How to Use Tickzoo: A Beginner’s Guide


Hey there! Ever wanted to create fun social media posts but struggled with finding eye-catching visuals or the right words? Tickzoo is the tool for you. This easy-to-use graphic design app lets you make stylish images to share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you name it. In just a few taps, you can choose from their library of templates, fonts, and stock photos to design social media posts, blog header images, email newsletters, you name it. Whether you’re promoting your new business, want to up your social media game, or simply make images for your personal use, Tickzoo has everything you need to create professional and polished designs in minutes. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll walk you through how to use Tickzoo to make custom social media graphics and more. Before you know it, you’ll be designing like a pro!

What Is Tickzoo? An Overview of the App

What Is Tickzoo? An Overview of the App

Tickzoo is a website that offers tickets for a variety of live events. Whether you’re looking to catch your favorite band in concert, cheer on your sports team, or enjoy a night at the theater, Tickzoo likely has you covered.

Tickzoo has been operating since 2015, though it has drawn some controversy over the years. The site is known for its unconventional discussion forums covering various taboo topics. However, the main purpose of Tickzoo is simply to provide access to tickets for entertainment.

Using Tickzoo is pretty straightforward. You can search for specific events by artist, team, venue, or location. Or browse categories like “Concerts,” “Sports,” or “Theater” to discover upcoming shows in your area. When you find an event you want to attend, you can view available tickets and seating charts to choose the perfect seats.

Tickzoo works with primary ticket brokers and third-party resellers to offer tickets for most major live events. Ticket prices are often lower than competing sites. Tickzoo also provides exclusive pre-sale codes for select shows. In addition to affordability and access, Tickzoo prides itself on transparency. The site clearly indicates the source of each ticket so you know if you’re buying from the venue, an official partner, or a reseller.

With a wide selection, competitive prices, and upfront business practices, Tickzoo aims to take the hassle out of buying entertainment tickets. If you’re looking for a simple, centralized place to find and purchase tickets for live events, Tickzoo may be worth checking out.

Creating Your First Zoo in Tickzoo

Once you’ve signed up for a free Tickzoo account, it’s time to create your first “zoo”! A zoo is a collection of videos, images, and other media organized around a theme or topic.

Choosing a Theme

First, pick a theme or subject for your zoo. It could be based around an interest, hobby, or fandom. For example, you might make a zoo dedicated to cute animal videos, stunning landscape photography, or your favorite TV show. Tickzoo has a huge range of content, so the possibilities are endless!

Gathering Media

Next, start adding media to your zoo. Tickzoo’s algorithms ###will suggest related content to get you started. You can also search Tickzoo for specific videos, GIFs, images, articles, and more to add. Arrange your media in the order you like using Tickzoo’s drag and drop interface.

Customizing Your Zoo

Make your zoo your own by choosing a color scheme, font, and layout that matches your theme. You can also add sections, dividers, and captions to organize your content. When your zoo is ready to share, publish it and spread the word on social media or embed it on your own website.

Keeping Your Zoo Active

A successful zoo needs fresh content to keep visitors coming back. Check Tickzoo regularly for new trending media related to your theme to add to your zoo. You can also enable “Zoo Feed” which will automatically update your zoo with relevant new content as Tickzoo finds it.

With some time and creativity, you’ll have an amazing custom zoo that you can proudly share with friends and followers. Happy zoo building!

Customizing Your Zoo’s Layout and Design

Customizing your zoo’s layout and design is crucial for creating an immersive experience for your guests and a healthy habitat for your animals. The positioning and arrangement of enclosures, foliage, pathways, and facilities directly impacts both the wellbeing of your zoo’s inhabitants as well as the overall enjoyment and engagement of visitors.

Carefully planning your zoo’s layout involves several key factors:

  • Provide ample space for animals to roam and behave naturally. Make enclosures large enough for species to exercise, forage, and interact with others.
  • Bring humans into the animals’ environment. Place enclosures, especially for larger animals, at eye level and with minimal barriers so guests can observe natural behaviors up close.
  • Create winding pathways that lead to hidden gems. Guide visitors on a journey of discovery through your zoo with curving trails that open up to unexpected encounters and stunning vistas.
  • Group animals by region or ecosystem. Arrange enclosures by the habitats animals come from, e.g. grassland, rainforest, desert, polar, to give visitors a sense of different world environments.
  • Include facilities for learning and engagement. Add interactive exhibits, classroom spaces, keeper talks, and live feedings to actively engage guests and foster connections between humans and animals.
  • Collaborate with zoo architects and designers. Work with professionals who have experience crafting zoo layouts that artfully blend animal habitats, landscaping, and facilities into an immersive experience.

