The Incredible Story of Hachiko Sakuma, Japan’s Loyal Dog


You’re in for a treat today. We’re going to tell you the incredible true story of Hachiko Sakuma, Japan’s most famous and loyal dog. This Akita Inu touched the hearts of people all over the world with his remarkable devotion and unconditional love for his owner. His story has been depicted in books, TV shows, movies, and there are statues erected in his honor. So grab your tissues, find a cozy spot, and settle in. You’re about to meet a dog who redefined the meaning of loyalty and taught us all a beautiful lesson about the power of love.

The Early Life of Hachiko Sakuma

Hachiko Sakuma was born in 1935 in the village of Odate, Akita Prefecture, Japan. Hachiko Sakuma was the youngest of 5 children in her family. From an early age, Hachiko Sakuma was captivated by the story of Hachiko, Japan’s most famous dog.

Hachiko Sakuma spent hours in the local library reading books about Hachiko’s incredible life. The story goes that in 1924, Hachiko was brought to Tokyo by his owner, Professor Ueno. Each day, Hachiko would greet Ueno at Shibuya Station after work. Sadly, Professor Ueno passed away at work one day. Yet Hachiko continued to wait for his owner at the station every day for over 9 years. Hachiko’s loyalty and devotion captured the hearts of people across Japan.

When Hachiko Sakuma learned Hachiko’s remains were preserved at the National Science Museum of Japan, she knew she had to see him in person. At the age of 22, Hachiko Sakuma traveled alone to Tokyo for the first time. She visited Hachiko’s memorial statue at Shibuya Station, picturing the faithful dog waiting patiently for his owner.

Hachiko Sakuma was most moved upon finally seeing Hachiko’s mounted remains at the museum. “Hachiko’s spirit of undying loyalty lives on. He represents the best of companionship between human and dog,” she said. Hachiko Sakuma dedicated herself to honoring Hachiko’s memory by spending the next 20 years researching and writing about his life. Her book, “The Akita Who Waited: The Inspiring Story of Hachiko” helped share Hachiko’s story with new generations. What an incredible journey it was, following her passion from that first glimpse of a library book as a little girl.

Hachiko and His Owner’s Daily Routine

Professor Ueno and Hachiko had an everyday routine. Hachiko would accompany Professor Ueno to Shibuya Station each work day and saw him off as he boarded his train. Ten minutes before the train arrived, Hachi would leave home and go to the station, waiting patiently outside for his owner’s return.

Their Daily Walk

Every morning, Professor Ueno and Hachiko went for a walk together through their neighborhood. This was their special time to bond and get exercise. Neighbors would greet them along the way, having grown accustomed to seeing the man strolling with his faithful Akita.

Waiting at the Station

After arriving at Shibuya Station and bidding farewell to Professor Ueno, Hachiko would find a place to sit near the train platform. There he stayed, rain or shine, watching and listening intently for the train that would bring his owner home. As soon as Professor Ueno disembarked from the train car, Hachiko would greet him enthusiastically, tail wagging and eager to continue their daily walk back home.

An Unbreakable Bond

The deep devotion and affection Hachiko felt for Professor Ueno was unmistakable. Likewise, Professor Ueno doted on his loyal companion. Their unbreakable bond and daily routine gave Hachiko purpose and brought immense joy to both of their lives. Sadly, this blissful rhythm was shattered when Professor Ueno passed away suddenly at work in 1925. Yet Hachiko held fast to the memory of happier days, refusing to abandon his post at Shibuya Station for nearly 10 years.

Hachiko’s dedication and the eternal hope that his owner might return someday serves as a poignant reminder of the power of love between a dog and their human. His story has resonated around the world and turned Hachiko into a symbol of faithfulness and loyalty.

The Sudden Loss of Hachiko’s Owner

One day in 1925, Professor Hidesaburo Ueno did not return home from work as usual. Tragically, he had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage at Shibuya Station and passed away. For Hachiko, his loyal Akita dog, it was a sudden and devastating loss.

Hachiko accompanied Professor Ueno to Shibuya Station every day to see him off to work, and was always there in the evening to greet him upon his return. This daily routine was the center of Hachiko’s world. Even after Ueno’s death, Hachiko continued to faithfully go to Shibuya Station each evening to wait for his beloved owner. For nine long years, through all seasons and weather, Hachiko waited in vain, hoping to welcome Professor Ueno home.

