4GB in size. Download a free USB creation tool like UNetbootin, insert your USB drive and select the Linuxia ISO file you downloaded. The tool will format the drive and make it bootable, so be sure to back up any important files on the drive first.

Once your Linuxia USB drive is ready, restart your computer and enter the BIOS menu. This is usually done by pressing a key or key combination like F12, Esc or Delete. In the BIOS menu, select the option to boot from the USB drive. This may be listed under “Boot Options”, “Boot Menu” or “Boot Sequence”. Select your USB drive and press Enter.

Installing Linuxia

The Linuxia installer will launch, first asking you to select an installation language. Choose your preferred language to continue. The installer will then check for an internet connection. Linuxia can be installed offline but connecting to the internet will allow the installer to download the latest updates during the installation.

To start the installation, select “Erase disk and install Linuxia”. This will remove any existing operating systems and partitions on your hard drive and configure Linuxia as the only OS. You’ll then be asked to set a password for the “root” user account, which has full admin access. Create a strong, unique password and continue.

The installer will now copy the Linuxia files to your hard drive. This usually takes 10-30 minutes. Once complete, your computer will reboot automatically into your new Linuxia desktop environment, ready to start exploring!

With Linuxia installed, you’ll have a secure, lightweight OS perfectly tailored for getting things done. Enjoy!

Top Applications and Programs Included in Linuxia

Linuxia comes with a variety of useful and popular applications pre-installed so you can get right to work.

Mozilla Firefox

Linuxia includes the Firefox web browser, a fast, private and safe way to surf the internet. With built-in tracking protection and encryption, Firefox helps keep your browsing data secure and private.


For email, Linuxia comes with Thunderbird, Mozilla’s free email application. Thunderbird makes it easy to manage multiple email accounts, organize your messages, and keep your inbox clutter-free.

VLC Media Player

To enjoy your music, movies, and other media, VLC media player is included. VLC plays just about any audio or video file format you throw at it. It’s a simple, yet versatile player.


For productivity, Linuxia offers LibreOffice, the free office suite. LibreOffice includes applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. It’s a great free alternative to Microsoft Office.


GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program, is Linuxia’s featured image editor. Use GIMP to edit photos, create new images, and make your own artwork. GIMP has a lot of the same functionality as paid software like Photoshop.

Other Useful Tools

Linuxia also provides some other useful tools like:

  • Kazam – A simple screen recording program to capture videos of your desktop.
  • OBS Studio – Free and open source software for live streaming and video recording. OBS is a popular choice for gamers and YouTube creators.

With these great built-in apps and tools, Linuxia has everything you need to get started with an open source operating system. No need to search the web and install lots of software – it’s all included right out of the box.

Is Linuxia Right for You? Who This Distro Is Best Suited For

Linuxia is a unique Linux distro that may appeal more to experienced Linux users looking for something different. While popular, mainstream distros like Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and Debian are very stable and suitable for daily use, Linuxia follows its own path.

Customized and Quirky

Linuxia is independently developed and aims to provide an unconventional user experience. The desktop environment and default apps are highly customized. The software repository also includes niche apps not found in other distros. These unique characteristics mean Linuxia may require more technical know-how to configure and troubleshoot. For Linux newcomers, the learning curve could be frustrating.

Less Support but More Adventure

The small developer team and user base mean less community support for Linuxia. Documentation and tutorials are limited. However, for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path Linux adventure, Linuxia offers an opportunity to explore. Tinkering with an obscure distro can be a fun challenge for the right user.

Potential Stability Issues

With limited resources, Linuxia releases tend to focus on new features over stability and bug fixes. While exciting for some, this can lead to a less than smooth experience, especially for daily use. Those needing a solid, dependable system may find Linuxia’s quirkiness problematic.

Is Linuxia For You?

Overall, Linuxia will likely appeal most to Linux enthusiasts looking for a unique distro experience. Its customized nature and niche appeal mean it may not suit everyone as an everyday operating system. However, for those wanting to explore an unconventional and lesser-known Linux option, Linuxia could be an intriguing choice. If you’re up for an offbeat Linux adventure, Linuxia may be right for you!


So there you have it, a quick look at Linuxia, the little Linux distro that could. While not as popular as the major players, Linuxia proves that innovation and passion still exist in the open source community. If you’re looking for an OS that marches to the beat of its own drum, Linuxia may be worth checking out. It likely won’t replace your daily driver anytime soon, but for those seeking an escape from the mainstream, Linuxia offers a glimpse into what Linux can be outside the box. Not bad for a distro you probably never heard of. Why not give it a spin – you might just find a new favorite. After all, the best discoveries are often the ones you never saw coming.

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