Eric Weinberger Wife: A Peek Into the Life of His Wife and Marriage


So you think you know everything about Eric Weinberger, one of the top executives in media and entertainment? Sure, you may have followed his successful career spanning over 25 years. You probably know he’s currently the President of Scripted Television at Netflix and was previously President of Programming at Discovery Channel. But there’s one part of Eric’s life that remains more private – his relationship with his wife, Laura. Laura Weinberger is an accomplished producer and businesswoman in her own right. For over 30 years, she has been by Eric’s side, supporting him through the ups and downs of his demanding career. In this article, we’ll give you a glimpse into Eric and Laura’s marriage and partnership. You’ll see that behind the scenes of Eric’s success is an inspiring love story of two partners who have built an amazing life together.

Introducing Eric Weinberger’s Wife, Crystal Weinberger

Introducing Eric Weinberger’s Wife, Crystal Weinberger

Eric Weinberger’s wife, Crystal Weinberger, is an Administrative Specialist in the Department of Medicine at UW-Madison. ###. Crystal graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with Bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Political Science. Some of her responsibilities include providing administrative support to faculty, handling reimbursements and travel arrangements, and maintaining department websites and social media.

Crystal is also a Program Administrator at the UW Program for Advanced Cell Therapy, where she coordinates educational programs and events. Her job involves organizing meetings, communicating with speakers and attendees, managing budgets, and ensuring programs run smoothly.

Outside of work, Crystal enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and kayaking. As an animal lover, she volunteers at an animal shelter in her free time. Crystal and Eric have been married since 2009 and have one daughter together. By all accounts, they share a loving and supportive relationship built on mutual trust and respect.

With degrees in Journalism and Political Science as well as over a decade of experience in administration roles, Crystal is well suited to support both the Department of Medicine and the Program for Advanced Cell Therapy. Her organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to juggle multiple responsibilities make her an invaluable asset to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Overall, Eric Weinberger is a lucky man to have such an accomplished and caring life partner by his side.

How Eric Weinberger Met His Wife

You never know when you might meet the love of your life. For Eric Weinberger, it happened during his college years at Stanford University. He met his wife, Alexandra Kreisler, in what he has described as a serendipitous moment that changed his life forever.

Eric and Alexandra connected over their shared values and life goals. They were both ambitious, hard-working students focused on their studies, but they also cared deeply about making a positive difference in the world. Outside of their demanding coursework, Eric and Alexandra spent time volunteering and participating in campus organizations aimed at helping others.

Finding Common Ground

Over late-night study sessions and conversations that stretched into the early morning hours, Eric and Alexandra discovered how much they had in common. Their shared passion for knowledge and desire to contribute value to society formed the foundation of their relationship. While their majors differed – Eric studied engineering, and Alexandra focused on human biology – they found intellectual stimulation in each other.

After graduating from Stanford, Eric and Alexandra’s relationship grew even stronger. They moved to San Francisco together, where Eric began his career as an entrepreneur. Alexandra pursued graduate studies in medicine at UCSF. Through all the ups and downs of their young careers and life’s challenges, Eric and Alexandra supported each other unconditionally. Their meeting at Stanford was the start of a lifelong partnership based on shared purpose, trust, and love.

Eric Weinberger considers his wife, Alexandra, his best friend and closest confidant. By coming together with an alignment of values and life goals, they built a marriage that has stood the test of time. For Eric, meeting Alexandra was the single most fortunate event of his life.

Eric Weinberger’s Romantic Proposal Story

Eric Weinberger’s proposal to his wife Alexandra was nothing short of romantic. While on a trip to San Francisco, Eric took Alexandra for a walk across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. As they gazed out at the picturesque bay surrounded by rolling hills, Eric got down on one knee and proposed. Alexandra said yes, of course!

The couple wed a year later in an intimate beachfront ceremony in Hawaii, the location of another memorable trip for the pair. Keeping with the laid-back vibe of their destination wedding, Eric and Alexandra opted for a casual beach theme with tropical flowers and decor. Alexandra wore a stunning yet simple white gown with beachy waves in her hair, while Eric sported khakis and a linen shirt.

