Adopt Me Trading Values: How to Determine the Worth of Your Pets


So you’ve decided to put your furry friend up for adoption and you want to make sure you’re asking a fair price. Determining a pet’s value for adoption or rehoming can be tricky. You want to balance finding them a great new home with receiving reasonable compensation for a pet you’ve raised and cared for. Where do you even start?

Relax, we’ve got you covered. There are a few factors to consider when determining a pet’s value. Things like their age, breed, training, health, and overall temperament are all important. The key is to be realistic while also appreciating the intrinsic value of your pet. You want them to go to an owner who will care for them as much as you have. Pricing a pet too high could mean a longer wait to find the right home, while too low means potentially missing out on a pet’s true worth.

Striking the right balance is key. This guide will walk you through how to determine your pet’s adoption value so you can find them a new loving home, and feel good about the price. Let’s dive in!

What Are Adopt Me Trading Values?

Adopt Me Trading Values are the estimated values of pets in the popular Roblox game Adopt Me. The values are calculated based on real trades happening in the game to give you an idea of what pets are worth.

You’ve probably put in the time to raise your pets, now you want to trade up for something even better. But how do you know if the trade you’re being offered is fair? That’s where Adopt Me Trading Values come in. Sites like and track the trades happening in the game every day to determine each pet’s value.

The values of pets are ranked from lowest to highest, common to legendary. A pet’s worth depends on factors like its rarity, demand, and age. Ultra rare pets like Chicken, Cow and Turtle tend to be among the most valuable. As pets get older, their value often increases, especially if they’re close to becoming full grown. The more sought after a pet is by players, the higher its trading value.

Armed with the latest trading values, you’ll know the exact worth of your pets. You can then trade confidently and get the best deals. If someone offers you a pet with a lower value for one of your high-value pets, you’ll know to pass on that trade. Trading values also help ensure you’re offering fair trades to other players.

Trading values change frequently based on activity in the game, so check back often to make sure you have the latest info. With over 150 pets in Adopt Me, trading values are the key to keeping track of this busy marketplace and getting the pets you really want. So do your research and happy trading!

Most Valuable Legendary Pets in Adopt Me

When it comes to the economy of Adopt Me, some pets are more valuable than others. The three most valuable legendary pets are the Shadow Dragon, Bat Dragon, and Diamond Unicorn.

Shadow Dragon

The Shadow Dragon is one of the rarest pets in the game. Its neon and mega neon versions are valued at 439 and 1330 respectively. No wonder serious collectors will pay top dollar for this sinister yet stunning pet.

Bat Dragon

Almost as coveted as the Shadow Dragon, the Bat Dragon is valued at 130 for normal, 378 for neon, and 1200 for mega neon. With its spooky yet cute design and rarity, the Bat Dragon remains highly sought after.

Diamond Unicorn

Though the Diamond Unicorn may not be quite as rare as the Shadow Dragon or Bat Dragon, it is still a legendary pet and valued at 92 for normal and an unknown amount for neon and mega neon versions since they are so rarely traded. With its glittery coat and colorful mane, the Diamond Unicorn is still a truly special pet to own.

If you happen to have one of these valuable legendary pets in your collection, make sure you take extra good care of them. And if you’re looking to trade for one, be prepared to make a generous offer from your own collection of rare pets and items. The economy may fluctuate, but these three pets will always remain at the top of the list for dedicated Adopt Me collectors.

Factors That Determine Pet Value in Adopt Me

The value of your pets in Adopt Me depends on a few key factors. Knowing how these determine your pet’s worth can help you get the best possible trade.


The rarer the pet, the higher its value. Common pets like dogs, cats and otters are easy to obtain, so they’re not worth as much. Uncommon pets like shiba inus, red pandas and koalas are a bit harder to find, so they’re valued higher. Rare pets like crocodiles, rhinos and elephants are valued even more. The most prized pets are the legendary ones—pets like shadow dragons, frost dragons, bat dragons, giraffes and blue dogs are extremely rare and valuable.