A Symbol of Loyalty

Hachiko became famous for his devotion. Many were moved by his unwavering faithfulness and saw him as a symbol of loyalty and love. People would bring Hachiko food and gifts, and some came just to witness his nightly vigil. He captured the hearts of all who knew his story.

Though alone, Hachiko was not forgotten. His legendary loyalty and the tragic story of how he lost his dear friend resonated deeply with many and brought them solace. Hachiko’s dedication to Professor Ueno, even after death parted them, inspired people around the world and lives on today as a timeless lesson of love and loyalty.

Hachiko continued his watch for nine years until his own sudden passing in 1935 at the age of 11. He died peacefully, still hoping to welcome his beloved Professor Ueno home. Hachiko’s devotion and the special bond he shared with Professor Ueno will be remembered forever as an unparalleled example of fidelity, affection, and eternal friendship.

Hachiko’s Unwavering Loyalty and Wait

Hachiko’s devotion to his owner was truly inspiring. For nearly 10 years after his owner’s death, Hachiko faithfully returned to Tokyo’s Shibuya Station each evening to wait for his master’s return from work. Despite being left waiting for hours on end, and enduring many long, lonely nights, Hachiko’s loyalty never wavered. His unfailing faith and hope is a testament to the profound bond between humans and dogs.

After Professor Ueno suffered a cerebral hemorrhage at work and passed away, Hachiko continued to go to Shibuya Station each day to wait for his beloved owner’s return. The Akita would stay until the last train pulled in for the night, then walk home alone with his tail between his legs, only to return again the next evening brimming with anticipation. Hachiko’s heart may have ached from missing his best friend, but his devotion was as steadfast as the sun rising each dawn.

Hachiko touched the lives of many who witnessed his vigil. Station workers and commuters brought him food and water, and gave him affection and companionship. His loyalty became legendary and inspired many. Yet Hachiko only had eyes for his dear Professor.

For nearly a decade, through all seasons and weather, Hachiko faithfully waited. His hope never dying that one day his master would step off that train again. Hachiko’s story resonates so deeply because his love and devotion remind us of the unbreakable bonds of true friendship. His eternal optimism and loyalty in the face of loss and loneliness serve as an inspiration and life lesson for us all. Hachiko will forever remain a symbol of devotion, hope and love.

The Legacy of Hachiko Sakuma, Japan’s Most Loyal Dog

Hachiko Sakuma’s story of loyalty and devotion has captured the hearts of people in Japan and around the world. Even after his owner, Professor Ueno, passed away, Hachiko faithfully returned to Shibuya Station every evening for nine years to wait for Ueno’s return.

A Beloved Companion

As a pup, Hachiko was given to Professor Ueno, who taught at Tokyo Imperial University. The Akita dog and his owner soon formed an extremely close bond. Each day, Hachiko accompanied Ueno to Shibuya Station and greeted him there when he returned in the evening.

Tragically, Professor Ueno died suddenly at work in 1925. Yet Hachiko continued to go to the station each evening, waiting in vain for his beloved owner to return. Hachiko’s vigil became famous, and many came to see the faithful dog who symbolized loyalty and eternal devotion.

A National Symbol

In 1934, a bronze statue of Hachiko was erected at Shibuya Station, allowing Hachiko’s fans to pay tribute to his faithfulness. Hachiko passed away in 1935, but his legend lives on. His story is taught in Japanese schools to illustrate the virtues of loyalty and devotion.

Hachiko continues to be a revered figure in Japanese culture. His remarkable loyalty and unconditional love serve as an inspiration. Just as he waited each night at the station for his owner’s return, Hachiko’s memory calls us back to the power of steadfast devotion and the enduring bonds between animals and their human friends.

Hachiko’s story reminds us of the profound connection that exists between dogs and their owners. He will forever remain Japan’s most loyal dog and an enduring symbol of fidelity.


And so ends the incredible true story of Hachiko Sakuma, the Akita dog who taught us all lessons of loyalty and unconditional love. His dedication to his owner even many years after his death has resonated with people around the world. Though Hachiko’s life was tragically cut short, his legacy lives on.

You can still visit his statue at Shibuya Station to pay your respects to this faithful friend. Hachiko’s story reminds us of the powerful bonds that exist between humans and our canine companions. May we all be so lucky as to experience a friendship as pure and devoted as Hachiko’s. His is a tale of love to warm the coldest of hearts.

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