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Ever feel like your favorite anime adventure codes game is getting a bit repetitive? You’ve explored all the maps, completed every quest, and maxed out your character but still crave new adventures. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the inside scoop on codes that will unlock secret levels, award you rare items, and transport you to uncharted territories.

With these anime adventure codes, you’ll discover hidden storylines, meet intriguing new characters, and reignite your passion for the game. What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits! Read on to start your quest for new anime escapades. The codes you’ve been searching for are finally within your grasp.

An Introduction to Anime Adventures

Anime Adventures is an anime-themed adventure game on Roblox that lets you summon and collect your favorite characters. With special codes, you can unlock new adventures and characters.

To get started, create your character and choose between the Swordsman, Mage, and Archer classes. Each has unique skills and fighting styles. As you level up, you’ll earn gems and gold to summon heroes and buy gear.

Legendary and Mythic Units

The real fun begins when you summon units like Goku, Naruto, and One Punch Man. These legendary and mythic heroes have special moves and boost your team’s power. To summon them, use gems at the Summoning Altar. The more gems you use, the higher your chance of getting a legendary unit!

Unlock Adventures with Codes

Every so often, the developers release new codes on the Anime Adventures Wiki and their social media. These codes can give you free gems, gold, and other loot. Some may even unlock secret levels and game modes! For example, the “OPM” code unlocks a One Punch Man adventure.

With so many characters to collect and adventures to unlock, Anime Adventures offers hours of entertainment for any anime fan. Keep an eye out for new codes and units, build your dream team, and who knows – you might just become a legendary hero yourself!

How to Redeem Anime Adventures Codes

To unlock new adventures in Anime Adventures, you’ll need to redeem codes. Here’s how:

Finding the Codes Storefront

Launch Anime Adventures and head to the park area. Look for the stall with the floating words ‘CODES’ – that’s the code redemption area.

Entering a Code

Select a code from the list below and enter it into the box in the blue ring, then click ‘redeem’. Each code unlocks a new adventure, area or item in the game.

  • ADVENTUREAWAITS: Unlocks the Hidden Waterfall adventure
  • SECRETWORLD: Gain access to the Whispering Woods
  • POWERUP: Receive 5 health potions to aid you on your quests

Checking Your Rewards

Once you’ve redeemed a code, check your inventory or adventures list to see your new item or unlocked area. The rewards from codes will have a special marker so you know they came from a promo code.

Using codes is the best way to gain access to limited time adventures and power-ups in Anime Adventures. Be on the lookout for new codes on the game’s social media channels and in promotional emails. With so many areas to explore and adventures to embark on, codes ensure there’s always something new on the horizon in this magical world.

So get out there, enter some codes and start your next anime adventure! The hidden secrets and rewards that await will make all your efforts worthwhile.

Active Anime Adventures Codes List

To unlock free gems and get a head start in Anime Adventures, check out these working codes:


This code gives you 500 free gems to summon new heroes and gear. Enter SACREDPLANET in the code redemption area.


Use the UNLEASHFUSESOON code to receive another 500 gems. These gems can be used to expand your hero slots, unlock dungeons, and more.


The AMEGAKURE code provides an additional 500 gems. Between these three codes, you’ll have 1,500 free gems to help boost your progress.

Anime Adventures codes are a great way to get in-game currency and items for free. Be sure to enter these codes as soon as possible since they do expire after a certain period of time. Check the game’s official social media channels and website for the latest updates and new codes to unlock additional rewards.

Other tips for progressing in Anime Adventures:

• Focus on leveling up your main team of heroes first before worrying too much about summoning new ones. A well-developed core team will help you advance further.

• Complete daily quests and missions to earn extra gems and gold. These resources will allow you to strengthen your heroes and take on more difficult challenges.

• Join an active guild to get help from more experienced players. Guild members can provide guidance and may even share unreleased codes.

• Save your gems for limited-time summoning events to have a chance at rare, powerful heroes. Only spend gems on standard summons when needed to advance your team.

• Check the game frequently for new events, dungeons, and updates. Special events often provide opportunities to get exclusive heroes, gear, and other loot.

With these Anime Adventures codes and tips, you’ll be conquering dungeons and battling legendary bosses in no time! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Expired Anime Adventures Codes

Expired Anime Adventures Codes

Unfortunately, some codes for Anime Adventures rewards and items are no longer valid or have expired. We’ve compiled a list of codes that will not work if you try to redeem them, so you don’t waste your time attempting to input them.

The “HAPPYHALLOWEEN” code was available last Halloween to unlock a spooky costume set, but that seasonal promotion ended. Similarly, the “HALLOWEENUPDSOON” code teased an update coming around Halloween time, but that update has now been released, rendering the code obsolete.

Other expired codes include:

  • “LAUNCHDAY” – This code celebrated the launch of Anime Adventures but is now invalid.
  • “100KLIKES” – When Anime Adventures reached 100,000 likes on social media, this thank you code was issued but has since expired.
  • “SUMMERFUN” – A summer seasonal code for beach-themed accessories and outfits is no longer redeemable.
  • “WINTERWONDERLAND” – This code for winter holiday gear and decorations was only valid for a limited time.

We hope this list of expired Anime Adventures codes helps you avoid attempting to input any codes that will not lead to rewards. The game frequently releases new codes for active promotions and milestones, so be sure to check the official Anime Adventures social media channels and website regularly for the latest valid codes to redeem.

If you have any questions about expired or active Anime Adventures codes, feel free to contact our support team. We’re always here to help players on their adventures!

How to Get More Anime Adventures Codes

To get your hands on more Anime Adventures codes, here are a few tips:

Check the Official Social Media

The game developers frequently post new codes on the official Anime Adventures social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Give their accounts a follow to get notifications when new codes drop. Usually, the codes are posted with some fan art or other announcement, so keep an eye out! Some recent social media codes include SACREDPLANET for 500 gems and UNLEASHFUSESOON for another 500 gems.

Look for Code Giveaways

The Anime Adventures community is very active, and many YouTubers, streamers, and bloggers host giveaways that provide codes as prizes. Try following some Anime Adventures influencers on YouTube and Twitch to enter their giveaways. Smaller channels often have better odds since fewer people enter! Even if you don’t win, these influencers will sometimes release a few codes for their viewers and subscribers.

### Check Anime Adventures Fan Sites

Dedicated Anime Adventures fan sites and wiki pages are great resources for finding fresh codes. Volunteers work hard to compile lists of active codes and update them frequently. Sites like have codes like AMEGAKURE that gives you a reward of 500 gems. Be aware that some codes do expire over time, so stick to reputable fan sites that note expiration dates.

By keeping an eye on the social media accounts, entering giveaways, and checking trusted fan sites regularly, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get your hands on new Anime Adventures codes. Redeem the codes as soon as possible, claim your rewards like gems or items, and enjoy the new adventures unlocked with your extra goodies! Let the anime adventure continue!


You’ve learned all about the latest anime adventures codes and how to unlock secret levels, characters, and power-ups. Now it’s time to put that knowledge to use. Fire up your gaming console or PC and enter those codes to start your new adventures. Before you know it, you’ll be battling bosses, discovering hidden treasures, and exploring worlds you never knew existed.

What are you waiting for? An epic quest is just a few button presses away. Enter the codes, pick up your controller, and get ready for the thrill of discovery. New challenges, enemies, and rewards await. Happy questing! The anime universe just got a whole lot bigger thanks to those cheat codes. Game on!


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