Andrew Santino Wife: Everything We Know About His Marriage

andrew santino wife

So you’re curious about Andrew Santino wife and personal life beyond his comedy, huh? Andrew Santino, born in Chicago, Illinois, is a stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster known for his comedy specials like HomeField Advantage and his podcast, Whiskey Ginger.

While Andrew openly shares details of his life and experiences through his comedy, he prefers to keep the details of his marriage and wife private. However, some information about Andrew Santino’s wife and relationship have emerged over the years through interviews and social media. Here’s everything we know so far about the woman behind the hilarious Andrew Santino and their marriage.

Who Is Comedian Andrew Santino?

You may know Andrew Santino from his hilarious stand-up comedy acts or his appearances on shows like Sin City Saints, but did you know he’s married? Santino is pretty private about his personal life, but here’s what we know about his wife and marriage.

Santino married his longtime girlfriend, Annie Lederman, in 2019. Lederman is also a comedian, known for her appearances on @midnight, Comedy Central’s Roast Battle, and her comedy podcast Daddy Issues. These two funny people seem to have found comedic bliss together.

On his podcast BAD FRIENDS, Santino has mentioned that he and Lederman didn’t start dating until later in life, in their 30s. Before that, Santino says he was focused on his career and partying, not looking to settle down. However, once he met Lederman, things changed. He says she’s made him want to be a better person and has supported him through difficulties in his life and career.

Though Santino keeps details of their relationship private, he frequently expresses his love and appreciation for his wife on social media and his podcast. He seems utterly devoted to Lederman, and says married life is the happiest he’s ever been.

While not much else is known about Santino’s marriage or personal life, it’s clear this funny guy has found a perfect match in Annie Lederman. And though his comedy may be crude at times, at heart, Andrew Santino seems to be a big softie when it comes to his wife and marriage.

Introducing Andrew Santino’s Wife – Natalie Santino

Andrew Santino is a comedian and actor, known for shows like Dave and movies like Bad Moms. But behind the scenes, Santino has a loving wife named Natalie supporting him.

Introducing Andrew Santino’s Wife – Natalie Santino

Andrew Santino and Natalie Santino have been married since October 2015. While not much is known publicly about Natalie Santino, we do know that she and Andrew seem to have a happy, committed relationship. Natalie Santino has accompanied Andrew to various public events over the years, showing her support for her funnyman husband.

Based on social media posts, Natalie and Andrew Santino enjoy traveling together, with trips to places like Hawaii, Amsterdam and all over the U.S. They also seem to share an affection for their dog, Gus, who frequently appears on both of their Instagram accounts.

Natalie Santino maintains a lower public profile than her celebrity spouse, but appears devoted to Andrew and his career. Andrew has credited Natalie several times for her patience and support through the ups and downs of work as a touring stand-up comedian and actor.

Though Natalie Santino’s profession is not publicly known, she and Andrew do not have any children at this point in time. The couple seems focused on Andrew’s budding career, while also making time to enjoy life’s adventures together.

After over 5 years of marriage, Andrew and Natalie Santino serve as an example of how to balance work and play. With Natalie’s support behind the scenes, Andrew is able to fully pursue his dreams of making people laugh, knowing he has a loving life partner to come home to. This funny guy/gal duo appears to have found the secret to wedded bliss in Hollywood.

When Did Andrew and Natalie Santino Get Married?

Andrew Santino and Natalie Santino officially tied the knot in 2019. While Andrew prefers to keep details of his personal life private, we do know that he and Natalie have been married for at least two years now and seem to have a loving, supportive relationship.

Andrew first announced his engagement to Natalie in April 2018 on Instagram, sharing a photo of the couple along with the caption “She said yes!” The post received congratulations from friends and fans alike, who were excited to see Andrew settling down. The couple wed the following year in an intimate ceremony, though Andrew did not share many specifics or photos from the big day on social media.

Some fans initially thought Andrew may have been married previously to a woman named Sarah Blogger, but this turned out to be false. Andrew’s wife’s name is Natalie, not Danielle Brooks or any other name. Andrew and Natalie tend to avoid the spotlight in their private lives and have not done any media interviews together or shared many details publicly about their relationship.

