Bigfoot Game Shack: Where Legends Come Alive


Ever wonder what it’s like to experience the thrill of the hunt for a legendary creature? At Bigfoot Game Shack, you can find out. This unique attraction located deep in the Pacific Northwest rainforest offers the adventure of a lifetime for cryptozoology fans and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Forget virtual reality – at Bigfoot Game Shack, the legends come alive.

You start your journey at the visitor center, where you’ll gear up with a map of recent ‘Squatch sightings and the latest in night vision technology. As dusk falls over the forest, the fun begins. Working in teams, you’ll investigate clues, set traps, and explore miles of rugged trails. The first person to spot the elusive Sasquatch wins bragging rights – and a free return trip to the shack. With over 50,000 acres of primordial wilderness as your playground, there are mysteries around every corner. This is not your average trip to the arcade or family fun center. This is as real as it gets. Nightfall is coming – are you ready to begin the hunt? At Bigfoot Game Shack, the truth is out there. And it’s waiting for you.

Welcome to Bigfoot Game Shack – For All Your Bigfoot Gaming Needs

The Place for All Your Gaming Needs

Welcome to Bigfoot Game Shack, the premiere destination for gamers seeking an awesome experience. With over 500 free and unblocked games to choose from, you’ll never run out of entertainment options.

Our platform was designed specifically with Chromebook users in mind, optimizing performance so you can enjoy lag-free gaming. Whether you’re into action, adventure, puzzles, racing, shooting, sports or more, we’ve got you covered. Spend hours escaping into virtual worlds, competing against friends, and challenging yourself to beat levels and unlock achievements.

Bigfoot Game Shack has over 1 million registered users who frequent the site for their daily gaming fix. Join the community and see what all the fuss is about. Chat with other players, compare high scores, and pick up tips to improve your skills. Before you know it, you’ll be a legend in your own right.

We’re always adding new games, so visit often to discover fresh adventures. Don’t forget to check out our leaderboards and events pages for ways to win prizes. At Bigfoot Game Shack, gaming dreams become reality. Escape the ordinary and unleash your inner gamer – your quest for epic entertainment starts now!

What are you waiting for? Dive into a world of possibilities at Bigfoot Game Shack, where legends come alive! Game on!

Our Top Bigfoot Video Games – From Classics to New Releases

When it comes to Bigfoot games, there are classics you have to check out as well as exciting new releases.

The Classics

The original “Bigfoot” game for Nintendo NES from 1989 features monster trucks and off-road competitions. Players control a monster truck to race and perform stunts. While not directly hunting the legendary cryptid, it’s a fun retro game for nostalgia.

In “Finding Bigfoot” (2017), players can assemble a team or go solo to track and hunt Bigfoot in dense forests. Use tools like motion detectors, night vision cameras and bait to lure the elusive beast. Though it received mixed reviews, bigfoot enthusiasts will appreciate the details from the Animal Planet show incorporated into the game.

New and Upcoming

The survival horror game “BIGFOOT” (2019) lets players experience the mystery from both sides. As Bigfoot, hunt the humans in your territory. Or, as a hiker, try to escape the wrath of the angry creature controlled by AI. The cat and mouse gameplay will get your heart pounding!

Keep an eye out for “The Hunter: Call of the Wild – Bigfoot” DLC releasing soon. The popular hunting simulator will feature a new reserve based on the Pacific Northwest to stalk the ape-like biped. Track clues and use strategic hunting skills to bag the biggest catch of all time.

Whether you prefer retro games, action-packed adventures or suspenseful hunting experiences, there’s a Bigfoot title for every player. Dive into the lore of this famous legend through interactive video games. Who knows, you might even spot Bigfoot yourself!

Bigfoot Merchandise and Collectibles – Figurines, Plush Toys, Apparel and More

Bigfoot is an icon of Pacific Northwest folklore, so it’s no surprise that Bigfoot merchandise and collectibles have become popular. Whether you’re a dedicated squatch hunter or just a fan of cryptozoology, there’s something for everyone.

Plush Toys and Stuffed Animals

What creature-loving kid wouldn’t want an adorable Bigfoot plushie? Bigfoot stuffed animals, like the Bigfoot Plushie Toy on Amazon, make great gifts for all ages. These soft squatch dolls typically range from 6 to 24 inches tall.

Action Figures and Figurines

For collectors, Bigfoot action figures and figurines are must-haves. Companies like Walmart and Entertainment Earth offer highly-detailed Bigfoot figurines, some over 7 inches tall. These vinyl models capture the mythical beast in a variety of poses, from walking through the forest to peeking around a tree.