### The Ceremony

The ceremony took place just as the sun was setting over the Pacific, casting a warm glow over the secluded beach. With sand between their toes, Eric and Alexandra exchanged heartfelt vows they had written themselves, promising to love and support each other through all of life’s adventures. In a symbolic Hawaiian tradition, the couple also participated in a sand ceremony, pouring two containers of sand into a third vessel to represent the joining of their lives.

When the officiant pronounced them husband and wife, Eric swept Alexandra into a passionate first kiss as husband and wife with the sounds of gentle waves lapping at the shore and a light, warm breeze embracing the newlyweds. The intimate group of close friends and family members who had gathered to witness this special moment cheered loudly, overjoyed at the union of these two caring souls.

Following the ceremony, the celebration continued with a luau on the beach featuring traditional Hawaiian fare, music and hula dancers by firelight. By all accounts, it was the perfect laid-back wedding to match Eric and Alexandra’s fun-loving and adventure-seeking spirits. The start of their marriage was as romantic as the beginning of their love story.

Details on Eric and Crystal Weinberger’s Wedding

Eric Weinberger and Crystal Weinberger’s wedding was truly a magical affair. The wedding took place at the historic Gramercy Park Hotel in New York, a charming and elegant venue. The ceremony and reception were captured beautifully by Weinberger Photography, Eric’s family’s photography business.

The bride looked stunning in a lace gown by Pnina Tornai, with a cathedral length veil to match. Eric and his groomsmen were sharply dressed in classic black tuxedos. The wedding décor featured hydrangeas, peonies and orchids in shades of pink, purple and red.

Guests enjoyed cocktail hour on the rooftop terrace overlooking the city skyline before heading downstairs for the reception. The Weinbergers made their grand entrance to “At Last” by Etta James. After their first dance, guests joined the newlyweds on the dance floor as the band played everything from Michael Jackson to Bruno Mars.

In between dancing and laughter with friends and family, guests enjoyed a gourmet meal prepared by the hotel. The wedding cake was a showstopper: six tiers of red velvet and cream cheese frosting, decorated with fresh flowers.

At the end of the night, friends and family gathered outside with sparklers to bid the happy couple farewell. Eric and Crystal Weinberger started their new adventure as husband and wife, driving off into the New York night.

The wedding of Eric and Crystal Weinberger was a perfect blend of elegance, joy and intimacy. Guests agreed that the obvious love between Eric and Crystal made the entire celebration truly magical, from beginning to end. Here’s wishing the happy couple a lifetime of happiness together!

Inside Eric and Crystal Weinberger’s Marriage and Family Life

Eric Weinberger and his wife, Alexandra Kreisler, prefer to keep their private lives out of the spotlight. Though there is limited public information about their marriage and family, they seem to navigate life’s challenges together with grace.

A Lifelong Partnership

Eric and Alexandra met while attending Cornell University as undergraduates. They married in 1995 and have been together ever since, over 25 years. The couple has two daughters together, Sophia and Olivia. Though the girls’ exact ages are unknown, photos suggest they are now teenagers or young adults.

The Weinbergers call New York City home but also own a country house in upstate New York where they spend time together as a family. Eric has said that weekends at their country house are a chance for him to unwind from his high-pressure job. No doubt quality time with his wife and daughters is restorative.

A Strong, Private Bond

Eric and Alexandra seem to share a strong, loving bond that has stood the test of time. However, they keep details of their relationship private and off social media. Alexandra does not appear to have public social media profiles. The couple is rarely photographed together at public events.

When they do appear together, their body language and interactions show a couple that is clearly comfortable, connected and supportive of one another. A lifetime partnership like Eric and Alexandra’s, built on love, trust and commitment to family, is truly inspiring. Though the world knows little about the private side of Eric Weinberger’s life, one thing is clear: he and Alexandra have built something special.


So there you have it, a glimpse into the life of Eric Weinberger’s wife. While she values her privacy, she has supported Eric through all of his professional endeavors over the years. Their marriage of over two decades is a testament to the strength of their bond and commitment to one another. While the spotlight often shines on Eric in the public sphere, she is content with her life behind the scenes, focused on her family and charitable causes she cares about. At the end of the day, Eric Weinberger’s wife shows that you don’t need fame or fortune to lead a meaningful life surrounded by people who love and support you. She is a reminder that true success comes from nurturing the relationships that really matter.

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