The availability of a pet also impacts its worth. Pets that were only available for a limited time, like jungle eggs or safari eggs, are now very hard to find so they’re valued greatly. Pets from events like the monkey fair or circus event are also sought after. Some pets go in and out of the game, like the frost fury, further increasing their value when they’re available.


Pets that are in high demand tend to be worth more. Often the cutest, coolest or most popular pets are highly sought after. Pets that can fly or do tricks tend to be crowd favorites. The demand for certain pets also changes over time based on trends, so a pet’s value may increase or decrease depending on what’s popular at the moment.

Monitoring these factors and understanding how they influence your pet’s worth in the Adopt Me trading market can help ensure you get the best possible offer for your pet. With a little patience, you’ll find the perfect trade and a new pet to love.

Using Adopt Me Trading Value Charts

Once you have an idea of what your Adopt Me pets are worth based on the official value charts, it’s time to put that knowledge to use. The key is determining a fair trading value that works for both you and the other trader.

Check Recent Trades

See what similar pets in terms of rarity and demand have recently traded for. You can search the trade histories on sites like Traderie, AdoptMeTradingValues, and AdoptMeRealValues. Look for trades from the past week or so to get the most up-to-date values. These real-world trades will give you a good baseline value to work from.

Consider the Pets’ Stats

The stats, tricks, and other attributes can also affect a pet’s worth. For example, a neon or mega pet will be worth more than a regular pet. A pet with maxed-out stats or a rare trick like “ride” or “fly” can also push its value up. Make note of your pet’s stats to determine an accurate trading value.

Start with a Reasonable Offer

Once you have an idea of your pet’s fair trading value based on official charts and recent trades, start with an offer on the lower end of that range. This gives you some room to negotiate to a price you’re both happy with. And the other trader will likely expect some back-and-forth before settling on a final deal.

Be Willing to Negotiate

Compromise is key. Don’t be afraid to make a counteroffer if the other trader’s initial offer seems low. But also be open to lowering your asking price. Meet somewhere in the middle. Polite, constructive communication will lead to the fairest deal for all.

Using these tips will help ensure any trades you make are fair and equitable for both sides. And remember, at the end of the day, the worth of your pets comes down to how much joy they bring you, not just what they trade for.

Tips for Getting Good Trades Based on Value

To get the best trades in Adopt Me, you need to understand the values of different pets. Some tips to keep in mind:

Know the Demand

The more in demand a pet is, the higher its value. Pets like shadow dragons, frost dragons, and bat dragons are always popular and trade high. Check what people are looking for in the chat and on Discord to see the current trends.

Check Recent Trades

See what others have recently traded certain pets for. This gives you a good sense of the current market value. You can find recent trades on Discord, in game, and on YouTube. Make sure the trades you’re checking are fair and between two willing parties.

Start with Small Profits

Don’t aim to double your inventory right away. Start with making small profits on each trade. Trade a pet for one that’s slightly more valuable. Over time, those small profits will add up to big wins.

Be Patient

Don’t rush into bad trades just to make a trade. Wait for good offers that work in your favor. The right trade for the right pet at the right time will come along if you’re patient.

Diversify Your Inventory

Having a variety of different pets in your inventory means more opportunities to trade. You’ll have more to offer in trades and can make combinations of pets. A diverse inventory also means less risk if values change.

Making profitable trades in Adopt Me is a skill that takes practice. Following these tips will help ensure you get the upper hand in your trading and build your inventory over time through strategic trades and transactions. With enough experience, you’ll be trading like a pro in no time!


So there you have it, some tips to determine a fair asking price for your adoptable pets. By considering their breed, age, training, and overall health, you’ll arrive at a number that maximizes their chance of finding a forever home. Don’t get too attached to a high figure if it means your pet sits in a shelter for months. And don’t go too low or you may miss out on funds that could help other animals in need.

With some realistic expectations and a willingness to negotiate, you’ll make the adoption process easier on yourself and set your pet up for success. Stay optimistic, do your research, spread the word to friends and local rescue groups. The perfect adopter is out there, you just have to find them. And when you do, the joy of seeing your pet in their new home will make all the effort worthwhile. So take a deep breath and dive in. The lives you change will be well worth it!

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