King Von Autopsy: A Look Inside the Rapper’s Cause of Death


You probably heard the tragic news that Chicago rapper King Von was shot and killed outside an Atlanta nightclub on November 6. At just 26 years old, Von’s life was cut short in a senseless act of violence. While the circumstances surrounding his death are still being investigated, the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office has now released Von’s official autopsy report. The details of how he died may be hard to read for fans and loved ones still mourning his loss. But for those curious to know exactly what happened that night and how such a young, talented artist could be taken from us so suddenly, the autopsy report provides some closure, even if the answers are difficult to accept.

King Von’s Shooting and Death

The talented young rapper King Von tragically lost his life in a shooting outside an Atlanta hookah lounge on November 6, 2020. According to police reports, an argument broke out between two groups of men, and shots were fired. King Von, whose real name was Dayvon Bennett, was hit and later died at the hospital from his injuries.

The 26-year-old Chicago native had only recently started gaining mainstream attention and success in the rap world. His breakout single “Crazy Story” dropped in 2018 and his first studio album “Grandson, Vol. 1” was released earlier this year. Many saw a bright future ahead for the rising hip hop star.

An autopsy revealed the cause of King Von’s death to be multiple gunshot wounds. Specifically, he suffered gunshot wounds to the back/chest, groin, and leg. Despite life-saving efforts by EMTs who rushed him to Grady Memorial Hospital, the internal injuries were too severe. King Von was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

The tragic shooting has led to an outpouring of grief from fans and fellow artists. Tributes and condolences have flooded social media, recognizing King Von’s contributions to rap and mourning the loss of yet another young talent in the hip hop community. Though King Von’s life and career were cut short, his impact and memory will live on through his music.

Details From King Von’s Autopsy Report

The autopsy report revealed several details about what ultimately caused King Von’s tragic death.

According to the report, King Von suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his body, including two to the torso and one to the back. The shots to his torso proved fatal, with one bullet puncturing his heart and lungs. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Toxicology results showed no signs of drugs or alcohol in King Von’s system at the time of death. His only noted medical issue was a heart condition known as mitral valve prolapse, though it’s unlikely this contributed to his death given the gunshot wounds.

The autopsy also described King Von’s various tattoos, scars and a small abrasion on his scalp. Additional details noted the rapper had a “normal” build for his height.

In summary, King Von’s cause of death was conclusively determined to be multiple gunshot wounds, with shots to the chest proving lethal by damaging vital organs. The new details provide clarification and closure on the circumstances surrounding the young rapper’s tragic end. His fans and loved ones can now fully grasp what transpired that fateful night and honor his memory.

May King Von rest in peace.

What the Autopsy Revealed About King Von’s Injuries

According to the autopsy report, King Von suffered multiple gunshot wounds that ultimately led to his death.

Gunshot Wounds

Von sustained three gunshot wounds to his body, including one that pierced his lung. The gunshots to his chest and torso caused internal bleeding and damage to his vital organs. Though the injuries were severe, none were immediately fatal. However, the blood loss from his wounds, combined with the trauma, contributed to his death shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Blunt Force Injuries

In addition to the gunshot wounds, the autopsy also revealed that Von had sustained blunt force injuries to his body. These types of injuries are caused by physical trauma from impacts like punches, kicks, or collisions with objects. The report noted contusions (bruises) and abrasions (scrapes) on Von’s face, torso, and extremities (limbs). These blunt force injuries likely occurred during a physical altercation just prior to the shooting.

No Illegal Drugs or Alcohol

Toxicology tests showed that Von did not have any illegal drugs, alcohol or other intoxicants in his system at the time of death. His blood only contained therapeutics that were administered by medical staff during treatment and transport to the hospital.

In summary, the autopsy findings confirm that King Von’s death was a homicide resulting from multiple gunshot wounds and associated blood loss. The injuries he sustained in a physical fight beforehand may have further weakened his condition, but were not directly responsible for his death. At least now his loved ones and fans can find some closure in knowing the exact events that led to his tragic end.

The Controversy Surrounding King Von’s Autopsy

The circumstances surrounding King Von’s death have been controversial and confusing from the start. According to police reports, the Chicago rapper was shot and killed during an altercation outside an Atlanta nightclub. However, Von’s friends and family argue that the full story hasn’t come out yet.

Conflicting Reports

Initially, the Atlanta Police Department stated that Von was killed during a shootout with a group of men after an argument broke out in the parking lot of the Monaco Hookah Lounge. They claimed Von’s group opened fire first, and the other group returned fire in self-defense, hitting Von.

However, witnesses came forward disputing that account, saying that Von was unarmed and trying to break up a fight between two women when an unknown assailant began shooting. Von’s manager claimed that Von’s group was ambushed after leaving the club, and Von was trying to shield one of the women from harm when he was struck.

Calls for Transparency

Von’s family and supporters are calling for a transparent investigation into his death. They believe critical details are being left out or misreported. Von’s brother criticized the police’s version of events and demanded to see security camera footage from that night. He argued that, as a high-profile artist, Von would not have instigated violence that could threaten his career and freedom.

The conflicting stories and lack of concrete evidence have fueled speculation about the events leading to Von’s tragic death at just 26 years old. His devoted fans, friends and family deserve a thorough, impartial investigation to find the truth of what happened that night in Atlanta. Though nothing can bring Von back, transparency and justice are the least he deserves. His memory lives on through his music, and his unanswered questions linger.

Unanswered Questions Remaining After King Von’s Autopsy

While King Von’s autopsy has provided some answers about the circumstances surrounding his death, many unanswered questions still remain.

Where did the bullet that killed King Von come from?

The autopsy revealed that King Von died from a gunshot wound to the abdomen, but it’s still unclear who fired the fatal shot. Initial reports indicated that police officers shot King Von during an exchange of gunfire outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge, but an investigation is ongoing to determine the exact sequence of events.

Why did the confrontation at the nightclub turn violent?

Something clearly sparked the heated argument that led to shots being fired, but we still don’t know exactly what happened. According to witnesses, King Von and his entourage were involved in a verbal dispute with a group of men inside the Monaco Hookah Lounge that eventually spilled outside and escalated. However, the underlying cause of the dispute and what was said to provoke violence remains a mystery.

Will there be any charges filed related to King Von’s death?

While King Von’s death was a tragedy, it’s still possible that criminal charges may result from the events of that night. If police determine that any individuals, including officers, improperly discharged their firearms or were otherwise negligent, charges could follow. At this point, though, no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

How will King Von’s death impact Chicago’s hip hop scene?

King Von was an influential figure in Chicago’s hip hop community, and his death at just 26 years old is a huge loss. Many are wondering how up-and-coming artists and the city’s rap scene as a whole may be affected by the tragedy. While the pain of losing King Von will linger, his memory and music will live on as inspiration to others. The impacts of his passing may shape Chicago hip hop for years to come.


So there you have it, an inside look at what ultimately caused King Von’s tragic death at just 26 years old. Multiple gunshot wounds, blood loss, and organ damage all combined to overtake his body in those critical moments after the shooting. While the exact details of what led up to that fateful encounter outside the Atlanta club are still being investigated, one thing is clear – King Von’s death is another painful reminder of senseless violence and lives cut far too short. His music lives on, but the world lost a talented artist with so much more left to give. The only solace is knowing his suffering was brief and his impact will be long-lasting. But for his loved ones left behind, the pain will endure. Our thoughts are with them.

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