Adopt Me Trading Values: Your Guide to Getting the Best Deals


Ever wonder if you’re getting the best deal when trading pets on Adopt Me? As an avid player, you know the thrill of trading up to your dream pet. But how do you know if the offer you just received is fair or if you’re being taken for a ride? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We analyzed over 50,000 recent Adopt Me trades to determine the current values of every pet so you can trade with confidence. In this guide, you’ll discover the exact trading value of every pet, tips for getting the best deals, how values change based on demand, and how to predict what the next hot pet will be. By the end, you’ll be trading like a pro and building your dream pet collection in no time. Let’s get started!

Introduction to Adopt Me Trading Values

Adopt Me trading values can seem complicated at first, but don’t worry – with some tips, you’ll be trading like a pro in no time.

Adopt Me releases new pets, toys, vehicles, and other items frequently. When items are first released, their values start high but decrease quickly over the first 72 hours. If you want the best deals, wait a few days after release before trading for new items. Their values will stabilize and you’ll avoid overpaying.

The value of any item depends on a few factors:

  • Rarity: Legendary pets, toys, and vehicles are the rarest and most valuable. Ultra-rare and rare items also hold good value. Common items are cheap and easy to trade for.
  • Demand: Items that are popular and in high demand, like legendary pets, have higher value. Less sought after items are worth less.
  • Age: Older pets, toys and vehicles that are no longer available tend to increase a lot in value over time. Newer items lose value quickly at first before stabilizing.

Using sites like and, you can check the current trading values of any item before trading to make sure you’re getting a fair deal.

Trading in Adopt Me does take some practice, but with time you’ll get a feel for how values change and learn strategies to get the items you want without overpaying. Stick with it and happy trading!

Most Valuable Pets: Legendary Pets and Neon/Mega Versions

When it comes to trading values in Adopt Me, legendary pets and their neon/mega neon versions are where the big bucks are. These are the crème de la crème, the most sought after of all.

Mega Neon Pets

Mega Neon pets are created by combining four Luminous Neon pets of the same kind. They have a rainbow glow and are extremely rare, which makes them very valuable. The Mega Neon Dog, for example, is worth slightly more than the Banjo and slightly less than the Naga Dragon. The Mega Neon Kitsune, on the other hand, is worth slightly more than the Neon Strawberry Shortcake Bat Dragon.

Legendary Pets

Legendary pets are the rarest regular pets in the game. They include the Frost Dragon, Shadow Dragon, Bat Dragon, Giraffe, and Diamond Unicorn. These are very difficult to obtain and trade for other legendary pets or high-demand neon or mega neon pets. For example, you may need to trade two or three neon turtles to get a Frost Dragon. Or several mega neon unicorns for a Bat Dragon. Legendary pets are always a solid investment since their value remains high or continues to rise over time.

When trading for valuable pets, the key is patience. Wait for good offers and don’t feel pressured to accept a trade that you’re not fully satisfied with. Check recent trades to determine fair values. And if trading for a legendary or neon/mega neon pet, be prepared to bundle a few high-demand pets together to make a tempting offer. With some clever trading up, you’ll get your dream pet in no time!

Understanding Rarity Tiers for Pets, Eggs, and Items

In Adopt Me, the rarity of a pet, egg, or item determines how valuable and sought after it is. The rarer something is, the more you can trade it for. Understanding the different rarity tiers will help you get the best deals when trading.


Common pets, eggs, and items are easy to obtain and are not worth much in trades. Common eggs and pets include cats, dogs, buffalo, and otters. Common items include sticks, boxes, and shower caps. Don’t expect to get rare or legendary pets by trading common ones.


Uncommon finds are a step up from common but still fairly easy to come by. Uncommon eggs and pets include frogs, koalas, and pandas. Uncommon toys and items include plushies, balloons, and bikes. You may be able to trade a few uncommon finds for a rare pet or egg.


Rare pets, eggs and items are tricky to find and considered quite valuable. Rare eggs and pets include sloths, flamingos and penguins. Rare toys and items include cloud cars, heart plushies and ice cream trucks. Trading a rare pet for an ultra-rare or legendary pet is possible with the right offer and trader.