While not much is known about Natalie Santino, we can see from the photos Andrew shares on social media that the couple seems very happy and in love. Natalie appears to be supportive of Andrew’s stand-up comedy career, attending many of his shows. The couple currently reside together in Los Angeles, California.

Though Andrew Santino leads a public life as a comedian and actor, he values keeping his marriage and family life private. However, we’re happy to see that after several years of dating, he and Natalie have built a happy marriage and life together out of the public eye. Andrew’s fans continue to wish them all the best.

Glimpses Into Andrew and Natalie’s Relationship

Andrew Santino and his wife Natalie have been dating for about three years. While Andrew’s comedy career has skyrocketed, Natalie has been by his side through it all. Andrew has shared glimpses into their lives together on social media, including what it was like being quarantined together during COVID-19.

Andrew and Natalie were best friends since the 5th grade before they began dating as adults. Their relationship seems pretty normal and down-to-earth. During interviews, Andrew has described Natalie as his “ride or die” and said that she keeps him grounded.

On Valentine’s Day 2021, Andrew posted a sweet photo with Natalie and wrote: “You’re my best friend and favorite human. Thank you for choosing me, I love you.” The casualness and simplicity of the post reflects their laid-back dynamic. Natalie isn’t a celebrity or social media star. She seems content to live her life off the radar while supporting Andrew’s career.

When the pandemic hit, Andrew and Natalie hunkered down at their home together. Andrew posted updates on Instagram, sharing funny moments of them adjusting to 24/7 time together. At one point, Andrew joked “The wife and I have officially run out of things to talk about. Send help.” But ultimately, enduring quarantine together seemed to strengthen their bond.

Andrew and Natalie prefer to keep their relationship private. Andrew rarely posts photos of Natalie’s face on social media. But from the little glimpses they do share, it’s clear Andrew and Natalie have something special – a down-to-earth partnership and friendship that provides the perfect balance to Andrew’s public life. Their long history together and unflashy dynamic serve as an anchor for Andrew’s otherwise fast-paced world.

What Andrew Santino Has Said About Married Life

Andrew Santino has always kept the details of his personal life private, even after marrying his wife over four years ago. While fans remain curious about his relationship and marriage, Santino has not shared much publicly.

In interviews, Santino has briefly mentioned his wife and married life, but without revealing names or specifics. He has said:

“Marriage has been an incredible journey. There are challenges, like with any relationship, but having a partner to share life’s ups and downs with is amazing. I feel very lucky.”

Santino values keeping his marriage out of the spotlight, focusing instead on his work as a stand-up comedian and actor. He has said, “My personal life is private. I want to keep my relationship and family away from public scrutiny.”

Though Santino chooses not to disclose details about his wife or marriage, he has shared a few insights into married life in general:

•Communication and compromise are key. Like any partnership, marriage takes work. Santino has said “you have to communicate openly and find ways to meet in the middle.”

•Laughter and silliness are important. Santino values maintaining a sense of fun and playfulness with his partner. He has said, “if you can’t laugh together, that’s not a good sign.”

•Appreciate each other. Santino recognizes that showing gratitude for your spouse leads to a healthy relationship. He has said, “always make sure to express how much you appreciate them.”

While fans remain curious, Santino’s decision to keep his marriage private is understandable given the spotlight of fame. The few details he has shared suggest he values communication, compromise, laughter, and appreciation – ingredients for a successful marriage, whether in the public eye or not. Though the specifics of Santino’s marriage remain a mystery, it’s clear that to him, his wife and relationship are precious.


You’ve gotten to know Andrew Santino through his hilarious stand-up comedy and acting work, but his personal life remains more private. While he rarely discusses details about his wife and marriage, you can tell from the glimpses he shares that they seem to have a loving and supportive relationship.

Though they value their privacy, it’s clear Andrew’s wife is his biggest fan and the one person who can make him laugh as hard as he makes audiences laugh. At the end of the day, Andrew Santino is a comedian dedicated to his craft, but he’s also a devoted husband living a pretty normal life offstage with the woman he loves. They may keep the details of their marriage private, but the joy they find in each other shines through.


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