How Online Sportsbooks Have Embraced Social Media


It is rare for someone to have no contact at all with social media these days. The sheer number of platforms means it is very difficult to live a life offline without using some kind of social media. Even our broadcast news companies rely on social media to source stories – and then distribute and interact with their viewers.

In the last few years, there has been another business sector that has become just as ubiquitous in the US. Sports gambling was essentially legalized with the Supreme Court ruling in 2018 to revoke the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) and now most states have brought in legislation to allow some kind of betting.

Unsurprisingly, these two boom areas of 21st-century industry are interdependent and have grown thanks, in part, to the popularity of the other. When you are searching for a sportsbook you will want to look for expert advice, using MyBookie reviews for example. But you may also be able to get a lot of information from social media. There is a very strong relationship between the two and online sportsbooks in particular, have embraced social media to grow their businesses still further.


One thing that social media platforms and online sportsbooks have in common – along with just about every other company conducting business online – is that they want to grow. These days, a successful business will not just be looking to sell its goods or services and take the money. A longer lasting relationship is required and engaging with the customer can help with that.

Betting firms have been some of the most successful in realizing the full potential of listening to their customers. In the US, this may be down to the fact that the industry is very new in most places. But by using their social media platforms to engage with customers – and potential customers – these sportsbooks have been able to listen and then provide what is being asked for.

This kind of customer feedback would have taken a lot longer decades ago. But now it can be as simple as posting a poll on social media and taking action on the results.


As well as listening to what its customers want from a sportsbook, a betting operator can also tell them what they are looking to offer. The immediacy is definitely a factor here, yet again. But there is also the opportunity for online sportsbooks to tailor their marketing strategy for individual or specific groups of customers.

Many of these betting operators have large budgets for marketing. But there is no need to spend a lot of it on actual adverts these days. Because of the way social media works, even a very basic post on a range of social media channels can advertise the latest promotion.

With odds for sports events continually changing, social media is a great way to update the customer on what prices are available for the latest events. This is even more important for the operators in some countries, as these kinds of adverts have been banned on television and radio.

Content Creation

One aspect of social media that has changed the way many companies reach out to their customers is that there is a two-way direction of information. The most successful online sportsbooks have realized that the hard sell is not a strategy that always works. So building a relationship is much more important.

Sports betting companies have an advantage in that they can naturally assume that their customers enjoy sports. This means that they can be targeted with sports content. This doesn’t even necessarily have to have an overtly betting angle. Just creating the relationship and providing customers with something of interest, in the form of an article about the NFL playoffs, for example, moves along the relationship.

In this way, online sportsbooks become part of the wider sports journalism world and not just a betting sideline. This is then seen as a legitimate way of interacting and the operator becomes even more entrenched in the reporting of sports.

League Affiliation

There used to be a time when pro major leagues such as the NFL actively shunned the betting companies – and anything to do with gambling. How times have changed! Now many leagues have their own deals with individual betting brands – as do the teams in the leagues. Being able to use each other’s social media to get their message and brand across is beneficial to both sides.

Anyone who watches live sports will know that interacting on social media has become a big thing. This doesn’t matter if you are at home watching on the TV or at the stadium itself. It seems as though we just can’t get enough of sharing our thoughts about the game – and reading other people’s – during the game.

By being affiliated with a particular league, a betting operator is able to claim even greater legitimacy as part of the sports world. No longer is the sportsbook something on the edge of the sport, offering a distinct service. It is now part of the overall sports output and social media has been able to facilitate that move.

The Future Promises an Even Closer Bond

The relationship between social media and online sports betting sites will only grow in the future. There seems to be no limit to the amount of social media interactions we desire as a society – and part of that society, in most places, is sports betting.

We will continue to want to use social media to find out about the latest sports events and betting operators have become an integral part of that. Any future innovations and technological advances will probably benefit both business sectors – and be gladly taken up by the public.

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