Apparel and Accessories

Show your love of Bigfoot with t-shirts, hats, phone cases and more featuring everyone’s favorite furry cryptid. T-shirts often feature cartoonish or vintage-style Bigfoot graphics, while trucker hats and beanies are also popular. Phone cases provide protection for your device while showing off your enthusiasm for the legend of Sasquatch.

Documentaries and Movies

Of course, no Bigfoot collection is complete without the classics. Documentaries like Patterson-Gimlin film and horror movies like Harry and the Hendersons provide hours of entertainment. While some aim to prove Bigfoot’s existence through eyewitness accounts and investigations, others take a more lighthearted approach with comedic storylines centered around the mythical beast.

Whether you prefer cuddly plushes, detailed figurines or classic films, the Bigfoot Game Shack has something to spark your interest in this Pacific Northwest legend. Let your inner child out and embrace the fun of this mythical creature!

Planning a Bigfoot-Themed Party? We Have Supplies and Decorations

Planning a Bigfoot-themed party and want to go all out? We have everything you need to bring your legendary Sasquatch celebration to life.

Party Supplies

Our Bigfoot Party Supplies include stickers, banners, and balloons perfect for an outdoor Bigfoot-themed party. The Bigfoot Birthday Party Supplies set includes plates, napkins, cups, and tableware for 16 guests. For photo booth fun, check out the Sasquatch Crossing Party Decoration kit with banners, props, and swirls.


Make a big impression with our giant Sasquatch statue or inflatable Bigfoot decoration. For the ultimate Bigfoot ambiance, string up our Bigfoot footprint string lights or project our Bigfoot spotlight onto trees. Kids will love our squishy Bigfoot figurines, stuffed animals, and other toys.


We have games, crafts, and entertainment for an unforgettable Bigfoot bash. Play pin the footprint on the Sasquatch, Sasquatch Says (like Simon Says), or have a Bigfoot call contest. Make your own Sasquatch masks, puppets or models with our craft kits. Tell scary stories around a campfire or show a classic Bigfoot movie on a projector screen.


Send your guests home with a memento of their monster adventure. Bigfoot tattoos, stickers, bookmarks, mini stuffed animals, keychains, and t-shirts make perfect party favors. Fill treat bags with Sasquatch squishies, mini play-doh, tiny flashlights, compasses and trail mix for an outdoor theme.

A Bigfoot birthday party or themed event is sure to create lifelong memories. With our wide range of supplies, decorations, activities, and favors, planning your legendary Sasquatch celebration will be a real monster mash! Let your imagination run wild in the woods and happy partying!

Contact Us About Booking a Bigfoot-Themed Event or Party

Planning an exciting Bigfoot-themed party or event? We’d love to help make your legendary celebration come to life. Contact our events team to book one of our private party spaces for your special occasion.

Party Spaces

We have two areas perfect for hosting private events. Our Bigfoot Encounter Room can accommodate up to 50 guests and features interactive exhibits, artifacts, and other surprises sure to delight both believers and skeptics alike. For larger gatherings, reserve our Bigfoot Basecamp event space which can hold up to 150 people. This rustic room provides a cozy camp-like setting for your party complete with picnic tables, a fireplace, and string lights.

Add-On Options

In addition to providing the space, we offer several add-on options to enhance your event. Consider a guided “hunting” tour where guests follow clues to track the elusive beast. Or, book one of our character actors to make appearances as Bigfoot, a park ranger, or a amateur investigator. For the ultimate immersive experience, schedule a overnight “camp out” in Basecamp – we’ll provide tents, sleeping bags, s’mores, scary stories by the fire and mysterious nighttime sounds.

Pricing and Booking

Event space rentals and add-on options vary depending on event type, day of week, and number of guests. Contact our events team at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance of your desired date to check availability and receive a customized price quote. We do offer discounts for long-time members, students, and non-profit organizations.

Don’t delay – dates fill up fast, especially in the busy summer season. Call or email today to get started planning your legendary Bigfoot extravaganza! Our enthusiastic events staff will work with you every step of the way to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Here at the Bigfoot Game Shack, we’re passionate about bringing the myth to life in creative ways. Let us help make your event one for the ages!


So there you have it, the inside scoop on Bigfoot Game Shack. Now you know why so many flock to this quirky roadside attraction and leave with stories they’ll be telling for years. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, retro enthusiast, or just looking for a unique experience, Bigfoot Game Shack delivers. The vintage games, kitschy decor, and chance to connect with fellow nostalgia-seekers make it worth the trip. Who knows, you might even spot the legendary beast himself lumbering between the pinball machines! If you’re ready to take a walk down memory lane and make some new memories along the way, gas up the car and head to Bigfoot Game Shack. Legends await.

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