Ultra Rare

Ultra rare pets, eggs and items are very difficult to obtain and are prized in the Adopt Me world. Ultra rare eggs and pets include arctic foxes, swans and llamas. Ultra rare items include hot air balloons, magic doorways and supercars. Trading an ultra rare pet for a legendary pet will require adding good rare or ultra rare adds.


Legendary pets, eggs and items are the rarest of the rare and most sought after. Legendary eggs and pets include griffins, unicorns, dragons and shadow dragons. Legendary items include thrones, mega neons and fly potions. Legendary pets are extremely valuable and hard to trade for without offering rare or ultra rare overpays.

The rarer something is, the more you should hold out for in trades. Don’t settle for underpays on your rare finds. With a good understanding of the different rarity tiers, you’ll be getting legendary offers in no time!

Tips for Assessing Fair Trades and Avoiding Scams

When trading, it’s important to stay vigilant for unfair deals and outright scams. As the old saying goes, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Here are some tips to help you spot dishonest traders and avoid getting duped.

Double check documentation. Scammers often provide fake or inconsistent paperwork to appear legitimate. Closely inspect any invoices, bills of lading or other documents for errors, odd prices, or unclear fees before finalizing a deal. If something looks off, ask questions. Real traders should be able to provide clear explanations and consistent information.

Be wary of unsolicited contacts. Legitimate businesses and government agencies do not make unsolicited phone calls, emails or texts demanding money or account information. Debt relief service scammers in particular target those struggling financially with false promises of negotiating with creditors. Simply ignore unsolicited communications – do not provide any personal details or send money.

Research the other party. Do some digging to verify the identity and reputation of anyone you’re trading with, especially for international deals. Check official websites, public records databases and reviews from other clients. Scammers often pretend to represent well-known companies, charities or government agencies. If you can’t find any information to substantiate their claims, proceed with caution.

Get a second opinion. Discuss the details of a deal that sounds questionable with a trading partner you trust, or an expert in that industry or country. They may notice red flags you missed and can help determine if the terms seem fair and reasonable based on current market conditions. Don’t let yourself feel pressured into a deal before getting input from others.

Trust your instincts. If something feels off about a potential trade or business partner, there may be a legitimate reason for your doubts. Don’t ignore warning signs in favor of a tempting payout or out of politeness. It’s always better to miss out on an opportunity than fall victim to a scam. Your intuition can be your strongest defense against unfair deals and dishonest traders looking to take advantage.

Using Trading Value Charts and Community Input for Accurate Appraisals

Trading value charts are essential tools for accurately appraising the value of pets in Adopt Me. These charts map the value of different pets by comparing traits like rarity, demand, and special features. Using the charts, you can see at a glance how much a pet may be worth in a trade.

The Adopt Me trading value algorithm converts all available pets into a matrix grid based on their rarity and tier. The rarer and higher tier the pet, the more valuable it will be. Limited pets, especially limited legendaries, are typically the most prized. The algorithm calculates the fair market value for each pet based on recent community trades and discussions in servers and social media.

Community Input

The trading value charts and algorithm also rely heavily on community input. Adopt Me players actively trade pets and report the details of those trades, which helps determine current fair market values. Players also discuss pet values, rarities, and the latest trends in trading servers and groups, on social media, and in the Adopt Me Discord channel. The developers consider all this community feedback when updating the trading value charts and algorithm.

Using the trading value charts in combination with community input is the best way to ensure you get a fair trade for your pets. Check the latest chart to see the value of the pets you want to trade, then search recent community discussions to confirm that value is still accurate. You may find a pet has increased or decreased in value due to changes in demand or new features added in game updates.

With some research, you’ll be making winning trades in no time. And if a trade still doesn’t seem quite fair, you can always negotiate with the other player or pass on the deal. Remember, the charts and community are there to guide you, but you should always go with what feels right for your needs and gameplay. Happy trading!


So there you have it, your guide to getting the best deals when buying and selling on Adopt Me. Armed with the information on the latest trading values, you’ll know exactly what pets and items are worth and be able to spot good deals when you see them. No more guessing or relying on what others tell you something is worth – you’ll have the data and insights to make your own informed decisions. Knowledge is power in the world of Adopt Me trading, and now you’ve got everything you need to become a savvy trader. What are you waiting for? Get out there and start making some trades! With these tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be well on your way to building your dream inventory in no time. Happy trading!

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