Customizing your zoo’s layout requires teamwork, intuition, and a passion for bringing humans and animals together. By providing ample space for natural behaviors, guiding discovery, and engaging visitors, you can create a tailored zoo experience that inspires wonder and ignites a spirit of conservation.

Adopting, Feeding, and Caring for Animals

Adopting and caring for animals through Tickzoo is simple and rewarding. ### Feeding

Feeding your newly adopted pet is essential for their well-being. The animals derive comfort and meaning from your virtual food donations. For most animals, you’ll feed them at least once per day. Select the type of food, like produce, treats or a full meal, and the amount that matches your budget. Every bit helps!


Spending time with your pet by viewing them on camera or reading about them helps create a bond and stimulates them mentally. Some animals even recognize and respond to their adopters! You can talk, wave and make silly faces at them through the cam. Think of it as quality virtual interaction and play.


Tickzoo features educational info on each animal, including fun facts, conservation status, habitat and behavior. You’ll get to know your new friend inside and out by learning about what they like to eat, do for fun, and how they interact with others. The more you discover, the more you’ll fall in love with them!


Connecting with other adopters, especially of the same animal, allows you to share stories, insights and build new friendships. You can even plan meetups at the sanctuary or participate in virtual events together. The community aspect enriches the experience and introduces you to like-minded animal lovers.

Caring for an adopted animal, though virtual, provides benefits for both you and the animal. You’ll gain a sense of purpose and happiness from providing for them, while also supporting important causes like conservation and education. Your new furry, feathered or scaly friend will receive mental stimulation and enrichment from your generosity and interaction. Together, we can create a better world for animals in need.

Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Your Tickzoo Experience

To get the most out of Tickzoo, follow these tips:

Customize Your Dashboard

Tickzoo allows you to customize your dashboard to show the metrics that matter most to you. Add widgets like sales numbers, customer satisfaction scores, and ticket volume. Move them around and resize them to your liking. A dashboard tailored to your needs will make it easy to stay on top of key performance indicators at a glance.

Set Up Automations

Automate repetitive tasks to streamline your workflow. You can set up automations in Tickzoo to automatically assign tickets to the right agents based on topic or customer, send notifications when tickets are updated or due to be resolved, and more. Automations save your team time and ensure a speedy, consistent customer experience.

Review Analytics Regularly

Tickzoo provides powerful analytics to help you gain insight into your help desk performance and make data-driven improvements. Review metrics like average first response time, ticket resolution rate, and customer satisfaction regularly. Look for trends over time and see how you compare to industry benchmarks. Use insights from the analytics to optimize your help desk processes and better serve your customers.

Encourage Customer Feedback

Ask customers to rate their experience and provide feedback after ticket resolution. Customer feedback is invaluable for improving your help desk service. Set up a simple survey in Tickzoo to ask customers about their overall satisfaction, agent helpfulness, and more. Review feedback regularly and make changes to address any concerns. Continually improving the customer experience will lead to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

Train Your Team

Conduct ongoing training to ensure your team is up-to-date with help desk best practices and able to provide amazing customer support. Use resources within Tickzoo like documentation, videos, and certifications, or create your own custom training programs. Well-trained agents will work more efficiently, resolve customer issues faster, and deliver a superior overall experience. Training is key to maximizing the benefits of your Tickzoo help desk.


So there you have it, a quick guide to help you get started with Tickzoo. Now you’re equipped with the basics to build your profile, connect with other users, join groups, create and share content. The key is just to dive in, start exploring, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The Tickzoo community is very friendly and helpful. Before you know it, you’ll be scheduling meetups, collaborating on projects, and forming new friendships. Tickzoo has so much to offer if you give it a chance. What are you waiting for? Go sign up and get ticking – your new favorite social network is just a click away!

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