AARP Games: Fun for Folks 50+

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You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy gaming. In fact, AARP has an awesome collection of free online games designed specifically for the 50+ crowd.Whether you’re a card shark, word wizard, puzzle pro, or just looking to boost your brain power, AARP’s got you covered. Their site features classics like Solitaire, Sudoku, and Crossword as well as interactive games to challenge your memory and cognitive skills. With new games added regularly, there’s always something fresh and fun to try.The best part is, since the games are web-based, there’s no need to download any apps or software. You can play right in your browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Take a break and enjoy some simple pleasures—you deserve it! AARP games are an easy, entertaining way to stay sharp and connected as you age.

Introduction to AARP Games

If you’re over 50, AARP has a treasure trove of free games designed just for you. Their online games hub features dozens of engaging puzzles and challenges to keep your mind sharp as you age.

AARP’s collection includes favorites like solitaire, sudoku, crossword puzzles and word games. Recently improved, the games section now has enhanced navigation, gameplay and even more options to choose from. The games are meant to test important skills such as memory, focus and language ability in a fun, low-pressure way.

One of the most popular offerings is Mahjongg, the classic Chinese tile-matching game. AARP provides multiple layouts at varying levels of difficulty so you can start simple and work your way up as your skills improve. For crossword and word game fans, AARP has everything from cryptoquotes and word scrambles to daily crosswords and word searches.

If numbers are more your thing, you’ll love the selection of sudoku puzzles, ranging from easy to hard. Start with a small 3×3 grid before moving on to more complex 9×9 challenges. For an extra brain boost, try the math and logic puzzles. These quick brainteasers provide mental exercise through deductive reasoning and problem-solving.

With new games added regularly, the only downside is choosing which one to play first. The good news is they’re all free to enjoy for as long as you like. Why not give a few a try? Your brain will thank you, and you just might become addicted to the fun. AARP’s games: challenging, stimulating and most importantly, entertaining – all for the young at heart.

Top AARP Game Picks for Brain Health

If you’re over 50, AARP has some great free games perfect for exercising your brain. Their Staying Sharp portal offers an entire suite of games proven to boost memory, problem-solving skills, and cognitive health as you age.

Top Picks for Your Brain

Two of the most popular games are Mahjongg and Sudoku. In Mahjongg, you match tiles to clear the board. It requires strategic thinking and visual-spatial reasoning. Sudoku challenges you to fill a grid with numbers 1 through 9 without repeating them in any row or column. It’s a logic puzzle that activates critical thinking.

AARP’s Crossword and Word games provide a mental workout through vocabulary, spelling, and pattern recognition. Start with the easier puzzles before moving on to more advanced challenges as your skills improve.

For the socially-inclined, AARP offers Bridge. This trick-taking card game engages memory, logic, and math skills. You can play solo to practice, then join others online. Bridge has been shown to delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

With engaging games like these, you’ll give your brain cells a boost while having fun. And the best part? They’re all free to registered AARP members. So put on your thinking cap, grab some snacks, and get playing today. Your mind and body will thank you.

Playing AARP Games Socially Online

AARP Games allows you to connect and play with friends and family online. Rather than playing alone against the computer, many of the games offer multiplayer options where you can join virtual game rooms and compete with or team up with other real players.

Find Friends

To find friends on AARP Games, you can search for people you already know by name or username. You can also browse public game rooms to find new gaming buddies with similar interests. Send friend requests to players you enjoy competing with or collaborating with. Once connected, you’ll be able to see when your friends are online and invite them to join you in a game.

Create Private Game Rooms

For a more intimate experience, create your own private game room and invite select friends to join. This is a great way to regularly connect with close friends or family members who live far away. You can voice chat while playing to make it even more social.

Join Public Game Rooms

Feeling social but want to meet new people? Browse the public game rooms and join one that looks interesting. Introduce yourself to the other players and team up to work together or compete against each other. Public game rooms are a casual, low-pressure way to make new gaming friends with similar interests.

Stay Engaged

The social aspects of AARP Games keep things fun and engaging. Chatting and joking around with other real players makes the time fly by. Playing with familiar friends, especially long-distance ones, is a great way to stay in touch and bond over shared interests. The competitive and collaborative multiplayer game options give you motivation to keep coming back and progressing to higher levels and achievements. Overall, the social connections and interactions are what keep people hooked on the games.

Downloading AARP’s Free Game Apps

To enjoy AARP’s game collection on the go, download their free apps for your phone or tablet. They offer apps for both iOS (Apple) and Android devices.

The AARP Games App

The AARP Games app provides a curated selection of puzzles, brain teasers, and casual games designed for players over 50. It includes many of the same titles offered on the AARP website like crosswords, sudoku, word search, solitaire, and Mahjongg. The simple interface makes the games easy to play on a smaller screen.

The AARP Games app is free to download and play. New games are added regularly to keep things fresh. You can play in short bursts whenever you have a few spare minutes, or sit down for longer gaming sessions. All progress is automatically saved between games so you can pick up right where you left off.

For an even wider range of game options, also check out the AARP Now app. In addition to news articles and community features for members, the AARP Now app provides quick access to all the games and puzzles on You’ll find classics like Scrabble Cubes, Jigsaw, and Bejeweled as well as rotating seasonal games.

Both the AARP Games app and AARP Now app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once installed, simply open the app, log in with your AARP membership credentials or register as a guest, and start playing! The intuitive menus and large icons make the games easy to navigate on most mobile devices.

Whether playing solo or challenging friends, AARP’s game apps provide an enjoyable way for people over 50 to exercise their mind and stay socially connected. Download one (or both) apps today and discover the fun.

Tips for Choosing the Right Games as You Age

As you get older, choosing games that suit your needs and abilities becomes more important. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Start simple

Begin with classic games you’re already familiar with, like crossword or Sudoku books, simple card games, or board games like checkers or dominoes. These kinds of puzzles and games are easy to pick up and play at your own pace.

Consider your abilities

Choose games that match your cognitive and physical abilities. Games that require quick reflexes, complex strategies or small pieces may frustrate some older players. Look for large print options if needed. Games that encourage thinking and problem-solving in a more relaxed way are good options for many older adults.

Set a timer

Start with just 15-30 minutes of play at a time and build up from there. Short, frequent sessions will keep you engaged without becoming mentally or physically fatiguing. You can always take breaks in between rounds or days of play.

Play with others

Playing with family and friends, whether in-person or online, adds a social element that can help motivate you and make the experience more enjoyable. Look for multiplayer game options or start a regular game night.

Stay active

Some games also provide light physical activity and exercise. Things like indoor bowling, shuffleboard or ring toss get you up and moving. Even light activity and movement can help maintain mobility and balance as you age.

Choosing games that stimulate your mind and body in a fun, low-pressure way is key. With so many options for puzzles, board games, video games and more, you’re sure to find engaging hobbies perfect for your age and abilities. Staying socially and physically active through gameplay is a great way for older adults to maintain health and independence.


So there you have it, plenty of fun games designed specifically for the 50+ crowd. Whether you prefer challenging your mind with puzzles and word games, testing your luck with casual casino games, or competing against others in popular card and board games, AARP games has something for everyone. The best part is these games are all free to play and accessible right from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. No need to drive to the senior center or wait for the grandkids to visit to enjoy some friendly competition and mental stimulation. Simply log on, pick a game, and get playing. Your brain and social connections will thank you. So stop making excuses and start making moves—your next win, word find, or solitaire jackpot is just a click away. What are you waiting for? The games are calling your name!

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