How to Become a Blooket Host and Run Your Own Games


So you’ve discovered the addictive world of Blooket and now you want to take your experience to the next level by becoming a host. Hosting your own live games lets you choose the questions, set the pace, and interact directly with players. While it does take some work to research questions and keep things running smoothly, being a Blooket host is a fun and rewarding experience. In this article, you’ll learn the steps to become an official Blooket host, how to build your own question sets, the key to running engaging games, and tips for gaining a loyal player base. Before you know it, you’ll be the most popular host in the Blooket-verse. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

What Is a Blooket Host?

A Blooket host creates and manages games for students to join and play. As the host, you choose the question sets, game modes, timers, and other settings to customize the experience for your students.

To become a Blooket host, you first need to sign up for a free teacher account. Once your account is created, you can host live games or schedule games in advance for your students. To start a live game, simply select “Host Game” and choose your options. Pick a question set, game mode (like Gold Rush, Factory, or Race), time limit, and any power-ups you want to include.

When your settings are ready, click “Start Game” and your students can join using the game code. They enter the code on the “Join Game” page to be part of the action. As the host, you’ll be able to see students join, their answers and scores, and the leaderboard in real-time. You can also pause, end or restart the game at any point as needed.

After the game ends, all results are saved so you can review students’ answers and scores. You’ll get a report showing class average, question accuracy, and how long it took students to answer each question. This data helps you identify areas that may need review or additional practice.

Hosting on Blooket is an easy way to engage your students with interactive questions and challenges. The games make learning fun while also providing you with insights into students’ understanding and progress. Why not give it a try and become a Blooket host today? Your students will thank you!

Benefits of Becoming a Blooket Host

Becoming a Blooket host has some major benefits for both you and your students.

Unlimited Questions and Editing

As a host, you have the freedom to create as many question sets as you like and edit them whenever needed. This allows you to cater questions directly to your students’ needs and current topics of study. You’re in full control.

Promotes Engagement

Hosting on Blooket sparks competition and teamwork in the classroom. Students work together to get the highest score and fastest time, keeping them engaged the entire game. The variety of game modes – like Gold Rush, Factory, and Race – give students a chance to collaborate in different ways.

Options for Every Learning Style

With over 10 game modes to choose from, you can find an option well-suited to your particular learners. Whether your students thrive on cooperation or competition, Blooket has a game for that. You can also adjust difficulty levels and time limits to best fit your students’ abilities.

Analyze Student Performance

As the host, you have access to reports that provide data on individual student and whole-class performance. See which questions students struggled with and use that information to guide your future instruction. The data Blooket provides helps you better understand your students’ needs and strengthen their learning.

Becoming a Blooket host allows for enhanced student engagement and performance analysis, as well as complete creative control over your content. With all these benefits, you’ll transform game time into valuable learning time. Why not give hosting a try? Your students will thank you!

Requirements to Become a Blooket Host

To become a Blooket host and run your own games, you’ll need to meet a few basic requirements.

An Account

First, you’ll need to sign up for a free Blooket account. You can register right on the Blooket website or connect your Google or email account to sign up quickly. Once you have an account, you’ll be able to access hosting features and create your own question sets.

Question Sets

As a host, you’ll be in charge of choosing the questions that players answer. You’ve got a few options here:

-Use an existing question set from the Discover tab. Blooket has thousands of premade questions on various topics that you can use as-is or customize.

-Create your own original question set in the Create tab. You can build questions from scratch or use questions from Blooket’s question bank to curate your own custom set.

-Modify a set from My Sets. Any sets you’ve created or copied from Discover will be saved in your My Sets tab. You can edit these to better suit your needs.

The key is to choose or create questions that match your participants’ knowledge level. Questions that are too difficult can frustrate players, while ones that are too easy won’t challenge them. Find the right balance for an engaging game experience.


Of course, you’ll need players to actually join your game! As host, you’ll send an invitation code or link to players so they can enter your game lobby. Blooket can host up to 1000 players at a time, so you’ve got plenty of room for students, friends, family, or coworkers to get in on the fun.

Meeting these few requirements will have you hosting your own Blooket games in no time. So build those question sets, send out your invites, and get ready for some competitive fun!

How to Create Your Own Blooket Games

Once you’ve selected a question set to host, it’s time to create your own customized Blooket game! Here are the steps to build your own engaging educational game:

Choose a Game Mode

Select from Blooket’s variety of game modes like Quiz Race, Gold Quest, and more. The mode you choose will determine how your players interact with the questions and compete against each other. For example, Quiz Race is a race to answer questions correctly, while Gold Quest has players exploring a map to collect gold by answering questions.

Enter Your Questions and Answers

This is where you customize the game to your content and curriculum. Enter a question, the correct answer, and three incorrect answers (distractors) for each question in your game. Make sure your questions and answers are clear and the distractors are plausible. Mix up the difficulty and subjects to keep players challenged.

Set the Game Length and Points

Determine how many questions you want in your game and how many points a correct answer is worth. Shorter games around 10-15 questions work well for most classrooms. Award more points for more difficult questions.

Preview and Test Your Game

Preview your game to ensure there are no issues before launching it live for your students. Test the game yourself to check that the questions and answers are displaying properly. Make any final edits needed.

Launch Your Live Game!

Launch your live game and provide the game code to your students so they can join in. Monitor the leaderboard to see who answers questions correctly and ends with the most points. Stop by individual students to check how they’re doing and provide guidance as needed.

Creating your own customized Blooket games is a great way to engage students with your content in an exciting new format. Putting in the effort to build quality questions and an engaging gaming experience will make learning fun for your students. Let the games begin!

Tips for Running Successful Blooket Games

As a Blooket host, following some tips will help ensure your games are engaging and effective.

Start with the Basics

Choose a game mode that matches your learning objective. The word search and matching games are great for vocabulary building, while the quiz and escape room work well for reviewing concepts. Keep questions at an appropriate level for your students.

Build Excitement

Announce the game ahead of time to build anticipation. Offer an incentive like extra credit or a small prize to motivate students. Play upbeat music during the game to keep energy high.

### Demonstrate First

Show students how to play the game before starting. Explain the rules, how to submit answers, and what they need to do to win. Give students a practice round to get familiar with the format.

Keep it Challenging

While questions should be at the right level, make students work for it. Use timed modes, deduct points for incorrect answers, and limit the number of attempts. This encourages focus and makes success rewarding.

Review and Reward

Discuss answers after the game and address any misunderstandings. Congratulate the winners and consider offering a small prize. Reviewing the content again will reinforce learning.

Get Feedback and Improve

Ask students what they enjoyed about the game and what could be better. Look for ways to improve for next time. Trying different game modes, adjusting difficulty, and adding multimedia elements will keep things interesting.

With practice, you’ll be hosting Blooket games that are challenging, rewarding, and most importantly, effective for student learning. Keep at it and have fun!


So there you have it. Becoming a Blooket host and running your own games is actually pretty straightforward if you follow the steps. All you need is an account, a little creativity, and the motivation to put together a fun learning experience for others. The platform gives you the tools, you provide the passion.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be creating all kinds of quizzes, surveys, and other activities to engage your players. And the best part is, you have the freedom to make the games about any topics that excite you. The possibilities are endless.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and get started designing your first game. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro at hosting on Blooket and bringing more fun and interaction into learning. And your players will thank you for it.

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